Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 879

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Chapter 879: The Great Reversal

It's time to harvest. Seeing the increasingly obvious chess situation, Immortal in the Pot was elated.

This Immortal has no other hobbies in his life, only wine and chess. He can't give up. It can be said that he is obsessed.

As a Golden Core Immortal, the wine he hasn't drunk in the endless god's domains basically doesn't exist. The Heaven's Path Palace will also try to collect all kinds of wine for him and let him enjoy it.

The problem is chess. Take Go, which is popular in the East God's Domain, as an example. His strength is already at the peak of the peak.

Go can no longer satisfy the addiction of Immortal in the Pot. Finally, he became addicted to Starry Sky Chess.

However, the time of the Starry Sky Chessboard's trial is random, sometimes not even once in a thousand years.

In Yun Xi's eyes, Starry Sky Chess is simple and easy to understand, and he can easily pass the entrance test, but Immortal in the Pot could hardly pass it.

Before the official opening of the Starry Sky Chessboard, the chess players who could play chess here were recognized as the top wise men by the endless god's domains.

The present Stardust Zone is a paradise for Immortal in the Pot. He spares no effort to guide the new players, just to let them know the breadth and depth of Starry Sky Chess.

It's a pleasure to preach, teach and dispel doubts.

"You are really catching up with all the good times."

"In the past, if we wanted to play the Starry Sky Chess, we have to wait for thousands of years." Immortal in the Pot recalled the tension and heartbeat that he was expecting the arrival of the Starry Sky Chessboard.

The new players in this era, in contrast, as long as they had approval from their own towers, they could come here to play chess.

As a senior, naturally, he should give his juniors a "friendly" lesson!

"Is there no other place to play Starry Sky Chess except here?" Yun Xi looked at the chess game and felt that there was not much time left.

"No, even I can't understand the power of the evolutionary star map, which is beyond the control of gods."

"I don't know how powerful it is to create the Starry Sky Chessboard, and how powerful it is to record the stars in the endless sky." Watching Yun Xi enter his trap step by step, the mouth of Immortal in the Pot showed a wonderful arc.

The green and astringent fruit will finally be eaten.

Taste the taste of failure, and then come out of it. This is something that young people must learn.

Who didn't break his head and bleed on their first try? He wanted to tell the newcomers of Starry Sky Chess by example that the world is not as simple as they think!

"Pa!" Immortal in the Pot played confidently.

If the outcome is determined, there is no need to pretend.

"Little guy, do you still want to play?" Looking at the chess game that had forced Yun Xi into a desperate situation, Immortal in the Pot touched his beard, and his face was elated.

"Of course." Yun Xi looked at Immortal in the Pot, who had the expression of "I have won!", in confusion.

Can't he see that the winner of this chess game has been decided ten moves before?

"Pa!" Yun Xi placed his chess piece in the center of Immortal in the Pot's chess pieces.




Immortal in the Pot looked at the chess piece that fell into his array. First he was puzzled, then his eyes were wide open, and finally he shouted:

"Impossible, how did I miss such a trick!

"This... this... the hell!"

"How can you do this? It's not normal!"

On the star map, Immortal in the Pot's chess pieces instantly became fragmented after Yun Xi's chess piece was placed in their center.

This move was like a deadly scalpel, directly inserted into the heart of Immortal in the Pot, making him miserable.

"Careless, careless, really careless!" Immortal in the Pot kept patting his thigh, regretful.

Why didn't he see it? It's just a mistake that newcomers make.

If you go wrong, you will lose.

Now, almost all the advantages he built up in the early game were spent, and the situation looked very bad.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute, let me think." Wiping the sweat on his forehead, Immortal in the Pot began his first long thinking of this round.

The golden gravel kept falling, and the face of Immortal in the Pot who stared at the chessboard became more and more gloomy.

What happened?

So far, Immortal in the Pot has not figured out why he was careless enough to ignore such a loophole in his victory.

It is clear that the opponent is just a newcomer. He was only one step away from winning.

This feeling is as if a piece of fish on a chopping board suddenly jumped up and turned into a man-eating great white shark in the air.

Wait, it seems that it's not just here! The more he looks at it, the more loopholes Immortal in the Pot finds. What the hell?

When did he make so many mistakes?

After so many games of Starry Sky Chess and defeating thousands of newcomers, Immortal in the Pot never encountered such a strange thing before.

Not only he, but also other chess players who watched the game showed incredible expressions.

"Will this newcomer win?"

"It was clear that Immortal in the Pot had a big advantage just now. Why does it look like he is about to lose?"

"Ha ha ha, Immortal in the Pot was too careless."

"This newcomer named 'Little Cloud' it seems to have the talent of playing Starry Sky Chess."

During the debate, Immortal in the Pot took a long breath and fully demonstrated his strong spiritual will.

He firmly believes that this is just a coincidence. Due to the infinitely changing characteristics of Starry Sky Chess, such coincidences would occasionally happen.

The probability is that the rabbit will kill itself and present itself to the hunter,

He can fight back! There is still a chance to turn the table! He can win!

Don't feel fear, just go! Victory belongs to those who persist till the end!

After a quarter of an hour, Immortal in the Pot stared at the chessboard and was completely speechless.

There is a strange silence, even with depression and fear. At this moment, his face looked like a withered bitter gourd.

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