Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 885

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Chapter 885: Dark Abyss God's Domain

Despite being surrounded by mist and only revealing a small portion of her skin, this woman who appeared for the first time in the Stardust Zone still caught everyone's attention.

Even Golden Core cultivators like Immortal in the Pot couldn't help but widen their eyes upon seeing her.

Strong, unabashedly strong.

Even in the Starry Sky Chessboard trial where combat was not allowed and everyone's power was restricted, her strength still shone brilliantly.

The six-winged feathered snake joyfully swimming beside her is the best proof that this lightning's favorite has clearly been tamed by her.

Each gemstone in the seven-colored crown contains a terrifying power, undoubtedly a top-tier God Weapon.

"Who is this…?" Immortal in the Pot searched through all the experts in the East God's Domain, but couldn't find anyone on a legend-ranked who could match this figure.

"She's not from our Western God's Domain…" Similarly, chess players from the Western God's Domain also shook their heads, indicating that they didn't know this up-and-coming newcomer.

"I haven't seen her… If she were on a legend-ranked in our North God's Domain, there's no way we wouldn't have any impression…" Now, the North God's Domain centered around giant dragon God's Domain has also been excluded.

The rest is…



The faces of the few chess players from the South God's Domain suddenly changed as if they had thought of something, but they trembled and didn't dare to speak.

In the world of the Endless God's Domains, the East God's Domain, the Western God's Domain, and the North God's Domain all have their respective corresponding creators.

The East God's Domain is ruled by the Kunlun God's Domain, the mother of the ten thousand monsters - Her Majesty, the West Queen.

The Western God's Domain, the ruler of the colorful realms, the god of gods - Ionia.

The North God's Domain, the mother of time and space, the supreme dragon god - Yasha.

Only in the South God's Domain, there is no absolute ruler, or a terrifying existence with a dominating rank that extends beyond its peers.

Compared to the other three God's Domain, the order in the South God's Domain is the most chaotic, accommodating all sorts of disorder, evil, and strange things.

Therefore, the South God's Domain, also known as the Dark Abyss God's Domain, symbolizes an endless place of darkness and abyss, which is the least ventured by humans and the most inhabited by various ancient evil creatures in the God's Domain.

In the Seven Towers Alliance, there are as many as three "towers" standing in the South God's Domain.

The Earth Tower, the Shadow Tower, the King Tower, and the Sky Tower in the East God's Domain; the God Tower in the Western God's Domain and the Dragon Tower in the North God's Domain correspond to each other.

Moreover, the strength of these three towers is by no means inferior to that of the Sky Tower, the Dragon Tower, and the God Tower supported by three God's Domains. With the power of a single God's Domain, they achieved the great feat of confronting the other three God's Domains.

As there has never been any unified force, the situation in the South God's Domain is the most chaotic and changeable among the four God's Domains. It even has friction with the other three God's Domains at the same time, and sometimes erupts into massive wars.

From that endless chaos, emerged very terrifying power.

Yun Xi looked at the legend-ranked expert said to be from the Dark Abyss God's Domain, and smelled the breath from the abyss emanating from her.

Among the Endless God's Domains, the abyss area corresponding to the ancient gods is located on the dark side of the entire world. Without a doubt, the Dark Abyss God's Domain is the starry area where the ancient gods appear the most.

It is said that over one-third of the world in the entire Dark Abyss God's Domain has been occupied by the ancient gods and turned into an endless abyss.

This kind of world would never be allowed to happen in the other three God's Domain, and occasionally, the ancient gods that come to these three God's Domain would sneakily devour the creatures of a world before retreating back to the abyss.

Only in the South God's Domain, meaning the Dark Abyss God's Domain, can they appear with great pomp in broad daylight, even become the dominators of many small and medium-sized God's Domains, regarded as true gods.

"Don't be afraid, even the legend-ranked in the Dark Abyss God's Domain can't violate the rules of the Starry Sky Chessboard here."

"Yes, the trial rules of the Starry Sky Chessboard have been granted…" The speaker quickly stopped talking, apparently the secret was public, but no one dared to discuss it.

After all, this is the world of the Starry Sky Chessboard, the highest level trial stage of the Seven Towers Alliance.

Even dangerous creatures from the Dark Abyss God's Domain cannot kill here, only play chess.

However, compared to most other three-party God's Domains that know each other thoroughly, the Dark Abyss God's Domain, in endless chaos and darkness, seldom appears openly in the trials of the Seven Towers.

Compared to the Seven Towers' trials, the legend-ranked of the Dark Abyss God's Domain prefers the real-world bloodshed, death, and darkness.

They are mostly monsters that other legend-rankeds of God's Domains try to avoid.

Speaking of which trials attract them, probably only the Battle God's Championship Contest, representing the highest combat ability of the endless god's domains on the stage of the Seven Towers trial.

The legend-ranked from the Dark Abyss God's Domain is recognized as the opponent that people would rather not encounter in the Battle God's Championship Contest.

Their attribute mostly being "chaotic", and being incompatible with other intelligent beings, they never regarded the Battle God's Championship Contest as an arena, but a slaughterhouse.

In such a unique environment, chess players from Dark Abyss God's Domain who come to the Starry Sky Chessboard are naturally rare. They have formed their own small circle and rarely communicate with outsiders.

However, at this moment, the entire group of this small circle looked at the figure with the Feathered Serpent King descending on the Stardust Zone, and all of them showed a fearful expression.

As one of the few pacifists in Dark Abyss God's Domain, they could hardly imagine that this figure would come to the trial of the Starry Sky Chessboard.

Shouldn't she be in the "city"?

The "King" of the Seven-color Crown.

The princess of the Tower of the King, the "Demon King" feared by countless people in the Dark Abyss God's Domain.

The King of Feathered Serpents looked curiously around, coiling obediently around the woman's arm, while the seven-colored crown released dazzling radiance.

Then the woman chose a seat and started playing chess.

Silently, a large number of chess players gathered around this mysterious "King," watching her play.

Yun Xi was also one of them, finally liberated from the elder's siege of the elders of the Heaven's Path Palace. With a curious mentality, he gazed at the snow-white little hands, feeling a sense of incredulity.

Her chess was played very quickly, so fast that it didn't seem like Starry Sky Chess.

Even the rules used didn't seem like Starry Sky Chess.

The opponent chosen by her looked completely bewildered as he gazed at her "four-four" and "three-three" tactic, his face full of disbelief.

Is this Starry Sky Chess? Why does it seem so much like the moves in Gomoku?

The problem is that this move possesses an astonishing power.

Once the five pieces form a line, it will emanate a radiance that could cleave through all things, flashing away from the star chart.

At this moment, all the chess players remembered this name, the new chess player who possessed an unparalleled ferocity - "Sweet Dream."

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