Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 872

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Chapter 872: Her Expectations

"No matter what time it is, I will always protect you." The places touched by Lilibet are marked with a sign of order.

That is the recognition by the seven towers, which branded a divine seal on Yun Xi's forehead.

As long as Yun Xi is in the Sky Sword God's Domain, no matter where he encounters deadly danger, he will receive protection from Lilibet. This divine seal is Lilibet's lifesaving ace to Yun Xi.

"Your hand is more important than you think". Lilibet lifted Yun Xi's hand, which was invincible on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

In the world of Starry Sky Chess, this hand has amazed the gods.

"Hmm ...I got it..." Once again, Yun Xi was endlessly grateful to his master, Casina the Battle God.

If it weren't for her guidance to the Starry Sky Chessboard, allowing him to successfully obtain the title of Starry Sky Chess Master, he would probably never have been treated this way by Lilibet in his lifetime.

Those beautiful silver-gray pupils right in front of him, gazing at him with a slightly expectant look.

"When you have time, why don't you go to the Sky Tower to play chess?"

"Just like your master, you are the pride of Sky Sword God's Domain."

That is Lilibet's gentle side, shouldering the mission of protecting the Sky Tower, wishing that the Sky Tower could rekindle its past brilliance and shine on the top of the seven towers in the endless god's domains.

"Okay... I will go and play chess..." Out of fear of exposing his identity, Yun Xi had been very careful not to log back into the world of Sky Tower. But with Lilibet's encouragement, he felt like he was gaining courage again.

Just play chess!

"Apart from playing chess, don't worry about anything else."

"With Casina the Battle God's mark and my mark, there is no danger for you in the Sky Sword God's Domain..."

Lilibet looked up at the sky and furrowed her brow slightly, "Unless... they were intruders."

Recently the space of White Lotus Sword Domain has been torn apart too often, clearly there is nothing here other than the White Lotus Treasure worth paying attention to.

Those who truly understand the concept of the White Lotus Secret Treasure naturally know that the true body of the White Lotus Secret Treasure is not in the White Lotus Sword Domain. But deep in the gaps between the worlds, a place even the gods cannot reach.

"I will reinforce the space again so that no enemy can easily intrude this world."

As the guardian of the Sky Tower, there is seldom reinforcement of a particular small Sword Domain, except this time.

Generally speaking, powerful invaders will not appear in lower sword domains. The sword domain itself is not large enough to contain such huge creatures, it's like trying to fit a whale into a small lake.

Under normal conditions, there was no need to fortify the lower level Sword Domain's space; it was unknown why the intruders were so crazed to charge in one after another.

If it weren't for her maintaining the balance of White Lotus Sword Domain, with just this small pond squeezing in so many legend ranked creatures, this small Sword Domain would have collapsed by itself.

The troublesome thing is that this inflation rate looks like it might increase even more, since a Sky Sword was just outside the White Lotus Sword Domain and looked eager to enter again.

Lilibet can't stop the Sky Sword. Eventually, the Sky Sword will find a gap to get through. After all, she is at the same level as Lilibet.

Even if she was sanctioned once, as long as she is willing to seal most of her power she can still go in, just like Casina the Battle God.

So with this, the small White Lotus Sword Domain gathered two Sky Swords, one Deity, and two fantasy species at once.

In order to protect the weak Starry Sky Chess Master, it is better to let him play chess in the Sky Tower.

At least if he is in the Sky Tower, no one can hurt him while she is protecting.


Okay, let's go play chess. Excited to be reunited with his dream lover, Yun Xi returned to the White Lotus Sword Palace. He tightly embraced Mei'er, taking in the warmth of her golden hair and taking a deep breath.

Mei'er was mesmerized and overwhelmed by Yun Xi, her soul felt upside down and her body was about to go limp.

The three little puppies curiously watched Mei'er being held by Yun Xi, showing an envious expression and also gathering up to it.

"The future is full of hope!"

"Ah, how beautiful the world is." Yun Xi, who had just made an appointment with his dream lover, was in a great mood, and he immediately opened the sign leading to the Sky Tower after adjusting his state.

This time he didn't use the identity of Casina the Battle God, but the identity that belongs to him entirely, "Starry Sky Chess Master".

This identity, due to having been recognized by Lilibet, is the highest privilege belonging to the Sky Tower. Ranked below only the Sky Tower's guardian Lilibet and equal to Casina the Battle God.

Upon gaining access to the Sky Tower, he surpassed even most of the Sky Swords.

The preciousness of this account is beyond what Yun Xi can even imagine.

Among all the identities that possess access to the Sky Tower, he was one of those few at the top of the pyramid.

And with the opening of Starry Sky Chess, his points in the Sky Tower are still rising.

As the Starry Sky Chess Master, he would naturally be endowed with privileges, he just doesn't know it yet.

The golden beach, the endless stretching mist, and the girl who stands steadily before the gates of the Sky Tower and occasionally slays wandering souls lost in the mist.

When Yun Xi re-entered the world of the Sky Tower, he felt his heart race.

"Hello, Starry Sky Chess Master." Lilibet opened her eyes and nodded to Yun Xi, who came running to the gate of the Sky Tower.

"I...I will go play chess now..." because of Cyber Elf Alpha, Yun Xi was a bit worried that something unpredictable may happen if he plays chess again.

But with Lilibet's encouragement, he was now filled with courage.

Because of Lilibet, he wanted to play chess again.

"I wish you a hundred victories, for the glory of the Sky Tower." Lilibet caressed Yun Xi's forehead again, giving him the blessing of the goddess of victory.

For Yun Xi, he is only confident in winning on the Starry Sky Chessboard. "I will win!"

Ultimately, there's no game simpler and more understandable than Starry Sky Chess for him.

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