Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 889

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Chapter 889: Faster


The first move, still in the familiar position and scenery known to Yun Xi.

In the center of the star map, the origin point – Tianyuan.

"Snap!" The inexperienced Sweet Dream fearlessly responds with a move, initiating a battle against Yun Xi in the Tianyuan area.




Ten moves in a row, neither side showing any hesitation, both appearing confident in their own strategies.

However, what puzzles Sweet Dream is that the opponent seems to be cooperating with her.

That's right, the game Yun Xi and Sweet Dream are playing is Five in a Row.

It's a very simple and easy-to-understand game, even young children who have just started school can play as beginners.

This is the first opponent Sweet Dream has encountered since entering the Starry Sky Chessboard who can play Five in a Row on an even level with her.

Hmph, how could I possibly lose at Five in a Row!

Sweet Dream confidently makes her move, knowing all the possible layouts in Five in a Row, with no reason to be defeated.

But as she keeps playing, she suddenly feels that something is wrong!

"Snap!" Yun Xi's 18th move lands on the board, and the overall shape of the game is gradually taking form. He doesn't allow Sweet Dream to achieve even a single line of five pieces in a row.

No, it is reversed, suppressing Sweet Dream's offensive moves.

If Sweet Dream is an unparalleled divine sword, then Yun Xi's pieces are forcefully pressing it back into its sheath, rendering it motionless.

"Strange..." Sweet Dream, playing against Yun Xi for the first time, furrows her brows. Five in a Row is a game with very simple rules and indeed, having the first move is advantageous. Being temporarily suppressed is acceptable.

But that's not the important part.

What she's being suppressed is not just in the game of Five in a Row, but her indomitable spirit in battles.

No matter how powerful a sword is, if it can't be unsheathed, it can't harm anyone.

Her game strategy is clearly being targeted, as if the opponent has already studied her moves and is using her strong suit, Five in a Row, to suppress her.

For the first time, Sweet Dream uses the sand of the golden hourglass, focused on the intricately woven board, trying to figure out why she can't smoothly launch her offensive moves.

The Feather Snake King, inserted into Sweet Dream's chest, takes the opportunity to emerge and angrily glares at Yun Xi, seemingly seeing through his vile tactics.

Yun Xi looks innocent as he watches the Feather Snake King, who is inexplicably angry at him. He really has no grievances with this magical fantasy specie!

As for the outcome of the game on the board, that's a different matter.

"Snap!" The 19th move, Sweet Dream continues to firmly play her strongest offensive move in Five in a Row, but Yun Xi only smiles faintly, as if he had already known Sweet Dream's choice.

Her game strategy is indeed easy to understand.

Unlike Cyber Elf Alpha, who can employ countless methods to resist, Sweet Dream's attacks are simple and direct, possessing devastating power.

As a result, those who became accustomed to her attacks found them incredibly easy to understand.

She is a child who never accepts defeat and will carry out the will to win until the very end.

Never give up until the very last moment.

Never stop fighting even if it means being torn apart.

Even though the sword remains in its sheath, the sword energy has already pierced through the sky, waiting for the opportunity to strike.

However, that is impossible.

Because her opponent is Yun Xi, who has comprehended the path of the starry sky's trajectory and wields the Starry Sky Chess pieces as the Starry Sky Chess Master.

The power of the Tianyuan is gradually revealing itself as the game progresses.


The 27th move, Yun Xi's four connected pieces suddenly burst with a brilliant light, cutting through Sweet Dream's chess pieces, leaving her eyes filled with disbelief.

This move, almost identical to how Sweet Dream ruthlessly defeated other chess players in the Stardust Zone.

The difference is that Sweet Dream needs to form a line of five pieces or create an inevitable "four four" or "four three" formation in order to brew such a sword energy and cut her opponent's chess formation into pieces.

While Yun Xi only needs to connect four pieces to achieve the same effect.

Sweet Dream, using the rules of Gomoku to play Starry Sky Chess, forces her opponents to adapt to her own rules in order to defeat them.

On the other hand, Yun Xi can play any chess game and is not inferior to Sweet Dream in Gomoku. He only needs four pieces to cut open Sweet Dream's chess path.

This is a crushing domination on a different level, representing Yun Xi's understanding of Starry Sky Chess surpassing that of Sweet Dream.

Moreover, this is only the beginning.

After the first wave of sword energy, Yun Xi's chain attacks began.

Without needing to satisfy the five-in-a-row rule, he can launch attacks against Sweet Dream who is already at a disadvantage, anytime and anywhere.

His attacks do not need to follow the rules of Gomoku, but are more accurate and the timing of the strikes is more deadly compared to Sweet Dream.

Sweet Dream's five-in-a-row connections possess immense power, capable of completely tilting the scales of victory in her favor with just one display.

However, she doesn't have that chance, or rather, Yun Xi doesn't give her that chance.

The outcome was actually decided the moment Yun Xi cut open Sweet Dream's chess path with four pieces, leaving no suspense.

Sweet Dream's chess has distinct characteristics that differ from other Starry Sky Chess players. Normal Starry Sky Chess players would find it extremely uncomfortable to face her five-in-a-row killing technique. Even Cyber Elf Alpha would probably need to update its algorithm to cope with this move for the first time.

In the Starry Sky Chessboard, perhaps only Yun Xi could easily adapt to Sweet Dream's unorthodox moves and counterattack her with even more unorthodox moves.

You have absolute confidence in your Go game, so I will respond to you and counter with a Four-in-a-row game that you cannot comprehend.

“Impossible... You need fewer nodes than me?" Sweat beads began to form on Sweet Dream's forehead, who possessed the genuine talent of the stars. The Feather Snake King coiled around her became even more irritable.

Why use the rules of Go? That's because her talent tells her that this rule is the most suitable for her on the stage of the Starry Sky Chessboard, an attack and kill rule tailored for her.

To create the most dominant path in the simplest and most effective way, leaving no chance for the opponent to counter.

Her moves are like those of an unparalleled swordsman. Once the divine sword is unsheathed, it is the moment when the opponent meets their demise.

But now the problem is that the opponent's sword is faster and deadlier than hers, leaving her no chance to strike.

Speed is the closest path to victory.

In a battle between two armies, the side with higher speed can easily gain a significant advantage.

In the King's Election Battle, Sweet Dream is renowned for her lightning-fast attacking speed. With the blessing of the Feather Snake King, she naturally possesses a permanent acceleration aura.

This aura is even effective in the world of the Starry Sky Chessboard. She can always find the fastest way to kill her opponent and excels at utilizing this advantage, leaving no escape for the opponent.

However, it was only when she encountered Yun Xi that she realized there was someone in this world who was faster than her.