Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 878

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Chapter 878: Please Enter the Urn

"Hey kid, wanna play a game of chess?" After watching Yun Xi for a while, Immortal in the Pot finally patted Yun Xi's shoulder generously.

"Elder, do you want to play chess with me?" Yun Xi curiously looked at the Immortal who had appeared in front of him in human form.

He could feel that this was an extraordinary player, and from the big gourd he carried on his back, Yun Xi could sense a deep and unfathomable aura, like his master, the Battle God Casina.

"That's right, I'm Immortal in the Pot, a cultivator at the Golden Core Stage, one of the Supreme Elders of the Heaven's Path Palace. Are you the new one from the Sky Tower?" Immortal in the Pot squinted his eyes.

As one of the few organizations in the East God's Domain, the Heaven's Path Palace is a gathering place for countless Taoist practitioners.

For the young people of White Lotus Sword Domain and other Sword Domains, if they don't pass the entrance exam of the Sword Palace, their second choice is the Heaven's Path Palace.

Once the talent of cultivation is tested, it is also another way to reach the legend rank.

The son of the mayor who died in Yun Xi's hands, A Shen, was a disciple of Heaven's Path Palace.

Yun Xi looked with amazement at the kind-faced Immortal in the Pot, this was a living legend!

He never expected to see a Golden Core Immortal in front of his eyes.

In the East God's Domain, the Golden Core Immortals are also known as "the Earth Immortals", symbolizing the highest level of Taoism.

Throughout the East God's Domain, such Golden Core Immortals are even fewer than Sky Swords.

He never expected an actual Golden Core Immortal here, and it turns out to be the Supreme Elder of Heaven's Path Palace.

"Starry Sky Chess is the truth of the universe."

"That you and I could come here to the Starry Sky Chess means we were fated to do so." Immortal in the Pot casually bragged, looking at Yun Xi with an extremely friendly gaze.

Hmm, teaching the newcomer the cruelty of the Starry Sky Chessboard is just doing a good deed without any fault.

Yun Xi embarrassedly scratched her head, saying, "Umm...a high monk once said that I have karmic ties with the Buddha."

It seems that he really has a fate with Starry Sky Chess, as for whether it is also related to Buddhism, it still needs to be verified.

"Come on, watching a hundred games is not as good as trying it once. Play a game with me and you will naturally understand the magnificence of Starry Sky Chess." Immortal in the Pot smiled.

"Okay, Elder, can you tell me about some of the history of Starry Sky Chess? Yun Xi looked at Immortal in the Pot with anticipation.

This is a pure newbie! Ha ha.

Of course, I will tell you the full meaning of Starry Sky Chess. Immortal in the Pot smiled as he and Yun Xi arrived at the blank chessboard.

An endless star map unfolds, all surrounding sounds naturally screened off. Though the scenery of stars densely packed not far away can still be seen, at this moment only Yun Xi and Immortal in the Pot are facing each other on the chessboard.

Although it is the Stardust Zone, the rules here are the same as in the Star Zone.

Who plays first is chosen randomly. Once the chess game starts, it can only end when one side surrenders.

The gold hourglasses represented the thinking time for both sides. If the sand of one hourglass runs out, there is no more long thinking time and only seconds left.

Yun Xi was the first to play. He bet the first move on the Tianyuan position as usual.

With a "Pah!", Immortal in the Pot squinted and looked at Yun Xi with a smile.

Newcomer! A novice among novices!

Newcomers like to learn from the invincible Starry Sky Chess Master and put their first move on Tianyuan.

Could you and the Starry Sky Chess Master be at the same level?

The Starry Sky Chess Master's Tianyuan opening is a highly skilled move, and can't be imitated by newbies.

This is the consensus conclusion arrived at by all masters of Starry Sky Chess after researching all the games of the Starry Sky Chess Master.

In the Endless God's Domains, there are only one and a half people who can bring out the advantage of the Tianyuan opening move.

In addition to the undefeated Starry Sky Chess Master, only Cyber Elf Alpha is qualified to use this move!

Beginners using the Tianyu opening move is no different from courting disaster.

However, it is precise because of this that we need such predecessors to guide us in chess, right?

Since the new player is so insistent on this Tianyuan opening, he should be told why this opening is wrong.

Carrying a mysterious smile, Immortal in the Pot responded to Yun Xi's move and put his piece in the corner.

This is a move that has been proven countless times throughout the history of Starry Sky Chess.

"Elder, do you know when Starry Sky Chess started? Yun Xi looked at the star map and was already familiar with the general changes ahead, after all, this was his best game.

Immortal in the Pot looked into the air with a nostalgic look in his eyes, "You've asked the right person this time."

"According to my knowledge, the trial of the Starry Sky Chessboard has already existed since the era when the seven towers were just established."

"In other words, this is one of the oldest trials of the Seven Towers."

"Previously, this trial was very rare to come by, and it was the toughest trial with the highest requirements for the testers."

"You probably don't know, but every time the Starry Sky Chessboard's trial appears, even legend-ranked strong people would rush to participate."

"This Starry Sky Chess is so amazingly clever!"

"Pah!" Both of them played quickly, with Yun Xi following the natural course of events and Immortal in the Pot happily looking on as Yun Xi fell into his trap step by step.

This strategy is called "to lure with kindness and capture without effort".

For newcomers, this trick is infallible.

The newbies who have been trained by him in his skillful way are increasing.

Unfortunately, after playing a game with him, newcomers usually already know the difference in skill level, and it would be difficult to defeat them so easily again.

So, how many moves does it take to take down this tender newbie?

Ten, twenty, or even more?

"Now the Starry Sky Chessboard is open, we really have to thank that Starry Sky Chess Master."

"If it wasn't for him, we would never have such a chance!" Immortal in the Pot stroked his beard, watching the more and more smooth chess game in high spirits.

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