Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 888

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Chapter 888: Her Confidence

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"Amu, quiet down," Sweet Dream touched the raging Feather Snake King on her body, wearing a perplexed expression.

She, who grew up under the protection of the Feather Snake King since she was a child, the princess of Dark Abyss God's Domain and the King Tower, had never seen her Amu display such a violent expression.

It seemed as if she held an irreconcilable grudge against that "Little Cloud" on the other side, surpassing all hatred levels at their first meeting.



With an unparalleled strength, the Feather Snake King, capable of silencing the crying of infants in the dominion of Dark Abyss God's Domain and the King Tower, showed no signs of calming down. It was only a step away from flying out of Sweet Dream's side to bite Yun Xi fiercely.

"Amu!" Sweet Dream grabbed the slippery body of the Feather Snake King and forcefully stuffed it into her chest, leaving only a tail twirling around, looking quite amusing.

Those who understood the terrifying power of the Feather Snake King were left dumbfounded at the sight. That was an ultimate thunderous creature capable of world annihilation, an embodiment of the rules connecting heaven and earth.

"Alright, let's begin!" After sending her Amu into the mysterious [Field], Sweet Dream elegantly walked in front of Yun Xi and sat on the left side of the chessboard.

"Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!" The surrounding crowd instantly made way, ready to witness what could possibly be the highest level game representing the Stardust Zone.

The entire Stardust Zone started buzzing because of these two newcomers.

The high-ranking the legend rank experts even began placing bets on this game.

"I bet on Sweet Dream to win, her talent is just too extraordinary!"

"I bet on her too, with such talent, she's destined for the Star Zone. The constellations testing will be a piece of cake for her."

"Hmph, I bet on the kid. Come on, who's afraid of who!" Immortal in the Pot stood firmly on Yun Xi's side, defending the honor of the Sky Tower.

As the one who had played a serious match against Yun Xi, he knew best what the summoned Sun God bird represented.

This was also talent, another kind of terrifying talent. These two newcomers represented completely different directions.

It's hard to say who wins or loses.

"This place… is an interesting one." All external sounds began to be isolated, and Sweet Dream's voice became indistinct.

"Yes, I really like this place." Yun Xi had no sense of being a Starry Sky Chess Master. He was originally a novice at Starry Sky Chess, unaware of what it was just a month ago.

Thanks to the discerning eyes of Teacher Casina the Battle God, she must have seen his talent in chess, which allowed him to achieve a hundred consecutive victories on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

He completed the mission of Casina the Battle God and gained confidence.

The battles against each of the legend rank chess players greatly broadened Yun Xi's horizon and made him not feel the least bit complacent about his small achievements in the real world.

Having witnessed the endless Starry Sky Ocean, he, who hadn't even stepped out of the White Lotus Sword Domain, had no qualification to be proud.

"I like to win."

"The feeling of winning brings me joy, I don't like to lose any match."

"Since I was little, as long as I played seriously, I've never lost."

"This time won't be an exception either."

Sweet Dream earnestly told Yun Xi about her strength.

This is not bragging, the princess of the King Tower was born a victor, she defeated countless opponents before reaching the peak of the King Tower.

In the trials of the Starry Sky Chessboard, she was an unknown rookie, but in the exclusive trial of the King Tower, the "King Selection Battle," she was a myth admired by countless people.

"King Selection Battle" is a unique trial of the King Tower, where participants must demonstrate their strength, strategy, and courage, leading the army assigned by the King Tower to conquer countless cruel world memories.

The victors will receive numerous accolades and rewards.

The losers will have nothing, and they may even lose everything they have gained in the past.

Sweet Dream is the undefeated legend of the King's Trial, and with the support of the Feather Snake King, she has even defeated nightmare legions far stronger than herself.

The King of Kings.

The Chosen One.

That is Sweet Dream, the princess of the King Tower in the Dark Abyss God's Domain, the legend who reigns over countless ancient myths.

Today, she came to the world of the Starry Sky Chessboard to challenge all the strong ones and continue her undefeated legend.

She instinctively grasped the most advantageous aspect of the battle style of the Starry Sky Chess.

Just like in the King Selection Battle, her army was always the sharpest sword, tearing through the enemy's solid defense like thunder, bringing the dawn of victory.

This time won't be an exception either.

She is naturally favored by the Goddess of Victory!

Victory! Victory! Victory again!

In the depths of her heart, there was always a voice guiding her, showing her the path to victory.

Because of that, she firmly believed that she was different, chosen, and an ambassador of the will to win.

"Is that so?" Yun Xi looked at the confident Sweet Dream and began to contemplate.

Her talent indeed made people take notice, and perhaps she would be on par with Cyber Elf Alpha when she grew up.

However, for now, she was still just a fledgling. It would be immature to proudly spread her wings.

It's about winning a little less, like guiding a newbie to understand that the rules of Starry Sky Chess are not just about "cutting," but also about guiding her like stroking a child's head.

Or winning a bit more, allowing her to understand the cruelty of Starry Sky Chess, and grasp the higher mysteries of the Starry Sky world.

“Do you… look down on me?" Sweet Dream keenly sensed the hint of pity in Yun Xi's eyes.

That inexplicable look made the princess, who had always been victorious, feel challenged.

In this world, there was someone who could actually pity her? It was as if he saw the end of the game before it even began.

Would she lose?

Could such a thing happen when she had already mastered the killing strategies in Starry Sky Chess that favored her?

"Let's guess first." Yun Xi shook his head, indicating that Sweet Dream should start.

"You will regret it… I will soon make you understand the most terrifying aspect of Starry Sky Chess." The seven-colored crown on Sweet Dream's head radiated a brilliant light, a blessing from the King Tower.

Having been raised by the Feather Snake King since childhood, she had never tasted the bitterness of defeat and didn't feel the need to experience it.

As long as she wins, she doesn't accept any other outcome.

Whether it's a hero or a mythical creature, the princess of the King Tower will triumph and ascend to the highest throne.

Today, the princess of the King Tower, the chosen child of destiny, will continue to slay ruthlessly.

She will not fear any opponent, and she will not allow herself to lose!

"Hmm, it's my turn first."

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