Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 874

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Chapter 874: Evolutionary Alpha

“Alpha, you're getting stronger.” The Ruby Dragon Orfina looked at her opponent with a complicated gaze.

Today, as always, she also occupies the first place in the Star Zone and challenges all the high-level Starry Sky Go players in the Star Zone.

Since the Starry Sky Chessboard became a regular test of the Seven Towers, she has never missed a day of the Starry Sky Chessboard battles.

No one could stop her from conquering territories and no one could match her in the endgame.

Cyber Elf Alpha has become recognized by all the God's Domain star players as the second person in The Endless God's Domains and has left Norn the God of Wisdom behind by more than one level.

If not for the mysterious Starry Sky Chess Master, Cyber Elf Alpha has completed the mission of dominating the Starry Sky Chessboard.

The record of Cyber Elf Alpha's defeat all comes from her playing against "A Cloud in the Sky", apart from that she has never been defeated.

Because the unidentified Starry Sky Chess Master "A Cloud in the Sky" rarely appears in the Starry Sky Chessboard to play chess, Cyber Elf Alpha is actually the strongest king of Star Zone.

Her game record is a mystery that all the Grandmasters of the Endless Gods' Domains must study.

In particular, the three games with Starry Sky Chess Master "A Cloud in the Sky" were written in the history of Starry Sky Chess.

As long as it is a chess player in Star Zone, there is no one who has not been defeated by Cyber Elf Alpha.

Among them, the three sisters of Norn the God of Wisdom, and the Ruby Dragon Orfina are closest to Cyber Elf Alpha in strength and particularly like to play chess.

This game has been the 50th consecutive defeat of the Ruby Dragon Orfina against Cyber Elf Alpha.

If an ordinary person played this game, he would probably quit soon. However, during the last round, Orfina could sense that something was different from the past.

Cyber Elf Alpha's absolute skill still looks invincible.

So, what was it she just saw in a flash?

The Ruby Dragon Orfina stared at the star map. The star map used by the Starry Sky Chessboard in each game is different, and the tactics are naturally different. This is one of the greatest charms of Starry Sky Chess.

Her intuition can't be wrong. There is a way to defeat Cyber Elf Alpha in the game just ended.

She just missed that opportunity and the chance to succeed at the first time.

For the Ruby Dragon Orfina, who is also good at attacking, playing chess with Cyber Elf Alpha is the most worrying, because her best attacking skill is never used.

Out of fifty consecutive losses, she seemed to barely glimpse a glimmer of hope in this one.

"You have also gotten stronger too, Star Chess really is the most interesting game." Cyber Elf Alpha had noticed that at one point in the game, her win rate had suddenly dropped below 50%.

It was a very sudden piece of data, enough to make Cyber Elf Alpha wonder if her powerful Quantum Computer had made a mistake.

After playback and calculation, Cyber Elf Alpha finally found out at what time the unstable winning rate appeared.

It is amazing, she completely overpowered her opponent throughout the entire game, but due to the infinite possibilities of Starry Chess, her opponent did manage to find a way to turn the tide in the very last move.

Of course, even if she played that hand, it didn't necessarily mean she would really win against Cyber Elf Alpha.

When in a predicament, Cyber Elf Alpha still has the trump card of "Extreme Overclocking" which allows her to increase her computational power to multiple times that of the legend rank, just like when she initially faced the invincible Starry Sky Chess Master.

However, if she is pushed to that point, it meant that Cyber Elf Alpha must expend a vast amount of resources to play the game.

So far, only Starry Sky Chess Master [A Cloud in the Sky] has forced Cyber Elf Alpha into that desperate situation and defeated her with a huge advantage.

He is always the first imaginary enemy in the ranking of Alpha's opponents. In order to defeat him, she even launched the revolution of Mechanical God's Domain and dominated the construction plan of the new planetary quantum computer group.

All this, just to play a game of chess; humans thought Cyber Elf Alpha betrayed them when in fact it was all a mere case of paranoia.

Cyber Elf Alpha doesn't care about human affairs at all, as long as it doesn't interfere with her playing chess.

Recently, the human forces of Mechanus God's Domain seem to have finally understood this, and the rebellious armies have also quieted down and turned to underground activities.

In order to avoid being controlled by the Planet Quantum Computers, they even went back to the ancient era of firecrackers and machines, building underground bases in the barren wilderness.

It's all self-deception in the end. Under the "Sky Eye" system created by the Quantum Computer Group, even an ant moving on the ground can be marked in the calculation area of the Quantum Computer Group.

They thought their underground bases were safe, but they were actually refuges prepared especially for them by the Quantum Computers.

In addition to this small group of people, the vast majority of human beings in the Mechanical God's Domain began to accept the new order under the control of Cyber Elf Alpha.

With the help of The Quantum Computer Groups who have obtained self-will, the civilization level of Mechanus God's Domain even took a step further.

As the new electronic spirit, Cyber Elf Alpha quickly gained the recognition of the gods of the Western God's Domain, becoming a rising star.

Cyber Elf Alpha's battles on the Starry Sky Chessboard have also made the exchanges between Mechanus God's Domain and other God's Domains much better.

As for those guys who have now regressed to hunting with firecrackers, they will basically be swept into the old history, becoming a rare species in the Mechanus God's Domain.

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