Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 880 Part 1

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Chapter 880: "Fighting Again" (1)

"How is this possible…how is it possible that Starry Sky Chess can still move like this!" Immortal in the Pot, pulling on his own beard, stared fiercely at the chess pieces that almost all got wiped out.

Even though he had initiated the assassination and everything was going smoothly, he was about to kill this seemingly fresh-faced newcomer.

But just before he was ready to finish him off, the move that the opponent played completely tore apart his winning streak.

With only one move, the outcome of the game was completely reversed and even caused one side to start crumbling.

This is not a phenomenon that would normally occur in Go, but anything is possible in Starry Sky Chess.

In the following matches, Immortal in the Pot fought tooth and nail to make up for the damage caused by this one move, but the situation not only didn't improve, but instead became more one-sided.

It was like a crack appeared in the bottom of a huge ship, you would block one side, and then another crack would appear on the other. Until all of the sand in the hourglass ran out, Immortal in the Pot's head was turning to mush.

As a big shot in the Stardust Zone and a Starry Sky Chess master who had the potential to pass the Star Position Test, he had lost in battles with other legend-ranked players before, but never in such a disastrous way, he was truly defeated!

Is this still a newcomer?

Are there really such highly talented newcomers in this world?

He, he clearly only came here to play chess for the first time today!

With a memory ranked at the legend level and experience gained from immersing himself day and night in the Stardust Zone, the real person of Immortal in the Pot knew everything about every master in the entire Starry Sky Chess world. Especially with regards to the information of the hundreds of ranked chess players, he knew it like the back of his hand.

He was sure that this newcomer, named "Little Cloud", was a genuine newcomer, and that it was his first time joining the Starry Sky Chess Tournament today.

He, the Supreme Elder of Heaven's Path Palace, a famous Golden Core cultivator, how could he lose so badly to a newcomer?

His reputation at the legend level was almost completely ruined!

Furthermore, his strategies were completely different from those of any Starry Sky Chess master he knew. No normal Starry Sky Chess player would ever trap themselves in such a desperate position.

Could it be possible that he was able to accurately calculate that at the moment he made his move, a fatal flaw would appear in that position?


"Young brother, let's play another game!"

As the saying goes, the worse one is at chess, the more they love to play. Having lost so incomprehensibly, Immortal in the Pot can't help but seek revenge with another game of chess.

"Very well, might you share some stories of the famous Starry Sky Chess players with me, senior?"

Yun Xi still harbors an interest for chess players such as the "God of Wisdom", "Jeweled Princess", "Black Mage", "Roman Grand Duke", and "Maha Mystery", who have played against them in the Starry Sky Chess game.

The Starry Sky Chessboard protects the identities of players during matches. As a result, besides "Cyber Elf Alpha", Yun Xi has yet to meet the real identities of any other high-ranked Starry Sky Chess players.

"Not a problem, their identities are no secret. Their true selves are not hidden," Immortal in the Pot steadied his emotions and produced a gourd from behind his back. He proceeded to guzzle down several large swigs of his self-brewed century-old wine, "Gudong-Gudong".

This potent alcoholic beverage, known as "Shaoxian wine", has a violently wild nature. Even a hero-ranked individual would enter a berserker state after just one sip. It is a renowned fairy wine brewed by Immortal in the Pot.

The brewing of this fine wine requires certain rare materials only found in the Kunlun God's Domain. There are scarcely any humans in the entire East God's Domain who can access the so-called "Fantasy God's Domain" to gather such materials, but Immortal in the Pot is one such person.

After consuming the "Shaoxian wine", although Immortal in the Pot doesn't succumb to berserker rage, his cheeks flush red and a faint steam can be seen emanating from his head.

Immortal in the Pot, who is said to excel in both chess and wine, is showing signs of gearing up for a formidable challenge.

"Tut-tut, he is going all-out; he is actually drinking his Shaoxian wine outside of combat."

"That thing is his lifeblood and he wouldn't drink a drop unless it was absolutely necessary."

"Last time, I couldn't even exchange a pot for a broken God Weapon, but he actually used it in a game of chess."

"This child is bound to be an outstanding talent, forcing Immortal in the Pot to use fairy wine. He will surely achieve greatness in the future!"

More and more people started to crowd around the game between Immortal in the Pot and 'Little Cloud', and as the infamous "newcomer killer" of the Stardust Zone, it was the first time Immortal in the Pot had suffered such a defeat.

Although his tendency to enjoy 'guiding games' may be somewhat embarrassing, Immortal in the Pot's real chess skills are unquestionable.

In the East God's Domain, several familiar legend-ranked individuals wanted him to guide them in chess, offering extravagant coaching fees, but Immortal in the Pot simply refused the exorbitant fees and instead enjoys tirelessly educating newcomers.

After being educated by Immortal in the Pot, many of these newcomers are even grateful for the chance to play a game with him despite the high cost of his coaching fee, as Immortal in the Pot mostly only plays with newcomers once.

Once you've been defeated by Immortal in the Pot, you won't even have a chance to play with him again.

This is what is known as leaving after finishing one's work, deeply hiding one's talent and virtue.

Apart from the flaw of "slaughtering the young", Immortal in the Pot has actually got very good personal relationships in the field of Starry Sky Chess. Since the official opening of the Starry Sky Chessboard, he has become a top-notch figure in the Stardust Zone and has also made many friends.

Especially among the various immortals of the East God's Domain, he was considered one of the best chess players, even beginning to dabble in organizing the East God's Domain Starry Sky Chess association.

Therefore, when Immortal in the Pot drank his own fairy wine and took up the second game with "Little Cloud", many of the East God's Domain immortals who were close to him gathered around, wanting to see what was happening.

In the previous game, everyone thought it was a routine slaughter game by Immortal in the Pot, with limited attention. It was not until the second game began that they realized that Immortal in the Pot had actually lost his first game with this newbie.

Not only did he lose, but he lost miserably.

This was quite surprising.

Everyone curiously looked at "Little Cloud" on the opposite side of Immortal in the Pot. He really was a novice who was as inexperienced as a blank sheet in Starry Sky Chess.

How did he beat Immortal in the Pot and force him into a drunken state?

"Gulugulu!" Immortal in the Pot, whose head was already emitting smoke, drank a few more sips of burning fairy wine before pressing the golden hourglass next to him, signaling the start of the second game with a flushed face.

Continuing to guess the pieces, Yun Xi once again obtained the right to move first.

Without a doubt, Yun Xi's first move landed on Tianyuan.

"It's the Tianyuan opening, is this kid really so confident?"

"This kind of opening is not something that ordinary people can handle. My master told me that if one's skill is not at a certain level, playing this opening would be tantamount to seeking a dead end."

"In the whole Starry Sky Chess world, there is only one and a half people who can grasp this opening, and yet this kid is also making this move?"

Watching the first move of "Little Cloud" landing on Tianyuan, the number of spectators at this moment is more than ten times that of the first game.

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