Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 871

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Chapter 871: Light of the Divine Sword

One after another, the dark crystals were shattered in the brilliance of the Blue God Sword, turning into dust and disappearing into the air.

Three strands of ice blue hair clusters gently shook, and the guardian of the Sky Sword God's Domain, the oldest Sky Sword Lilibet, appeared directly on the land of the Sky Sword God's Domain.

She who always guarded the gate of the Sky Tower was there. Even when the White Holy Dragon smuggled in, she only brandished her sword to block it, this time however, she left the Sky Tower and appeared before Yun Xi.

"The power of the abyss... The traces of the ancient gods..." Bearing the divine sword, she carefully inspected the ground where the Fahai Temple had disappeared, and then looked at Yun Xi.

"Are you all right, Starry Sky Chess Master?"

This is the secret known only to a few people in the Endless God's Domains, namely Yun Xi, Casina the Battle God, and Lilibet.

Recently, a huge stir was caused in the endless god's domains by the Starry Sky Chess Master, who shocked countless legend-ranked strong people. Only sixteen years old this year, he is still studying in White Lotus Sword Palace.

Due to Yun Xi's huge contribution to the Sky Tower, his protection priority in the entire White Lotus Sword Domain is higher than that of the twin witches and equal to Casina the Battle God in the judgment criteria of guarding Lilibet the Sky Sword.

Yun Xi never imagined how important his accidental acquisition of the "Starry Sky Chess Master" title was in determining the protection of Lilibet to the Sky Sword God's Domain.

Yun Xi looked at the empty ground and had a contemplative expression on her face. "I'm okay... It's just that the temple here..."

What terrible existence has the Fahai Temple stirred up that it was directly erased from the map?

It looks like at least ten ancient gods have attacked Fahai Temple. Is it because the old monks here killed many ancient evil creatures before?

Well, maybe this is the truth!

When Yun Xi recalled the appearance of the old monk chanting the Buddhist scripture of Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra, he felt he had guessed the truth.

Since the cultivator was so powerful, perhaps the battle had not yet ended, and Fahaisi Temple was not destroyed but had simply disappeared into the White Lotus Sword Domain.

In places he didn't know, the battle was still going on.

This level of battle was beyond his imagination.

At that moment, Yun Xi paid respect to the old monk whose Dharma name was still unknown to him.

The old monk is absolutely an extraordinary master of Buddhism. Compared to him who has only just started cultivating the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll, it is an unreachable goal.

"As I leave, I will reinforce the barriers. This attack is only against the Buddhists..." Lilibet looked somewhat puzzled.

Why was the target locked onto only the Buddhists? These ancient gods only threw only one piece of black crystal to other places, and here ten were invested?

This kind of black crystal that can cause changes in the heavens and earth, if it is in a general small sword domain, one piece is enough to cause an apocalypse crisis.

Using these dark crystals as coordinates, it will quickly draw in high ranking races that wander the starry sky, like the Colors of the Stars, and then the entire world will be contaminated.

The ground will no longer bear fruit, rivers will emit odors, the sky will gradually be occupied by various spores, humans will soon despair and collapse in such an environment, and the belief in evil gods will spread like a plague.

It only takes around seven days for the ancient gods to come and reap, transforming this world into a part of the abyss.

Having such terrifying power, the value of these black crystals is naturally not cheap.

Even in the depths of an abyss, it takes a long time for a precious crystallization to be nurtured; it is a symbol of the power of the abyss.

"Dark Evil Crystal" is the name of this dark crystal, which is a treasure that only can generate after millions of years of experience in the abyss.

To put it bluntly, the price of a Dark Evil Crystal is enough to buy a small Sword Domain like White Lotus Sword Domain.

Who is so bored that they would drop so many Dark Evil Crystals here, worth more than ten times the price of a White Lotus Sword Domain, just to drag several Buddist temples into the abyss?

This kind of luxury waste is like smashing ants with gold!

Lilibet will not ignore these dark evil crystals. As soon as they are discovered, she will immediately rush to destroy them.

"Go back where you came from."

"This world is a guarded land."

The azure-blue Godsword-light shone down, instantly purifying the land tainted by the Dark Evil Crystals. For the Ancient Gods, she is undoubtedly their enemy.

"Ugh...the bald asses... remembered me!"

"This... is not over..."

After the coordinates were destroyed, a twisted ripple emanated from the side of the abyss. The Princess of the Abyss resentfully cursed the Buddhist sects under the endless gods' domains.

"Done, the pollution alert is lifted." Lilibet pulled back her Divine Sword and arrived in front of Yun Xi, pressing his forehead with her hand.

"You are not polluted, very good."

Feeling the warmth of Lilibet's hand, Yun Xi's face suddenly flushed.

How many times in his dreams had he gazed upon the girl standing atop the golden sandy beach, of whom he didn't even know her name yet wanting to know more about her?

For Yun Xi, these dreams usually end with her slashing himself and they never had a chance to communicate.

Dream Lover, different from the childhood sweetheart of reality, Yun Xi never imagined a day when she would actually meet him.

It wasn't until he came to the Sky Tower using the identity of Casina the Battle God that he truly saw her and learned her name.

The Guardian of the Sky Sword God's Domain.

The Gatekeeper of the Sky Tower.

Elizabeth Lilibet is one of the highest Sky Swords in God's Domain.

She existed for a longer time than he had imagined and the mission she carries out is heavier than he had thought.

Compared to the time she has existed and the things she has faced, he feels so small.

Compared to Casina the Battle God, who also wields the Sky Sword, she gives off a feeling so sacred and inviolable that Yun Xi can hardly imagine what it would be like to come in contact with her.

It was not until her little hand really and truly pressed against his forehead that Yun Xi was sure it was real, not just his daydream.

Her hands weren't cold but instead carried a warm temperature.

She looked at him with a gaze no longer as indifferent as before.

It was a gentle, caring look.

Yun Xi had much more and closer contact with other females, but Lilibet only extended her hand to lightly touch his forehead and his heart rate started to accelerate.

Ah, this is the taste of love.

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