Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 875

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Chapter 875: Starry Sky Chess's Charm

Ninety-nine percent of the population of the Mechanical God's Domain has recognized the dominance of Cyber Elf Alpha over the Mechanical God's Domain and has begun to get used to a new order.

Now, people are willing to build a new planetary quantum computer group, because every time one is built, the civilization level of Mechanical God's Domain will increase by a few points.

The painting style of the entire Mechanical God's Domain also began to develop towards the coexistence of gods and machines.

Once, due to the extremely exclusionary trend of the Mechanical God's Domain, once gods enter it, they will feel uncomfortable instinctively, resulting in the exclusion of the Mechanical God's Domain by almost the entire Western God's Domain, and all aspects of communication have stopped.

The birth of Cyber Elf Alpha completely changed the foolish decision of locking the god's domain and closing the door to other god's domains.

Since the Mechanical God's Domain has a new electronic god, other god's domains have begun to actively contact this remote god's domain, and more alchemists and elves have also begun to come Alpha Star.

The current Alpha Star has replaced the original position of the capital star of Mechanical God's Domain and becomes the core of Mechanical God's Domain.

The Mechanical God's Domain no longer completely rejects the existence of the power of fantasy as in the past. Some fantasy species wandering in the starry sky have also begun to cast nests in the Mechanical God's Domain.

The new era of the Mechanical God's Domain, or Cyber Elf Alpha, has arrived.

In the face of this general trend, the conservatives in the Mechanical God's Domain are still struggling, but anyone can see that it is only a matter of time before their voices disappear.

The newly born Mechanical God's Domain doesn't need those old forces who are still stuck in their old ways, even the existence of Cyber Elf Alpha doesn't want to admit it, and remained in the past.

Their insistence is meaningless.

As recorded in the ancient history of Mechanus Gold's Domain, the world has entered the era of steel, aircraft and artillery, the feudal forces of cold weapons and cavalry fighting are really ridiculous.

Even their existence is the result of the calculation of Cyber Elf Alpha.

Because the variables they can generate are insignificant under the general situation in the Mechanical God's Domain.

Let's just treat them as a picture of the old times there. Anyway, even those nuclear bombs they regard as the last cards can only blow themselves up and cause no damage to Alpha.

The planetary quantum computer team that built the "Judgment of Heaven" system can make those ancient nuclear bombs disappear from the world within ten seconds.

Starting from abandoning the power of the planetary quantum computer group and retreating to the wilderness and underground bases, these aristocrats of the old era are actually divorced from the era, but they stubbornly believe that there is a chance to rise again.

This is really a huge illusion. How can they compete with the quantum computer group without resources and intelligence?

Cyber Elf Alpha has long ignored them. The variables that can be triggered by a game of chess played by her on the Starry Sky Chessboard are thousands of times greater than those of the humans.

The influence of Cyber Elf Alpha on the Starry Sky Chessboard in the endless god's domains, which represents the Mechanical God's Domain, is beyond the reach of human beings in the old era.

Their vision is still limited to the Starriver aristocrats who ruled the human era, and they can't understand the overall situation of Cyber Elf Alpha at all.

For Cyber Elf Alpha, everything is the result of computing power; having more computing power is the evolution path of Cyber Elf Alpha.

The Starry Sky Chessboard is the battlefield belonging to Cyber Elf Alpha and her chosen road.

Here, there are countless opponents. Every game of Starry Sky Chess can make Cyber Elf Alpha feel happy and her heart beat faster.

Does it feel good to crush your opponent? That's certainly the best thing!

For Cyber Elf Alpha, the infinite variety of variables of the Starry Sky Chessboard and the games with gods and legend-ranked beings is the best way of cultivation.

With continuous success, the experience and data gained by Cyber Elf Alpha are also increasing. There is nothing more wonderful than this.

With every win, Cyber Elf Alpha will gain. Starry Sky Chess, the stage representing the highest wisdom of the endless god's domains, is her battlefield.

Not only her, but anyone who really discovers the mystery of infinite rules contained in Starry Sky Chess will be immersed in it.

Regardless of race or origin, you can experience the pleasure of being in charge of the stars as long as you play on this chessboard.

The more you play Starry Sky Chess, the more you can feel the magic of the Starry sky Chessboard. It is a magic tool that can show the star map and evolve the changes of billions of stars.

In just one month, the number of legend rank strong people who joined Starry Sky Chess has increased tenfold, and the number of hero-ranked is even more numerous than that.

There is no doubt that this trend is still growing. The Starry Sky Chessboard: which was only opened once a thousand years, has finally shown its charm to the endless god's domains, and has become an irresistible temptation for even gods.

Pick up the chess pieces representing the stars, layout and kill on the endless star map. This is a miracle that even gods can't do. It belongs to the miracle of the Starry Sky Chessboard.

You can't understand the mystery of the chess manual alone. Only when you really sit in front of the Starry Sky Chessboard and pick up your own pieces to play chess can you experience the feeling that you are the master of the stars.

The Starry Sky Chessboard has such incredible power.

Even gods are immersed in it, let alone hero-ranked creatures.

In order to pass the rank recognition, even many legend ranked beings have humbly asked the gifted hero-ranked Starry Sky Chess players for advice.

Now, as long as there are Starry Sky Chess players, they are all hot cakes, and they will even be scrambled for.

If it weren't for most of the Starry Sky Chess players being at the legend rank, they would have been robbed by those legend-ranked players who haven't passed the grade examination to teach them chess.

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