Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 868

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Chapter 868: On a Whim

This giant statue of justice is really hard.

Yun Xi moved his wrist for a while, and it was not too difficult for him to blow the giant statue of justice away. After all, he had fought with Zaka sisters who really had the power of dragons. This fight is just a piece of cake for him.

The Hard Body's power can be used to fight the giant dragon. The reason why he couldn't be invincible in the world of the Dragon War is that he faced too strong opponents.

In actual combat, the Hard Body is powerful enough to make the hero-ranked enemies despair. Even Red Stone can't withstand such a blow.

"Now, can you calm down?" Holding the little girl who ran to his side again, Yun Xi walked to the big pit and looked at Red Stone who was tottering up.

Justice needs strength to support. Without enough strength, it is nothing.

"What kind of giant are you?" Red Stone tore off his broken metal shackles. Even in the battle with Xiao Cao, he was never beaten so badly.

He had even no chance to free the shackles and fight with all his strength. Half of his body was basically destroyed, and ordinary human beings would have died long ago.

The Hard Body's fist damaged not only his shoulders and muscles, but also his nerves and internal organs.

"I don't have the blood of any giant... it's Hard Body." Yun Xi looked at Red Stone, who had rashly attacked him, and hoped that he would exercise his justice after more consideration, otherwise, he would die here sooner or later.

At this time, Yun Xi still didn't realize the persistence of the Red Steel Genre's strong men and their ways of thinking.

"Sure enough... I believe you..."

"The owner of the Hard Body, you are a friend of the Red Steel Genre!" Although he was dying, Red Stone still laughed while vomiting blood.

"Er... you are going to die..." Yun Xi was sure of the power of his fist.

His punch was enough to kill any ordinary person. However, the body structure of the Red Steel Genre's strong men is completely different from that of a human, so Red Stone can withstand Yun Xi's punch.

"Next time, let's fight again... What's your name?" Red Stone, who found that he was still bleeding, looked curiously at Yun Xi in front of him.

What kind of person is this? If you only look at his body size, he will not believe that such a person can cultivate the Hard Body.

Is it a natural gift? That's too enviable. This is the ultimate fantasy of all the disciples of the Red Steel Genre. In order to obtain this talent, the fighters of the Red Steel Genre can do whatever it takes.

A thousand days of hard work under the waterfall.

Running in the sunset with huge tires.

Do not eat or drink on the ice and snow plateau.

In order to cultivate the Hard Body, these lethal cultivation methods are common to the Red Steel Genre's fighters.

The Red Steel Genre would have been destroyed if it had not been for the "Vitality State" skill to save their lives.

"Yun Xi, have a good rest, her parents are here." They already saw the little girl's parents who were looking at them with a worried look.

"Ho... ho... it's really a good fight."

"Yun Xi, I remember your name, and you will be our friend of the Red Steel Genre." Red Stone smiled at Yun Xi's back.

His feet were close together, his body stood like a marble statue, his hands were raised, and then he fall into a state of complete silence.

His whole person had really become a giant statue emitting justice, motionless, just like an artist's masterpiece, and every muscle in his body had a granite-like color.

It is the unique skill of the Red Steel Genre - Vitality State.

In the following days, this giant statue of justice became the landscape of the square, climbed up and down by many curious children, and became the copy object of many art students.

It's hard to find such a vivid giant statue!

"Thank you, thank you so much!"

"We lost our way here and almost collapsed!"

"In fact, we've been here before, but now it's changed so much that we can't recognize it." The little girl's parents held Yun Xi's hand tightly and were about to cry.

"Big brother is very kind to me, thank you for your bread." It could be seen that the little girl's family had a good tutor, and it seemed that they were nobles from the Western God's Domain.

Yun Xi wasn't surprised that they would get lost in this city. In Yun Xi's memory, this city has changed a lot compared to the time when he first arrived here.

Except for the Sword Palace, the whole Sword Palace area attracted aristocratic families and nobles from various Gold's Domains because of the news that the White Lotus Secret Treasure would appear.

The noble families almost bought all the land near the White Lotus Sword Palace, and then began to build.

The later powers, except a few superpowers, bought the real estate at unimaginable prices, and others could only buy the real estate development in a slightly distant area.

Up till now, even the outermost territory of the sword tip area near the edge of the Defense Magic Array had risen to more than 100 times the original price, so the supply still exceeds the demand.

The development and transaction of real estate in the White Lotus Sword Palace region have become the hottest economic growth point in the entire White Lotus Sword Domain.

Take the shop run by the "Knights and Magic" team as an example. In just one month, the price has risen to a thousand times that of its original price when they bought it!

The dessert shop where Yun Xi first dated the Golden Crow Princess has become a building with more than ten floors. The painting style around the White Lotus Sword Palace has changed dramatically.

The castles of the Western God's Domain.

Taoism halls from many different sword domains.

Even Buddhist temples and churches have sprung up, and there is even a growing trend.

The news that the White Lotus Secret Treasure is about to appear is like a stone thrown into the water. The ripples aroused by it rippled to most of the endless god's domains.

After seeing off the family, Yun Xi suddenly had a whim.

"Buddhism..." For the first time, Yun Xi, who was cultivating the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll, had the idea of going to a Buddhist temple to look.

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