Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 873

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Chapter 873: They Play Chess

When Yun Xi stepped into the entrance of the Sky Tower, he saw the rotating compass on the altar again.

Casina the Battle God's favorite place is the Battle God's Championship Contest. It is said that she has never suffered defeat here and several of Yun Xi's Elder Martial Sisters often train their skills here.

Hmm, let's not come here today, perhaps there will be an opportunity to come in the future.

It is said that the "Doll City" is where the puppet makers gather.

Yun Xi was slightly curious, after all he was a semi-professional puppet maker, but unfortunately his only work was taken away by the Queen of Assyria. He didn't know how White Moon was doing now, but it should be as if she were a princess and being taken care of by the Queen of Assyria.

"Heavenly Book World"

This place gathered many inherited books of the heavens, and Casina the Battle God said that the rules of the trials here are very complicated.

Even though you're militarily invincible, when it comes to the rules of poetry and drawing, you have to leave empty-handed. It seems like Casina the Battle God doesn't adjust well to this world too, but Yun Xi is somewhat interested...

After the compass rotated three times, Yun Xi finally saw the familiar trial world.

The Starry Sky Chessboard was originally randomly accessible, often appearing only once every thousand years as a special trial and praised as the stage of the highest wisdom in the Endless God's Domains. Now it is accessible at any time and acts as one of the highest trials with the seven towers constantly present.

Just to get into a game of Go, one has to go through qualification tests, so it's roughly divided into two areas.

Only those with a ranking can enter the "Star Zone", where every win and loss contributes to one's rank score. Legend-ranked existences and wise men fight on this stage, striving for higher rankings and honing their skills.

Another one is the "Stardust Zone" where there are no rank restrictions and even beginners who just understand the rules can play. The outcome of the games played in this zone doesn't count towards rank points, so it is a place where one can play freely.

Dividing these two areas is the self-evolution of the Starrysky Chessboard, and the emergence of the "Stardust Zone" also gives those newly-learned players the opportunity to show off their skills.

Most of the time, the skills of the players in the Stardust Zone are eye-watering.

After all, Star Go players of certain rank generally play in the Star Zone where they can earn rank points, so it's meaningless for them to play against novice players in the Stardust Zone.

Compared to the orderly Star Zone, chess players in the Stardust Zone are willing to play any kind of chess and even some seemingly impossible chess combinations can appear.

Ambitious chess players will gradually become familiar with the rules of the Starry Sky Chessboard and eventually enter the Star Zone.

Of course, there are also pure hobbyists who probably have no chance of entering the Star Zone their entire life, but still enjoy playing chess.

The people who are the happiest about the opening of the Starry Sky Chessboard are these people.

When Yun Xi saw these two zones for the first time, he curiously entered spectator mode.

In the Star Zone, the most watched chess games are those between "Cyber Elf Alpha" and "Gem Princess", both of which are names Yun Xi is very familiar with.

But upon entering, Yun Xi found that Gem Princess was completely routed and was about to be defeated by Cyber Elf Alpha.

"Ah...As expected, Cyber Elf Alpha is still unbeatable. This time, the Ruby Dragon Orfina lost to Cyber Elf Alpha for the 50th time."

"I feel like Cyber Elf Alpha's calculation capabilities have been super-charged, it's totally brute force crushing."

"In fact, the chess strength of the Ruby Dragon Orfina has also increased, but Cyber Elf Alpha has increased more."

"Excluding the previous defeat, Cyber Elf Alpha has achieved a streak of 700 wins again."

"Oh my, Oh my, it looks like Mechanus God's Domain is about to take off."

A group of legendary-ranked star chess players watched in awe and involuntarily gasped in amazement.

No matter how many times you watch Cyber Elf Alpha's offense, it gives people a feeling of infinite suppression and breathlessness.

Even if you calculated with the legend-ranked calculation power, it is hopeless against Cyber Elf Alpha.

Except for the Master of Star Go, none of the players in the Star Zone can defeat Cyber Elf Alpha.

She has definitely gotten even stronger! Yun Xi looked at the chess moves of Cyber Elf Alpha and make a judgement on her chess strength.

Approximately, increased attack power by ten percent?

However, Star Go is not simply a numerical game, it is not something that can be won simply by stacking computing power.

This time, the Ruby Dragon Orfina princess also lost extremely badly, but Yun Xi felt some unusual taste from her chess.

She, who always used brute force to defeat the other party, has started to learn to strategies.

In Starry Sky Chess, theoretically, there are countless different solutions for each move because the Starry Sky Chessboard is a constantly changing world and every step can cause different results.

The strategy of Cyber Elf Alpha was to find the best solution in each step and gradually force the opponent into a dead end, leaving no chance for the opponent.

However, each step may be the optimal solution, but it doesn't necessarily represent victory in the game.

Because of the infinite variations of the Starry Sky Chessboard, perhaps the first ten moves are optimal solutions, but the eleventh move can cause drastic changes.

This is the charm of the Starry Sky Chessboard, full of infinite unknown wisdom.

The tiny Starry Sky Chessboard reflects an endless starry sky and the majestic view of the universe.

Cyber Elf Alpha is an exceptionally powerful faction in the Starry Sky Chessboard, with absolute crushing power compared to others, but she is not invincible.

At least, the Ruby Dragon Orfina had already started to get used to being crushed down by Alpha's calculation power, and even started to catch a flicker of light under absolute disadvantage.

In Yun Xi's eyes, there is still hope in this game.

If she could see the star map's changes seven steps ahead and catch a glimmer of opportunity, perhaps there is still a chance to turn the tables.

One step, two steps, three steps... Under Yun Xi's gaze, the Ruby Dragon Orfina finally took the seventh step, which could change the entire game.

It was obvious that she was aware of it, but just a moment's miscalculation meant that she couldn't make the move at the right time, in the right place.

Perhaps she did catch a glimmer of inspiration, but sadly she was unable to turn that inspiration into her own true potential.

After this step, it seemed that the Ruby Dragon Orfina had realized something as well; the chess piece which was supposed to fall remained suspended for a long time.

"I admit defeat."

Finally, the Ruby Dragon Orfina surrendered, ending this torturous game.

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