Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 891

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Chapter 891: The Long-Awaited Sword

Before these three moves, Sweet Dream had never imagined that she would lose, let alone lose so miserably.

Even in such a dire situation, she still had a certain level of confidence in turning the tide.

This confidence stemmed from her undefeated myth's record.

In the trials of the King Tower, no matter how dire the situation, no matter how much she was pushed to the brink by the enemy, she always managed to seize seemingly impossible opportunities for victory, achieving a counterattack more than once.

Everyone who thought they could defeat her was simply under an illusion; she was the chosen one favored by the goddess of victory from birth.

She had never tasted the bitterness of defeat.

Is there still a chance, and where?

As usual, the more she was pushed to the brink, the stronger Sweet Dream's counterattack would become. She constantly surveyed the vast starry sky chessboard, seeking out the path to victory among countless possibilities.

Yes, there definitely is. Starry Sky Chess holds infinite possibilities.

Just because others can't do it doesn't mean she can't.




Feather Snake King seemed to sense something and anxiously swam around Sweet Dream, but the little princess completely ignored it.

“Here it is!" In this seemingly impossible situation, Sweet Dream finally found an opportunity to unleash her sword!

This was the most resolute response, the most insane counterattack!

While not forming a five-in-a-row connection, she still connected a path of sword shape from multiple angles.

No longer playing Five-In-A-Row!

I'm going to unleash my sword!

This was Sweet Dream's silent cry, launching her strongest counterattack against Yun Xi on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

Like plucking a string that moved the world, this sword had been awaited by Sweet Dream for far too long!

The sword is unleashed, shocking heaven and earth!

Like a beam of light tearing through endless darkness, this sword represented Sweet Dream's complete determination, will, and belief in the undefeated myth!

Giving up, have you? Yun Xi looked at Sweet Dream who had been pushed into a desperate situation and finally gave up playing Five-In-A-Row. He had no intention of battling back.

Your sword is strong.

However, it's not invincible.

"Pa!" Yun Xi calmly made a move on the chessboard.

This move wasn't the strongest or the sharpest; it was a move to blockade.

From the chessboard's perspective, it was as if a wall had been created in the face of Sweet Dream's invincible sword.

This wall possessed the attribute of "absolute inviolability," even Sweet Dream's world-tearing sword could not cut through this wall of despair.

Like the clash between the strongest spear and the strongest shield, no one knew the result until the end.

However, Yun Xi's "wall" was not just one; it had already been laid out in a chain.

Sweet Dream's final and strongest strike only managed to break through the first wall before losing its momentum and being intercepted.

"What!" This is more shocking to Sweet Dream than being suppressed from the beginning to the end in defeat.

Her attack was neutralized!

The fastest and strongest divine sword encountered a shield capable of defending against its attacks for the first time.

This signifies that her strongest trump card has been cracked for the first time.

"Hiss!" The Feather Snake King rudely spits at Yun Xi. If this wasn't the world of the Starry Sky Chessboard, Yun Xi would probably be directly dissolved by this saliva.

"Impossible!" Sweet Dream never imagined that her strongest attack could be casually neutralized by someone.

This incredibly oppressive feeling in her chest, from the beginning until now, almost every move she has chosen has been seen through.

Even her final deadly counterattack seems to have been anticipated by this person.

The layers of walls she has never seen on the Starry Sky Chessboard completely suppress her strategic path, creating a wall of despair.

If it were just one wall, her divine sword could break through at the cost of herself, but now there is more than just one barrier in front of her.

For the first time, Sweet Dream feels the presence of an insurmountable barrier in front of her.

Looking up at the towering wall that exceeds fifty meters, Sweet Dream realizes for the first time that this is something she cannot surpass at the moment, just like an ordinary person.

In this world, could there really be such a powerful opponent?

Sweet Dream's petite white hand, holding the Starry Sky Chess piece, begins to tremble violently. Even when she was continuously suppressed to the point of being unable to draw her sword, she had never been so shaken.

Before her sword was unsheathed, she believed that as long as she drew her sword, victory was certain.

This is absolute self-confidence, her swordsmanship is invincible even in the world of Starry Sky Chess, just like the myth she created during the trials in the King Tower.

One rule encompasses all, among the rules held by everything in the world, her divine sword's characteristics are absolutely the strongest.

Speed, born from ultimate speed, is a tactic that conquers all in battle.

Her sword, whether she draws it or not, will make heaven and earth weep when she does.

No one has ever been able to effortlessly withstand her sword, bringing her attack to a complete standstill.

"I... I..." Sweet Dream's seven-colored crown continues to sway, releasing a divine radiance to soothe the chaotic Princess of the King Tower.

Yun Xi patiently waits for Sweet Dream to recover from her panic. In fact, he had already anticipated Sweet Dream's strike.

No, rather, this strike was actually guided by him.

Sweet Dream's sword, in fact, is even more powerful than she imagined. It's afraid that even Cyber Elf Alpha wouldn't be able to face such a terrifying lethal attack head-on.

However, in order to achieve the effect of "everything can be cut" with her sword, it requires her to fully unleash her strategic tactics and only draw her sword when both the momentum and pressure reach their maximum limit.

What Yun Xi did was to prevent her from comfortably drawing her sword no matter what.

By pressing her step by step, forcing her to make moves when it's least suitable for her to draw her sword, Yun Xi puts enormous pressure on her.

In this state, Sweet Dream's sword remains incredibly powerful, but it loses its air of unrivaled dominance.

Well, Yun Xi is quite familiar with this kind of exceptional woman.

Their power is immense, as long as they are given the stage to unleash it, they can emit the most brilliant light.

After all, there is a childhood sweetheart by her side who is such an exceptional being.

If one wants to suppress Hua Huo's morale, just don't let her have bread and make her do what she is least skilled at.

Even the invincible Hua Huo has things she is not good at.

Similarly, Sweet Dream, who has never been defeated, cannot adapt to being suppressed indefinitely and trapped without engaging in direct confrontation.

The tactical choice made by Yun Xi is to gradually push her into a desperate situation, and then offer a glimmer of hope to entice her to use the sword move that Yun Xi had already calculated.

Before that sword is drawn, although Sweet Dream's defeat has long been determined, she still holds on to hope.

Unfortunately, that kind of thing never existed from the beginning.

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