Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 886

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Chapter 886: Sweet Dream

"What, Starry Sky Chess can still be played like this?" Immortal in the Pot felt that his three views had been completely subverted today.

Not only him, but other Starry Sky Chess players watching the game also showed the same expression.

The entry-level stage of the three realms of Starry Sky Chess — Star Falling, is a realm that has been summarized by the predecessors of Starry Sky Chess players, and is best expressed in the form of Go chess.

The weakest among those able to play under the Starry Sky Chess board is also the elite of hero rank. Naturally, they can easily master the rules of Go and their ability to learn established patterns is beyond doubt.

In the hearts of everyone, Go is the best way to learn Starry Sky Chess, and it still has very high reference value until the Star Falling peak.

Until this round, the newcomer "Sweet Dream" from the Dark Abyss God's Domain showed everyone that Starry Sky Chess can be played like this.

That's right, Starry Sky Chess is played like this. Yun Xi smiled and watched Sweet Dream play Gomoku, feeling a sense of camaraderie with her.

No one has ever specified that Starry Sky Chess must be played according to the rules of any particular game.

"Make a move."


Holding the Starry Sky Chess pieces, enjoy the pleasure of stars falling into your hands on endless star charts, watching the starry sky being changed by the stars. This is the meaning of Starry Sky Chess.

The rules of Starry Sky Chess have never been fixed.

Those experiences and patterns summarized by the past Starry Sky Chess players are only a small part of the Starry Sky Chess world.

It's like people observing another world through small holes opened on a wall that they cannot see the end or thickness of.

Everyone sees a different world through their own small hole, and the rules they summarize about that world are different and even contradictory.

However, they are actually observing the same world and the same place, but they cannot see the real world because they observe too little.

Starry Sky Chess is such a world of truth. Past Starry Sky Chess players used Go as a tool to study Starry Sky Chess, and derived rules and patterns that are suitable for Starry Sky Chess.

These are not wrong and viable because these rules are one of the parts accommodated by Starry Sky Chess.

Similarly, the moves of "Sweet Dream" right now are correct. She used the moves of Gomoku to play Starry Sky Chess and automatically understood the "cutting" rule that belongs to Starry Sky Chess.

Judging solely from her comprehension of the Starry Sky Chess, she has even surpassed Cyber Elf Alpha, whose chess strength is currently second only to Yun Xi, and possesses an innate talent for capturing the laws of the starry sky.

Cyber Elf Alpha also possesses the same talent, but her talent is a "crushing" talent that is based on the support of a huge planetary quantum computer group, which is another kind of violent talent.

"You lost!" Watching the newcomer who came to play chess for the first time, "The Tenth Wise One," Sweet Dream's opponent, cleanly drops the piece and concedes defeat.

His chessboard has been cut into a mess of three strands and five strings, which is a game he has never played before and is even beyond imagination.

Known as "The Tenth Wise One," he represents his identity as a wise man recognized by the Western God's Domain and the God Tower, and is a true great magician and one of the top ten masters in the Wise Council.

Although he cannot compare with Norn the God of Wisdom, who currently holds the title of the first wise one, as a newly promoted wise man, he had considerable confidence in his own chess skills. He was one of the newcomers in the Stardust Zone who was considered to be a sure thing to achieve a rank in the future.

But now, he saw a wall, a wall called "talent," which made people feel hopeless.

Also a newcomer, "Sweet Dream's" chess moves had completely baffled him. How could Gomoku (Five in a Row) exert such power?

Is it wrong to be confined to the established forms of Go? The Tenth Wise One asked himself, then shook his head.

No, it is not Go, which is the learning tool for the first stage of Starry Sky Chess, that is wrong. This is the golden rule that has been summed up by countless Starry Sky Chess players and is applicable to most of the players from the endless god's domains.

The logical calculation and research on territorial occupation in Go are extremely suitable tools for beginners to enter the world of Starry Sky Chess and can be used until the peak of the Star Falling stage.

However, some people are born to follow an unconventional path.

The world of Starry Sky Chess seen through their eyes is completely different from the normal way of playing the game.

Such individuals are bound to become monsters on the Starry Sky Chessboard and eventually reach the summit of the stars.

He accepted his defeat wholeheartedly.

"I'll play! I'll play!" Upon witnessing the Tenth Wise Man's miserable loss, someone quickly sat across from Sweet Dream and challenged this newcomer.

Throughout this game, everyone once again saw how Sweet Dream from the Dark Abyss God's Domain plays chess.

She doesn't even understand the conventional rules of Starry Sky Chess, nor does she bother with the rules of "Gold Horn, Silver Edge, Grass Bag Stomach".

Her moves are dignified, straightforward, and easy to understand.

4-4, 3-3, 4-3!

No matter how complex and sophisticated her opponents' moves are, no matter which piece of land they occupy, she always responds in the simplest way.

Her chess pieces always move forward in a straight line, resolute and unyielding.

Every time she completes a row of five, a sharp flash of light shimmers across the Starry Sky Chessboard.

That is the princess wielding her sword.

That is the king's footsteps.

That is an unstoppable, undefendable ray of slaughter.

The more you play against her, the more you feel the gap called "talent", which shows up concretely on the Starry Sky Chessboard as a means of killing and turns into a force to be reckoned with.

You play Go, I play Five in a Row and then force you into my rhythm, using my unparalleled skills to slay you, this is probably "Sweet Dream's" way of playing.

Chess players who are killed by this kind of tactic cannot recover for a long time, just as if a divine sword had truly struck their soul.

Even though all sounds were cut off when Clearly was playing chess, everyone who watched Sweet Dream's chess game heard the sound of the sword's melody.



Show no mercy, give no chance.

Each of her moves was equivalent to a sword strike, even though she had no sword in her hands, onlookers could not help but envision the silhouette of an unparalleled divine sword.

The opponent she played chess with was the target she tested her swordsmanship against.

"Terrifying as it is, what kind of talent is this."

"Dark Abyss God's Domain, it really is a gathering place for monsters!"

"It's my turn next, I don't believe I can't beat Five in a Row at Go!"

The gazes of the people were gradually infected with shock and trembling, it was an instinctive reaction to witnessing the unsheathing of an unparalleled divine sword.

Those who were stunned by this style of play had to admit that some people are just born different.

In the world of Starry Sky Chess, there is now another chess player with unparalleled talent.

Today is the moment for her to slay in all four directions.

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