Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 867

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Chapter 867: One Punch

"I just want to take this child to find her lost parents." Yun Xi looked at Red Stone with a headache.

"Yes, Big Brother is the best!"

"I want to be with my big brother!" At this time, the little girl's solidarity was just to add fuel to the fire.

For such a short time, even the words "to be with Big Brother" came out!

Asshole! How dare you cheat on such a cute little girl!

Innocent child, you don't know how dangerous the world is. This guy looks like a good man, but he must have no good intentions.

If he kidnaps you, your life will be over!

"Little sister, come here and I will protect you!"

Red Stone stared at the little girl who hugged Yun Xi's thigh, showed a scared expression, and tried to smile gently.

However, compared to Yun Xi, with Red Stone's height of three meters and red skin, it's smile is too ferocious.

"Whoa, whoa!" The little girl cried and hid behind Yun Xi timidly, not daring to look at the burning giant statue of justice.

"Alas…" Yun Xi saw the angry eyes of the other party, and knew that he was in trouble.

"You made her cry!" Red Stone roared.

"You are the one who scared her to cry." Yun Xi looked at Red Stone in silence.

"If you are a man, just come to fight me for a hundred rounds!" Red Stone, who turned into a giant of justice, raised his fists and collided fiercely.

"Boom!" The hot sparks exploded.

Justice, never absent!

"I will punish you!"

This is one of the reasons why the disciples of the Red Steel Genre always give people a headache. Fighting without saying a word is very common for them.

"Little sister, go there and wait."

"It will be over soon." Yun Xi touched the little girl's head and asked her to leave this place that was about to become a battlefield.

The people nearby ran away in fear when Red Stone appeared as the giant of justice.

The fight between the hero rank strong people is too dangerous for ordinary people!

"Well, come on, big brother, knock down that monster!" The little girl kissed Yun Xi and ran out of the square.

"You bastard, how dare you to let such a small child kiss you!" Seeing this scene, Red Stone's whole body began to burn, with an unknown flame. At this time, he was not fighting alone.


If he doesn't step on this damn face, he will not be Red Stone of the Red Steel Genre, the giant of justice!

"I was entrusted by a young lady…" If Yun Xi was still the bakery owner from the past, he would have surrendered at this point.

Not everyone had the courage to face this tall, red giant of justice. It was a battle force that could crush a country.

However, the current Yun Xi was not the same as the past Yun Xi.

He didn't retreat from the challenge of Red Stone.

Since it doesn't make sense, it can only be communicated via a man's method.

He was a disciple of Casina the Battle God and the owner of the Battle God's Seed. He was instinctively eager to fight.

If people don't offend him, he will not be impolite to them. This is Yun Xi's own benchmark.

When you meet a challenger, beat him until even his mother can't recognize him! Such is the teaching of Casina the Battle God.

In theory, the disciples of the Battle God were more warlike than the disciples of the Red Steel. Yun Xi's passive counterattack was an anomaly.

The other disciples of Casina the Battle God were always the first to start a fight!

"Try your best to fight quickly." If the opponent was someone else, Yun Xi may not be sure.

However, the Red Steel Genre is a martial arts genre that takes the "Hard Body" as its goal.

And the Hard Body is Yun Xi's talent!

Exactly, the giant statue of justice thought so too.

In the face of such a weak man, you don't need to consider any tactics, just crush him!

"Bang!" Red Stone's two fists exchanged blows, his shoulders sank, and his muscles suddenly tightened.

"Boom!" The next second, Red Stone turned into a righteous chariot with burning red flames, rushing towards Yun Xi.

No other skills, Just pure violence!

The disciples of the Red Steel Genre are so violent and capricious.

They believe that power can defeat everything, and cultivate their own bodies to a non-human level. This "Justice Chariot" is one of Red Stone's unique skills.

He has crushed countless hard things for the purpose of practicing this skill.

At first, it was a huge stone taller than himself.

Next, there were hills one after another.

Furthermore, he would even hit the crystal veins that were harder than steel.

There is no upper limit to the power of this Justice Chariot!

As expected, Yun Xi knew what Red Stone was going to do when he saw his start.

As a disciple of Casina the Battle God, he has a deep understanding of the various secret arts of the Red Steel Genre. The cultivation method of the Red Steel Genre is never a secret in the endless god's domains.

However, the cultivation method is too painful. If there is no giant blood in your body, it is almost impossible for ordinary people to complete it. Forced cultivation often results in the collapse of the body.

Not everyone is qualified to practice the Hard Body.

Similarly, once the Hard Body is completed, the strong disciples of the Red Steel Genre will have a truly immortal body, even in lava.

Lava Skin gives them defensive power like dragon scales.

Lava Breathing gives them endless energy.

The Blood of Red Steel endows them with destructive power like a volcanic eruption.

The Red Steel Genre strongmen, who have mastered all three great martial arts, are simply living giants on the battlefield!

However, Yun Xi also mastered these skills!

The ultimate goal of the three secret arts of the Red Steel Genre is to obtain the Hard Body.

Yun Xi's body had long adapted to the Hard Body.

"If you want to fight, I will accompany you!" The Battle God's Seed from Casina the Battle God trembled his body with excitement. Yun Xi took a deep breath, raised his left hand, and clenched his right hand into a fist, posing a pose.

It is the most common "fist" posture, which is taught by all fighting schools.

However, when Yun Xi posed this pose, he looked like a steady mountain.

Standing on the earth, you are the son of mountains!

The battle with Desert Dragon Zaka and the crazy king before has brought the Battle God's Seed of Yun Xi to a new stage.

Yun Xi has always compared himself with his invincible childhood sweetheart Hua Huo, so he never felt how great his growth was.

He used this only because he instinctively felt that it was enough to deal with Red Stone.

Not caring who the enemy is, because he is undoubtedly stronger than them.

He didn't even realize that the giant in front of him had just reached the fifth rank. Even in the entire White Lotus Sword Domain, it could be ranked into the list of the top ten.

After being abused by the Queen of Assyria of the Forgotten Ruins countless times and challenging the invincible original giant dragon with the four Zaka sisters, Yun Xi's battle awareness had already risen to an unimaginable level.

Not everyone has the opportunity to revive in Bonfire countless times, feel the great terror between life and death, and complete the sublimation of their flesh and blood.

Yun Xi, who was seriously short of common sense, had a very simple benchmark for judging the enemy.

Those who he can't win are like his invincible childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo, mysterious twin witches, Casina the Battle God, Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword, and Lilibet, the guardian of the door.

Those who he can win are probably Desert Dragon Zaka, Ice Dragon Zaka, Red Dragon Zaka, and Black Dragon Zaka.

After seeing these strong people, his judgment of the enemy became very different from the common sense of the endless god's domains.

Red Stone is strong, of course.

Even if it's a fighter at the sixth rank, the person is not likely to defeat Red Steel.

Red Stone's Justice Chariot can crush anything even if it is a mountain in front of him.

However, his opponent is not a mountain, but Yun Xi.

With feet on the earth, Yun Xi stepped into the realm that all the Red Steel Genre's disciples had long dreamed of.

In his eyes, there was a burning flame. The Battle God's Seed first expanded and then contracted. In this process, it released tremendous power instantly.

Like a storm blowing across the sea!

Like lightning across the sky!

Like lava erupting from deep underground!

Red Stone had cultivated all three secret marts of the Red Steel Genre, and finally broke through the barrier between the fourth and fifth rank of the hero rank.

But Yun Xi had cultivated the ultimate state of the three secret arts of the Red Steel Genre - the Hard Body!

His breath was more scorching than Red Stone, who incarnated as a giant of justice.

His heartbeat was as strong as a dragon.

When he gathered his strength and stepped out of that step, the whole square suddenly trembled, as if a 50 meter tall giant had stepped here.

One punch!

It's a simple punch, probably even a beginner can give such a punch.

Similarly, there is no limit to its power. The higher the user's physical quality is, the more powerful he will be.

Red Stone's Justice Chariot is recognized as one of the most powerful skills in the Red Steel Genre. It is a move that compresses and explodes the force of life all over the body, and rushes across the enemy in a sweeping manner.

After this move is used, it can even crush a mountain of knives and flames.

Keep moving forward and never turn back. This is Red Stone's Justice Chariot!

Until he met Yun Xi's fist.

Yun Xi's fist seemed to be less than one-tenth of Red Stone's fist.

But with one punch.

Like a storm, like lightning, like the fist of a volcano.

Red Stone could even clearly see the moment when his shoulder collapsed by this fist.

"Ka! Ka!"

The sound of broken bones and muscles.


The sound of the body being knocked off, rolling like a sack.

Red Stone's body, which weighs more than several tons, was blown away by Yun Xi's fist.

He was crushed!

Red Stone, who turned into the giant statue of justice, was crushed!

Yun Xi's fist not only smashed Red Stone's Justice Chariot from the front, but also broke the huge shackles that could resist the attack of God Weapons, and blew Red Stone away.

The terrible fist power effortlessly penetrated the defense of Lava Skin, exploded into Red Stone's flesh and blood, and made him vomit blood and roll instantly.

At this moment, Red Stone even began to doubt the meaning of his life.

Compared with physical pain, what made him crazy was what Yun Xi showed.

That arrogant posture!

That incomparable absolute power!

Under this kind of power, his Justice Chariot is as fragile as a child's toy.

He knows what kind of power it is and what kind of fist it is!

Yun Xi's fists have brought Red Stone a familiar feeling.

That is exactly the realm that all the strong men of the Red Steel Genre pursue!

The Hard Body!

"Bang!" Red Stone fell from a height of hundreds of meters, smashing a big hole about ten meters on the ground. His shoulder collapsed completely, and his whole body was almost out of shape.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!"

However, Red Stone didn't feel upset but instead gave out loud laughter from the bottom of his heart.

"Yes… this is it!"

"The Hard Body is really invincible!"

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