Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 882

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Chapter 882: Three Stages of Starry Sky Chess

In one tournament after another of the Starry Sky Chess, the legend-ranked enthusiasts who were keen on the trial of the Starry Sky Chessboard gradually summarized several stages of the game.

The first stage is known as Star Falling.

In this stage of Starry Sky Chess, it mainly takes on the form of Go, where whoever can eat more pieces and occupy more territory will gain a huge advantage.

The formalized pattern of the game, also borrowing the terminology of Go, is used to construct consistent formations for novice players in the constantly changing game of Starry Sky Chess.

This stage of Starry Sky Chess could be considered an evolution of Go.

However, occasionally someone could make an unbelievable move on the Starry Sky Chessboard, resulting in various fascinating phenomena.

This marks the second stage of Starry Sky Chess, where it starts to break away from the rules of Go and expose more rules of its own.

Essentially, Starry Sky Chess is a seemingly simple game of "placing" and "occupying" on the board, where every move a player makes will impact the star chart.

The star chart itself is constantly changing, and each move made by the chess player could potentially result in endless possibilities. However, due to the limited variables, it cannot be reflected on the star chart.

Therefore, the change in the second stage of Starry Sky Chess is called "Star Summoning."

Starry Sky Chess players who can achieve this step, even if they make it by chance, represent extraordinary talent. To reach the higher level, this is the skill that must be learned.

Norn the God of Wisdom.

Princess Orfina, the Ruby Dragon.

Maple Fang, the Black Mage, Duke Roman, and Maha Mystery.

The high-level players in the top ten ranking of Star Zone are all masters of this level, and Cyber Elf Alpha, who is almost invincible in Star Zone, is among the top players.

When playing against other high-level chess players, Cyber Elf Alpha often exerts crushing calculation power, summons the power to destroy everything, and completely shatters her opponents.

Everyone has always thought that this is the end of Starry Sky Chess, until the day when facing Cyber Elf Alpha's crazy attack, the figure standing at the pinnacle of the stars made a chess game that no one has been able to replicate so far.

The third stage of Starry Sky Chess - Star Collapse, a game played only once by the gods, symbolizes a myth of Starry Sky Chess.

Most of the chess players in Stardust Zone are newcomers who haven't even completed the "Star Falling" stage. It's even harder to imagine what the "Star Summoning" in the second stage would be like.

Now, they finally witnessed, with their own eyes, the greatness belonging to Starry Sky Chess.

"So… it wasn't just me being drunk…" Immortal in the Pot looked at the golden bird dancing on Yun Xi's fingertips with envy.

This is the true and pure fantasy from beyond the stars, a miracle that can only be realized by the Starry Sky Chessboard.

Within the Starry Sky Chessboard lies great knowledge, great opportunities, and great destiny!

No, it's not just a fantasy species symbolizing the rules of the world!

As long as they are recorded in the memory of the stars, all creatures will appear on the star chart. Even the greatest creatures that will be born in the distant future may appear.

All the races and civilizations that have never been in contact with the outside world are recorded on this Starry Sky Chessboard.

Everything that existed in the past, present, and future has the potential to appear on the Starry Sky Chessboard and interact with the chess players.

This is such a miracle - even the gods cannot do it.

At this moment, the golden mythical bird dancing on the fingertips of "Little Cloud" is the one that will be remembered by the starry sky. She proudly displays her golden-red wings, releasing an endless breath of sun flames to everyone.

Undoubtedly, this is a born sun-walker, a powerful fantasy species that dances in the thirty-three heavens.

If a practitioner of the cultivation fire system can contact and communicate with it even once, it is possible to comprehend the great power of the fire system. Every trace of its breath is a treasure among treasures, and the benefits of obtaining it are infinite.

What kind of great fortune did this boy receive?!

To be able to summon such a divine bird, you must have used up all your luck from your past eighteen lives, haven't you?!

From your appearance, it seems like you were a pure-hearted child in your past past past life, which is why you had a chance encounter with this golden divine bird in this life.

This kind of great opportunity, not to mention me, even my Martial Brother Dao Quanzi would envy it!

Immortal in the Pot drank half a gourd of his Shaoxian wine wildly, his eyes almost red.

What he cultivated is precisely the divine powers of the fire system. If he could exchange it, he would be willing to use half of his wealth to exchange for a chance to be so intimate with this golden divine bird.

Why is it that the person who gets a chance encounter with this divine bird is not a reputable person like me who accumulates karma by playing chess and doing good deeds every day, but this newcomer?!

Look at you, what an improper manner! This is a mythical bird born with the true sun flames, yet you dare to touch it with your fingers.

Stop touching!

Haven't you had enough!

Why do you keep touching!

"Princess…we meet again…" Yun Xi gently scratched the wings of the Golden Crow, skillfully finding its sensitive spot.

The power of the sun in this star map is not very strong, so it cannot summon the mighty Great Sun Golden Crow as in the Starry Sky Chess game. It can only summon this small Golden Crow that is only the size of a palm.

However, it should be more than enough to defeat that Immortal in the Pot.

"Oh…oh…" The Golden Crow Princess danced happily on Yun Xi's fingertips, occasionally pecking at his familiar nail and singing a cheerful song.

She really enjoys being summoned by Yun Xi from the chessboard. If only the power of the sun in this star map was stronger, she could easily burn all the messy chess pieces on the opposing side.

"Snap!" The chess piece in Yun Xi's hand was burning with golden-red flames, and the second level of the Starry Sky Chess was imprinted on the star chart, causing an entire star region to ignite.

Even the tiny golden bird has the momentum to burn mountains and seas. Its size is irrelevant, as it is naturally divine!

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