Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 881

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Chapter 881: Biddable


After occupying four corners in a row, Immortal in the Pot finally breathed a sigh of relief.

At least in all the Starry Sky Chess patterns he had learned, the chances of winning with four corners against the Tianyuan were one hundred percent.

In this game, he would definitely not experience the big comeback of the previous round. He has occupied all four corners, how could he lose?

Hey newcomer, you should just lose to me this round!

It doesn't matter how high your talent is in Starry Sky Chess, and what achievements you will have in the future, winning against this respected senior in your first chess game in Stardust Zone is really disrespectful.

Speaking of which, even his Martial Brother has the bad habit of teaching newcomers, but his methods are more gentle, better at playing handicap games.

If it weren't for the appearance of the Starry Sky Chess Master, perhaps this Sterling Chess Tournament would have become a stage for Buddhism to become famous all over the world.

"Maha Mystery""

"Cyber Elf Alpha""

"Unrivaled Hero"

And finally the most terrifying "A Cloud in the Sky."

These four newcomers of the Starry Sky Chessboard have completely changed the history of Starry Sky Chess, especially with their final debut "A Cloud in the Sky," which has yet to face defeat.

Cyber Elf Alpha's strength is enough to make countless high-ranking Starry Sky Chess players feel hopeless. Any player who has played against Cyber Elf Alpha can feel the overwhelming sense of powerlessness in their calculations being completely crushed.

Compared to Cyber Elf Alpha's chess, Starry Sky Chess Master, "A Cloud in the Sky", his's chess looks plain. Many people don't even know how they lost in the end, which is a world of difference from Cyber Elf Alpha's crazy crushing style.

There is only one game of chess where people have witnessed the real attacking power of the Starry Sky Chess Master.

The Godly Battle – the fall of the stars, is destined to be immortalized and engraved in the history of Starry Sky Chess as a divine game.

When Immortal in the Pot saw that chess game, his whole body was covered in goosebumps.

Before the divine game, no one knew that Starry Sky Chess could be played in such a manner.

After that game, all present came to know that Starry Sky Chess could be played in such a manner.

The Starry Sky Chess Master is not incapable of attacking, but if you lack the skill of one as masterful as Cyber Elf Alpha, you have not even earned the privilege of witnessing his attacking methods.

Upon reviewing the chess game record of that match, Immortal in the Pot was suddenly struck with a great desire.

In this lifetime, he also wishes to play a match with the Starry Sky Chess Master, regardless of victory or defeat. It is a belief, a dedication.

For all enthusiasts of Starry Sky Chess, this is likely a dream.

Even though he has played just over one hundred games, many of the records he left remain incomprehensible to this day, yet the Starry Sky Chess Master has become a totem in the hearts of all who play the game.

No one knows where he comes from, his race or gender are unknown.

He is like a cloud on the horizon, arriving silently, leaving behind a game of divine proportions that truly changed the history of Starry Sky Chess, then quietly departing without taking a trace of the clouds with him.

Countless people wish to play a match with him, but so far only Cyber Elf Alpha, the closest to him, has realized this dream.

If he were willing to give guidance, then even the players in the entire Stardust Zone and even the Star Zone above will have to line up for their turn.

Judging from the spread speed of Starry Sky Chess now, after a year, those who want to queue up will need a five-digit number.

You should know that this is the upper level of the Seven Towers!

Watching more and more novices come to play chess, Immortal in the Pot, who was brought into the Starry Sky Chess gate by his Martial Brother Dao Quanzi, was overjoyed.

Hmm, after this game, I'll find a new player to guide!

"Crack!" Yun Xi's steady move shattered Immortal in the Pot's joyful fantasy.

The golden-red brilliance is gradually lighting up from the center area of the star chart.

"What is this?" Immortal in the Pot looked confused.

"What is this?"

"I, I have seen this, this is…"

"Could it be…? Oh my God!"

Very few people can truly see this scene just by looking at the chessboard.

Even in the games played by high-level Starry Sky Chess players, it is rare to see such a spectacle.

In battles at the Stardust Zone, it is almost impossible for this scene to occur.

This represents the power of Starry Sky Chess pieces on the star map, calling forth fantastic creatures symbolizing the power of the stars.

It is not surprising that Immortal in the Pot has not seen it, as only those who face the endless radiance emanating from the star map can truly comprehend it, which is quite different from merely looking at the chessboard.

Even if it is recorded in a chess manual, it is impossible to fully depict the posture of these star creatures. Those who just look at the manual often see either a burst of golden light or something similar to a dark nebula.

Only true players can clearly see what they or their opponents have summoned and possessed, and what terrible power they have.

As a Golden Core cultivator who has long cultivated eternal life and perspective, Immortal in the Pot has never imagined in his life that he would see the dreamy scene that represents the Starry Sky Chesspeak while playing at the Stardust Zone.

"Golden horn, silver edge, straw bale belly" is indeed the correct formula discovered by countless Starry Sky Chess players applicable to all low-level games, and in this respect, Immortal in the Pot's layout is not wrong.

However, a new player named "Little Cloud" held a higher level of understanding of the Starry Sky Chess regulations.

In the midst of all the phenomena, everything is possible.

In the world of Starry Sky Chess, there are infinite possibilities, akin to the rules of Go, but only as the outermost reinforcement.

To hold the stars, manipulate the trajectories of the stars, attract god-level creatures that fly in the world of the stars, and even cause the stars to collapse and shatter. That is the highest realm of Starry Sky Chess.

It's like how one plus one equals two is an absolute and correct truth at the most basic level of addition, but when reaching a certain level, it will evolve into higher and more difficult problems.

"Princess…" Yun Xi lightly stroked the familiar golden feather with his fingertip, feeling the warm breath that wasn't at all burning.

Or rather, it is only for the hand that controls the stars that the true fire of the Great Sun Crow will be so gentle, and the bird will be so dependent.

"Gudong! Gudong!"

Immortal in the Pot felt like he must have had too much to drink, or perhaps not enough.

Well, it must be so.

Otherwise, why would he be sweating profusely and experiencing illusions.

How could that golden dreamlike god bird, whose feathers were floating in the air, give him, a Golden Core cultivator, a sense of deadly oppression?

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