Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 870

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Chapter 870: The Temptation of Ancient Gods

What the hell happened?

Yun Xi stared, dumbfounded, at the black crystal standing in the center of the former Buddhist temple.

In that moment, the entire Fahai Temple disappeared from the earth, completely vanishing without a trace, not even a single brick left behind.

Even the trees and flowers planted in the temple were gone, as if an invisible hand had directly wiped FaHai Temple off the earth.

The only thing left is this tall black crystal.




Just looking at this black crystal gives one a feeling of heart-thumping excitement, even a sense of madness.

Strands of black mist were emanating from the black crystal, and upon closer inspection, it was revealed that these mists were composed of countless tiny black particles.

Not good, there was something wrong with the fog; Yun Xi retreated as quickly as possible but still could not escape the range of the Dark Crystal's effect and got swept up in the rapidly spreading mist.

Yun Xi had the worst mental preparation, after all the mists came from that dangerous black crystal that constantly released a distorted aura.

What made him curious was that, although he was surrounded by fog, he didn't feel suffocated or distorted.

Instead of avoiding the mist, he found himself immersed in it and there was a familiar scent in the air.

"Bald thief!"

"If you want to go to Hell, then go to Hell!"

An unknown voice reverberated in the black mist, full of anger.

Yun Xi felt like he was heard this voice somewhere before.

Reaching out his hand, his fingertips touched the suspended black particles, these black particles curiously gathering in front of Yun Xi, transforming into all kinds of shapes.

The temperature around the dark crystal began to rapidly decrease.

"Ka! Ka! Ka!" Something was tapping on the crystal from inside, trying to get out.

This thing...can't come out...Yun Xi hadn't seen the creature's appearance, but instinctively sensed that this was a monster far beyond his imagination.

Yun Xi felt a chill down his spine before the arrival of the atmosphere that seemed to carry a distorted halo with it.

That is a great malice to the world, representing the chaotic and evil side of creatures.

Yun Xi had once briefly encountered similar creatures in the world of the Dragon War. They were known as "ancient gods" and were responsible for the downfall of the ancient Queen of Assyria.

In the world of the Dragon War, besides the original giant dragon Hua Huo, the most terrifying existence manifested part of its true body at the blood moon wedding - the Wild Demon.

"Ugh!" Seemingly aware of Yun Xi's presence, the unknown evil started making unspeakable murmurs, beckoning Yun Xi closer to the dark crystal.

"Huh!" That was the ancient whisper that echoed directly in the soul, a temptation from the abyss.

In no time, the unknown evil thing had captured the civilization aura of White Lotus Sword Domain, converting its low whispers into a language that Yun Xi could understand.

"Come on! Make a wish to me."

"Wish to the great one and gain the qualification to become my apostle."

"Everything you can get."

"I can fulfill all your desires..."

"Reach out and accept the blessings of the divine."

Yun Xi shrugged; the ancient gods had already used this move countless times in the world of the Dragon War, and he didn't care much for the ancient gods.

Hmm, how should I respond in this situation?

Yun Xi thought of the things he had just learned, put his hands together in a clumsy way, and said,





Ten black crystals fell from the sky and were inserted on the ground of Fahai Temple, accompanied by the curse of the girl:

"Damn, that bald donkey!"

"I want you to die, die, die!"

"No, I will torture you, and you can't even die!"

At the same time, the voices from the abyss became more numerous.

Having understood the language of White Lotus Sword Domain, they all extended an olive branch to Yun Xi like insurance salesmen selling their services.

"Come to my place, there's a witch with black hair and big chest here."

"Make a wish to the great one... and you can have whatever you want, to enjoy all the splendors of the world."

"If you just reach out your hands, you can make your dreams come true."

Hmm, this store's promotional gift is a Big-Breasted Witch.

"Come to me, I have three newborn succubuses here."

"Make a wish to the great one... you can get three succubuses along with a tower as a bonus."

"Hold my hand, you won't regret it."

What is a succubus? Yun Xi doesn't know how many mages have exhausted themselves and reached bliss through this creature.

"Come to my place, I have a dark elf princess there."

"Make a wish to the great one..., with attendant maidservants now included."

"Quick, quick, don't miss it."

This time, Yun Xi was slightly moved, mainly because his first experience was with a dark elf.

That soft skin, tender little feet, and a narrow, compact taste, are memories that can never be forgotten.

In order to bring Yun Xi into their own camp, the unscrupulous ancient gods used their respective good chips and shouted them out.

Do I look so gullible?

Yun Xi looked at the ten dark crystals that surrounded him. His options were a witch, a succubus, a dark elf princess, a tentacle girl, and some more for him to choose from.

If he agreed to just one of them, he would probably be eaten to the bone in no time. He knows how the ancient kingdom of the Queen of Assyria was destroyed by the ancient gods.

Perhaps, by listening to the voice of the ancient gods and making a wish to them, one can indeed realize their wishes. But it would certainly not be done in a normal way.

The ancient god is not a philanthropist and the power to fulfill your wishes doesn't appear out of nowhere. Yun Xi doesn't want to wake up and find that the entire White Lotus Sword Domain has been covered by the blood moon.

And "she" wouldn't want to see such a thing happening, right?

Yun Xi raised his head and looked up at the dark sky, waiting for the arrival of the dawn.

Unlike Assyria, the Sky Sword God's Domain has the strongest guardians.


"Found it!"

"Is this... the guardian?"

As Yun Xi raised his head, the ancient gods also discovered that the power representing "Absolute Order" was approaching.

For the ancient gods of the naturally chaotic evil faction, this is an enemy of all enemies.

A blue icy sword-light pierced through the sky, breaking through the dark clouds like a final judgement, and in a flash struck a huge dark crystal.

The azure divine sword-light glimmered, instantly dispersing all the dark fog, precisely striking the culprits who caused it all.

As Yun Xi thought, she arrived.

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