Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 884

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Chapter 884: Another Newcomer

"My little bird!"

"Hand it over, I want to see it one more time!" Immortal in the Pot grabbed Yun Xi's collar, tears streaming down his face, with a look of despair.

"Hahaha, old man, you fell for it."

"Indeed, it's a pity. I wanted to play another game of Summoning Spirits like this next time."

"Young man, you have a bright future. It seems like The East God's Domain will have another ranked chess player."

"The future belongs to you!"

A group of elders from The Heaven's Path Palace laughed loudly, and some even began to applaud Yun Xi.

Some people were even more concerned about Yun Xi, with clear intentions.

"Young man, how old are you? Are you married? I have a few granddaughters who are still unmarried and have a special interest in Starry Sky Chess."

"Go away, old ghost, you'll be forever single, where would you find a granddaughter? Don't mind this old man, come to our Pine Crane Palace instead. We are currently lacking a master for Starry Sky Chess, the benefits are generous!"

"So young and talented, whose disciple are you?"

"Young man, you have a bright future. How about joining our Spirit Pearl Dao Palace?"

Even among the elders of the Heaven's Path Palace, there are factions; when they see talented individuals, how could they not try to recruit them?

The Heaven's Path Palace is an extremely vast organization, with over dozens of Dao Palaces distributed across the East God's Domain. Unlike the Sword God's Domain, which is dominated by the sword, the Heaven's Path Palace is a truly large-scale sect that spans across god's domains.

"Go away, this young man was clearly discovered by me. If he's joining, it will be in my Heaven's Path School." At this point, Immortal in the Pot went crazy and spat on a group of old friends who came to recruit the young man.

"Didn't your Heaven's Path School stop accepting disciples a long time ago?" The elders of the Heaven's Path Palace were all looking at each other.

The Heaven's Path School is the highest sect in the entire Heaven's Path Palace. There are already three Golden Core cultivators who serve in the Palace, and each one has a higher cultivation base than the other.

Even though Immortal in the Pot has the weakest cultivation base, his talent in Starry Sky Chess is not bad; he also brews a good Shaoxian wine, and has a broad circle of friends. His figure can be found all over half of the endless god's domains, and he frequents the gatherings of the gods in the Western God's Domain.

Now, Dao Quanzi, the number one player in Starry Sky Chess in the Heaven's Path Palace, who is considered the next successor to the Palace Master position, is the true person in charge, and was once recognized as the number one player in Starry Sky Chess in the East God's Domain. His cultivation base is unfathomable.

And, hailed as the strongest Golden Core cultivator in the world, Immortal Qingxue who wields seven ancient God Weapons.

This individual is the widely known number one force of the Heaven's Path Palace, believed to be the legend most likely to ascend to the position of the Celestial Immortals of the Heaven's Path Palace.

A school with three Golden Core cultivators, having twelve disciples under its tutelage, all of whom are believed to possess the qualification of Earth Immortals, undoubtedly the strongest sect of the Heaven's Path Palace.

Every time the Heaven's Path School opens the gate to accept disciples, those who wish to become cultivators of the Heaven's Path School would have to circle around the entire hall of the Heaven's Path Palace ten times.

However, since the appearance of the final registered disciple, the entire Heaven's Path School has not accepted any new disciples ever again. It is said that this is because Immortal Qingxue believes that the current twelve disciples are already sufficient to inherit the grand tradition of the Heaven's Path School, and there is no need to open the gate to accept more disciples.

"Hmph, even if it's my Martial Sister, she would probably be moved by this young man," Immortal in the Pot confidently stated.

If he were the one in charge of the Heaven's Path School, with his passion for chess and backed by Martial Brother Dao Quanzi who would definitely support him, it would be a sure deal to accept this gifted young man of Starry Sky Chess as their disciple.

However, the one in charge of the Heaven's Path School at present is not them, but the youngest and most accomplished cultivator in the history of the entire Heaven's Path School, the young Martial Sister Immortal Qingxue.

For reasons unknown, this young Martial Sister doesn't like males, and the last three disciples accepted by the Heaven's Path School in this generation are all females.

"This is not right, your Heaven's Path School has stopped accepting disciples a long time ago, don't delay others."

"The famous cleanliness fanatic Immortal Qingxue probably wouldn't have the patience to teach this young man."

"Let us handle it instead."

The elders breathed a sigh of relief upon realizing that Immortal in the Pot was just putting on an act.

If the Heaven's Path School really tried to recruit this young man, they wouldn't stand a chance.

Fortunately, Immortal Qingxue doesn't like male disciples, which is well-known throughout the entirety of the East God's Domain and gives other Daoist sects a chance.

Unfortunately, they celebrated too early.

"Uh…I already have a master, sorry." Yun Xi explained to the elders of the Heaven's Path Palace who surrounded him, stating that he was just here to play chess and had no intention of seeking an discipleship.

He was perfectly content with his master, Casina the Battle God - in fact, he idolized her.

After all, it was Casina's guidance that led him to the world of Starry Sky Chess and ultimately brought him to where he is today.

Without Casina's guidance, he wouldn't even know where the entrance to Starry Sky Chess was.

At this point, the elders of the Heaven's Path Palace were dumbfounded.

"Who is your master?"

"Is it that your skill in chess has been taught? No wonder?"

"What do you think? This boy is not a beginner's level, is your master perhaps…"

Before Yun Xi could explain, the entire Stardust Zone suddenly shook.

"Huh, what's this?"

"This kind of aura, which master has arrived?"

"No, it's a newcomer."

"How is it possible, is there really such a newcomer?"

Not only the elders of the Heaven's Path Palace, but even Yun Xi noticed the uniqueness of the "newcomer" who suddenly appeared in the Stardust Zone.

Her appearance was truly stunning and awe-inspiring.

A pure white aura surrounded her, and even the Stardust Zone, which restricted cultivation base, couldn't block the extraordinary aura that was beyond human imagination.

She wore a seven-colored crown, suspended in the void about one meter above the ground, her snow-white ankles stepping on a transparent halo, and hazy clouds covering her true face, emitting an incredible mysterious beauty.

Every inch of her skin, every part of her body, seemed to embody some kind of supreme truth of heaven and earth, symbolizing the incarnation of beauty.

A strange creature, radiating a golden light, entwined around her body, with its entire body snow-white.

This snake-like creature unfolded three pairs of transparent wings on its back, meandering freely in the clouds without flapping its wings, and releasing the original rules of thunder and lightning with ease.

"That is…the Feathered Serpent!"

"Not just any Feathered Serpent, but the highest level of Feathered Serpent - the King of the Feathered Serpents!"

"With three pairs of wings, this is the true body of the Feathered Serpent in its ultimate form, the source of thunder and lightning!"

Those who recognized the transparent snake-like creature turned pale one after another - the thunder and lightning power ruled by the fantasy species of the Feathered Serpent represented the most violent lightning rules among all the elemental rules.

In terms of rank, the power of this Feathered Serpent even surpasses that of most deities in the Endless God's Domains!

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