Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 890

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Chapter 890: Pressing On Step by Step

Sweet Dream has never encountered such an opponent.

From childhood to adulthood, she has always been the fastest among everyone.

She has the fastest speed in practicing sword skill.

She has the fastest speed in leading the army to victory.

She was the fastest in ascending the Throne of the King.

Compared to anyone else, she is the one who leaves others only able to watch her back, and most people don't even have the qualification to catch a glimpse of her back.

She has never encountered anyone faster than herself, not even someone close.

She is the myth, the legend, the undefeated ruler of the King Tower.

Even on the Starry Sky Chessboard, she firmly believes that she is still the fastest.

Even after seeing the chessboard of the Starry Sky Chess Master and experiencing the shock of Star Collapse, she still believes that she won't lose.

No matter how strong the chess strategy is, it still requires a large number of pieces to support it, and she excels at not giving her opponents any chance to gather such power.

Speed attack, this is Sweet Dream's talent. As long as she gets a chance to connect five pieces, she can unleash her signature "Cutting" move.

As long as she takes the first point, it will be a continual slaughter, a grand massacre, an unstoppable divine killing.

This advantage is built on her speed talent, a talent that no one can imitate, not even the powerful Cyber Elf Alpha can replicate.

She firmly believes that as long as she plays chess, she won't lose, just like the miracles she created in the King Tower.

She is the most determined arbiter of victory and has absolute confidence in her own abilities.

As she arrives on the Starry Sky Chessboard, she is ready to launch an assault towards the pinnacle of the stars!

However, now this confidence has been greatly shaken.

Because she discovered that someone was faster than her.

Their understanding of the rules is deeper than hers.

Their methods of gathering power are simpler and clearer than hers.

Perhaps each step is only slightly faster than hers, but these accumulated advantages finally reveal a formidable power on the 27th move.

Her rhythm has been disrupted.

For the first time, Sweet Dream's little hand holding the chess piece trembled, and her previously clear calculations became hesitant.

Because the rules have changed.

This is no longer the Connect Five she excels at; her opponent can unleash a similar cutting power without needing to connect five pieces.

Perhaps the destructive power of this kind of attack is far inferior to her Connect Five's cut, but it completely surpasses the attack rules she has established.

It's as if she crushed those players who play Starry Sky Chess in the Go style using Connect Five, but now Yun Xi tells her that Starry Sky Chess is not limited to Connect Five, but can also be played with Connect Four.

Originally, Sweet Dream, who had been suppressing and even overwhelming her opponents with her unique rhythm, was now feeling her own thought process being suppressed.

So, it turns out that Starry Sky Chess can be played like this.

The rules here are more profound and complex than she had imagined.

Just by looking at the chess manual, one cannot imagine the profundity within it.

"Snap!" Unconsciously, Sweet Dream made a move.

“..." Yun Xi looked at Sweet Dream's bewildered expression. After this move, the game was basically over.

Because she had wavered and could no longer adhere to her own "Go" rules.

In reality, her rules hadn't become invalid. As long as she completed a five-in-a-row, she could once again unleash that suffocating cut-and-sever attack.

However, Yun Xi didn't give her such an opportunity. Starting from guessing who would go first and gaining the advantage of center control, Yun Xi completely took control of the game.

"43..." Yun Xi reminded Sweet Dream, as he completed the winning pattern in Go.

"Ah!" Only now did Sweet Dream fully awake from her daydream and realize that she had lost in Five-in-a-Row.

Moreover, this single loss caused her entire strategy to collapse.

Yun Xi, who had connected five stones, began ruthlessly cutting and severing the game belonging to Sweet Dream, just as she had done to other Stardust Zone players.

This time, Sweet Dream finally experienced the helplessness that others felt when being slain by her.

Once the outcome of Five-in-a-Row is determined, there is no chance for a comeback.

Unlike games played with Go rules, Sweet Dream's Five-in-a-Row rules indeed possess terrifying killing power and dominance. However, once she loses in Five-in-a-Row, the blow dealt to her is fatal.

Forcing the rules of Go into Five-in-a-Row is like a double-edged sword. When gaining an advantage, it can overpower the opponent, but once it backfires in a Five-in-a-Row game, it becomes irreparable.

With just seven moves, Yun Xi made Sweet Dream tremble all over, and her fair little hand could barely hold the delicate Starry Sky Chess pieces.

Each of these seven moves seemed like a blow to Sweet Dream, causing her to feel an unprecedented pain.

Am I going to lose?

In that moment of realization, Sweet Dream almost suffocated.

From childhood to adulthood, faster than anyone else, defeating all opponents, she who ascended to the Throne of the King is now about to encounter her first defeat in life?

And not on the pinnacle battlefield of the stars, but merely in this Stardust Zone, supposedly a place where Starry Sky Chess novices play.

Her proud absolute speed talent, which she believed to be equivalent to a surefire victory, led to her defeat even before engaging in a real battle against those high-level Starry Sky Chess players?




Was she too weak? Was she overly confident? Did she underestimate her opponent?

No, that's not the case.

The king of the lions, even when facing a harmless little rabbit, would give its all, not because it wants to devour the innocent creature, but to prove its majesty.

In this game, she didn't make any wrong moves, and she even felt that she played better and more focused than usual.

The strength of the opponent ignited her even stronger fighting spirit!

As long as she is given a chance, a chance to make a move, she will definitely unleash the most earth-shattering sword ever seen on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

Yes, just one opportunity!

Sweet Dream took a deep breath, looked at the nearly hopeless game, let go of all distractions, and searched for a chance to turn the tide in adversity.

However, Yun Xi did not give Sweet Dream such an opportunity.

Or perhaps, it was just Sweet Dream's illusion.

Many chess players who played against Yun Xi have had such illusions because Yun Xi rarely makes a fatal move, which gave his opponents a false perception.

I can still keep playing.

There will still be a chance for a comeback.

Hmm, indeed, it's a beautiful fantasy, but it doesn't actually exist.

Because once Yun Xi gains an advantage, he never makes mistakes, just like the despairing probability calculated by Cyber Elf Alpha.

Under an advantage, Yun Xi's winning probability is 100%.




Those were the three moves that truly suffocated Sweet Dream, each one striking at her tight heartstrings, accelerating her heartbeat, and making her unable to extricate herself.

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