Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 877

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Chapter 877: Immortal in the Pot

"Little Cloud" is the modified name given by Yun Xi to himself, and it is also the name used when he first logged on to the Starry Sky Chessboard's Stardust Area. It is a brand-new account.

This anonymous privilege is actually available to all Star Zone players, but Yun Xi's authority is the highest, which is equivalent to creating an imaginary login number to enter the Stardust Zone.

As for why he does this, Yun Xi thinks that he is actually a newcomer to Starry Sky Chess!

Compared to the long history of the Starry Sky Chessboard, he who has only recently officially joined the Starry Sky Chess still has much to learn.

He wants to know the history of Starry Sky Chess in the Endless God's Domains.

Why has everyone suddenly become so fond of Starry Sky Chess?

Besides "Cyber Elf Alpha", "the God of Wisdom" and "Ruby Princess", who are the other high-level Starry Sky Chess players?

Yun Xi was overwhelmed by too many questions.

To learn everything about Starry Sky Chess, it's best to start from the most basic Stardust Zone.

If Yun Xi were to play chess in the Stardust Zone using the identity of the Starry Sky Chess Master, it would cause a big problem, so he simply created this new account "Little Cloud".

Looking at the white light surrounding him and the "Little Cloud" codename on top of his head, Yun Xi was very satisfied with the protection the Starry Sky Chessboard offered to its players.

As long as you don't expose your identity, no one knows who you are in the Starry Sky Chessboard.

This is also the Starry Sky Chessboard's protection for chess players, giving courage to hero-ranked chess players to face legend-ranked chess players.

Of course, there are also chess players who don't mind at all their names being made public, such as Cyber Elf Alpha, Norn the God of Wisdom, and the identity of the Ruby Dragon Orfina, which are basically completely open.

Most high-level chess players are like this. As legend-ranked chess players, they don't care if people know their identity and have no need to hide it.

Just like the "Black Mage" and "Roman Emperor", their aliases are even easier to remember than their real names.

Under the codename "Little Cloud", Yun Xi curiously wandered around the Stardust Zone, seeing one after another incredible chessboard with numerous flaws but occasionally with flashes of brilliance.

Yun Xi was dumbfounded looking at someone killing his own pieces while playing, "This... How can it be played like this?" It was totally against the trajectory of star movements.

Another game started and both sides were playing with great difficulty. One side had obtained the absolute upper hand, but none of both sides had found it, they kept on playing with total energy.

Perhaps these chess players are somewhat weak in strength, but Yun Xi can see from them an inner love for Starry Sky Chess, even immersing themselves in it.

If you were to put it in terms of imagery, it's like being addicted to chess and getting more and more immersed in it until you can't break free.

On all kinds of star maps, what remains are their sweat and tears.

At times enraged, at times devastated, at times roaring with laughter, Yun Xi saw more than just a game of chess, but all sorts of life.

The world of the Starry Sky Chessboard is pure and enchanting.

There are despised demons, symbolic angels, indomitable dragons, and lofty deities inside.

On the Starry Sky Chessboard, they are all equal, with each wielding Starry Sky Chess pieces, playing in an ever-changing starry world.

There is no other place that can gather so many strong warriors of different backgrounds and races to fight in such a peaceful yet special way.

Compared to Star Zone, which symbolizes the highest wisdom of the endless god's domains, the Stardust Zone is more enjoyable, where stories of immense joy are happening every moment.

"Oh no! Did I make a mistake? How did this happen?!"

"Oh no! Undo, undo, I want to undo, wah wah wah!"

"I'm completely defeated, I was wrong."

"No, don't kill me! I'm going to be eaten! I'm going to be eaten!"

Just as Yun Xi was looking east and west, someone stealthily walked up behind him.

This is a chess player whose name is known throughout the Stardust Zone.

Behind him was a huge gourd, with a big red nose, small eyes, and a white beard, he looked like a master; in fact, he was indeed a peerless master.

His name is "Immortal in the Pot", a cultivator at the Golden Core Stage. It is said that there is a world hidden in the gourd behind him, which can instantly release the power of the milky way to suppress a domain.

Just this particular Earth Immortal had an annoying habit - bullying newcomers in the Starry Sky Chessboard.

He liked to play with rookies. To call it "guidance" would be incorrect; it is more like a one-sided beating.

In Stardust Zone, his strength is able to be ranked at the highest level. Although he has not entered the Star Zone, he is considered one of the most promising legend-ranked players for entering it.

After the Starry Sky Chessboard was divided into Stardust Zone and Star Zone, he immersed himself in the Stardust Zone all day long and took pleasure in guiding many newcomers.

Basically, once he takes a liking to a newcomer, the newcomer would be thoroughly "instructed" by him. This has become an open secret in Stardust Zone.

Today, the "Immortal in the pot" saw a newcomer who looked very naive.

First, when the newcomer came in, he didn't play a game of chess, but instead observed other players, with a curious look on his face.

Second, his nickname gave him away. Ever since the Starry Sky Chess Master appeared, eight out of ten of the newly joined chess players love to choose a nickname related to Cloud.

"Alibaba Cloud"

"Thousand Clouds"

"Question Cloud"

"360 Degree Cloud"

"Fast Wind Cloud"

Hmm, these are all the newcomers who were "guided" by the Immortal in the Pot.

Today, the Immortal in the Pot felt that there was a newcomer who needed to be guided by himself.

How should he educate this new chess player? Crushing him on the chessboard, crushing him on the chessboard, or crushing him on the chessboard?

In short, let the newbie know how weak he is!

If you want to succeed and reach for the Star Zone, it's a journey you must take, child!

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