Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 880 Part 2

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Chapter 880: "Fighting Again" (2)

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Being curious is not only a characteristic of the East God's Domain, but a common problem for all intelligent races in the endless god's domains. Seeing so many people gathering around this game, even the chess players who are not playing at the moment in other god's domains are also coming over.

"The Tianyuan opening, ah, before the last Starry Sky Chess Battle, it was always considered the most disadvantageous opening."

"If it were not for Starry Sky Chess Master and Cyber Elf Alpha, I am afraid that no one would have thought that the Tianyuan opening in Starry Sky Chess could develop so many variations."

"Even the powerful Cyber Elf Alpha occasionally makes mistakes and loses a piece or so at the Tianyuan opening."

"Only the Tianyuan of the Starry Sky Chess Master is truly invincible."

Fortunately, Yun Xi in the game can't hear the outside comments, otherwise he would probably feel embarrassed.

His first move to Tianyuan didn't really hold any special significance, but he felt it was a natural choice to gain control of the situation. It was like having a tactical advantage, with a sense of being able to overlook all the other mountains.

Whether or not having the first move to Tianyuan had an advantage was not the most important thing. In fact, many star map with Tianyuan as the opening was at a disadvantage in the early stages of the game, which was consistent with the research on Tianyuan of the Starry Sky Chess Masters from before.

However, Yun Xi's Tianyuan was based on a high understanding of the entire star map. Even if there was a disadvantage in the early stages, it could be retrieved anytime and anywhere in the later stages. Therefore, Yun Xi always used Tianyuan to start the game when he had the first move.

For Yun Xi, starting the game with Tianyuan was a habit or a belief in occupying the tactical advantage first.

Here it comes!

Here it comes!

When they saw Yun Xi's first move to Tianyuan, the onlookers who didn't understand the truth might have thought he was just following the trend set by the Starry Sky Chess Master, like the other newcomers who admired the Starry Sky Chess Master. However, for the real Immortal in the Pot who suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Yun Xi, this was a real pressure.

The sound of Tianyuan landing was like a blow to the soul of Immortal in the Pot, bringing enormous shock.

This kid's Tianyuan was completely different from that of the other newcomers.

Immortal in the Pot was sweating profusely as he looked at the completely new star chart, trying to find the most significant pattern.

Obviously, this is an impossible task, which even the highly skilled Starry Sky Chess players cannot achieve, how could Immortal in the Pot, who is also a member of the Stardust Zone, accomplish it?

Finally, based on his long-standing experience and the famous saying "choose the horn to quickly unfold the big picture," he chose to proceed with the "horn."

This time, he must proceed with caution and not think about slaughtering the young, but rather consider this new opponent as a worthy opponent that is evenly matched with himself!

After making this move, Immortal in the Pot unexpectedly noticed that a small pile of sand had already fallen in the hourglass beside him.

When did it start taking him so much time to make his opening move?

Despite being in a state of empowerment of Shaoxian Wine, why is he still so serious?

How long has it been since he experienced the feeling of blood burning throughout his body due to such a precarious situation?

Is this still a game for slaughtering young players?

"Smack!" Yun Xi continued to lay out his strategy, completely ignoring Immortal in the Pot's "horn" piece, instead deploying his troops in the Tianyuan zone.

Do you even know the rules of Starry Sky Chess? Have you not memorized the opening sequences? Immortal in the Pot watched Yun Xi make moves that defied convention, bewildered.

Hasn't your master taught you the basics of Starry Sky Chess?

The first move taking the Tianyuan point, ignoring the corner is a beginner's move!

Could it be that he was defeated by this amateur?

Very well, since you're not following the rules of the game, don't blame me for showing no mercy!

Such arrogant moves will surely lead to bitter consequences. Let me, Immortal in the Pot, show you the power of the standard moves.

"Whack!" This time, Immortal in the Pot played aggressively, attacking the corner to face off against Yun Xi.

"…" Yun Xi looked at the Golden Core cultivator in front of him curiously. Was there really such a need to fight over that corner?

Obviously, soon the vein of the starry sky region would start to weaken irreversibly, causing the power of the chess pieces to become weak as well.

"Hehe!" Seeing Yun Xi's expression, Immortal in the Pot stroked his beard.

What do they mean by "the older the ginger, the spicier it is"? He would soon give this little guy a lesson.

After drinking the Siaoxian Wine, his chess skill at least doubled, giving him a certain win this time.

"Snap!" Yun Xi shrugged and continued to consolidate his advantage in the Tianyuan Zone.

It can probably be argued that Cyber Elf Alpha, who once suffered a terrible defeat under Yun Xi's hands, has the right to know the result of Yun Xi's occupation of the Tianyuan Zone.

"This will be the end of me…" This is Cyber Elf Alpha's most common complaint after summarizing their chess experiences with Yun Xi.

Therefore, as long as she can seize the initiative, Cyber Elf Alpha will always take the Tianyuan Zone and never give Yun Xi a chance to open with it.

Unfortunately, this chance is rare. According to statistics, among the approximately one hundred times they had played with the Starry Sky Chess Master to guess who goes first, only around eleven people can win the initiative.

In other words, Starry Sky Chess Master has an 89% chance of opening with the Tianyuan Zone in a hundred consecutive games, a probability that makes many people despair.

"That guy's opening with the Tianyuan Zone is the scariest." This is a rare truth that all the high-level chess players who have the chance to play against the mysterious Starry Sky Chess Master agreed upon.

"Good!" The Immortal in the Pot, who foresaw his own victory and became drunk, was not afraid.

You're obsessed with the Tianyuan Zone, huh? Let me occupy all four corners for you then!

It is obvious that four corners versus one enclosure is a win-lose situation!

Not only was the drunk Real Immortal in the Pot thinking like this, but also the Marshal-level bigwigs watching the game in the Stardust Zone.

"Immortal in the Pot is now steady, four-corner surround tactic, even in a newbie game, there is rarely a game with such a huge difference in chess ability."

"It seems that this newbie called Little Cloud is really a novice. He must have picked up a fluke in the last game."

"I think Immortal in the Pot made a big mistake by himself, otherwise, how could he lose so badly? That game must have been an accident."

"Do you remember, if your chess level is not high enough, it's better not to use the Tianyuan opening. It's a huge disadvantage and as long as the opponent knows how to respond, it will be a sure defeat."

"Gold horn and silver edge with a bundle belly, this is the chess pattern summarized by our ancestors. We must believe in the wisdom of our predecessors."

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