Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 866

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Chapter 866: The Colossus of Justice

"Are you sad?" Yun Xi came to the little girl who was wiping her eyes and trying very hard not to cry.

"No... No. I... I just got a little lost..." The little girl was very polite, but the way she hugged the puppet in her arms revealed her uneasiness at the moment.

"Let me accompany you. Are you waiting for someone?" Aware of the little girl's uneasiness, Yun Xi smiled and reached out his hand, and touched her head.

"Ah..." The little girl who was about to cry suddenly relaxed and didn't resist the approach of Yun Xi.

"When you are sad, you should eat something sweet." Yun Xi shook his finger, and then bread and butter formed between his hands.

"Wow!" The little girl's eyes suddenly widened:

"Is this supernatural magic?"

Well, it seems that she is a well educated lady.

"Bread making" is an extraordinary skill that can only be accomplished by a baker at the hero rank. Only the baker can make food out of nothing at the hero rank.

It seems to be just a piece of bread, but making it involves some extremely profound world rules.

Although the principle of equivalent exchange still exists, it is a weaving transformation of the power of the world, so it seems that there is bread-making magic, which is truly extraordinary magic.

The great mages of the Western God's Domain can summon a meteor fire rain, but they can't make bread out of nothing. This is a different field.

"Yes, this is third-ranked bread."

"If you eat it, you won't be hungry." Yun Xi tore off a small piece of bread and butter and offered it to the little lady.

"Thank you, Big Brother." The little girl's eyes sparkled as if she had seen a hero.

Only someone at the hero rank can make bread out of nothing!

"Aren't your relatives here?" Yun Xi quickly glanced around. There were no people in this small square who were anxiously looking for someone.

It seems that the little lady's relatives are not in this area?

"Mom and Dad are gone." Speaking of this, the little girl bit her lips and tried to show a strong expression:

"Big brother, do you know where they are?"

Yun Xi shook his head and stood up.

This action made the little girl nervous.

"I'll help you. Don't worry." Yun Xi comforted the little girl with a sad expression and made her laugh through her tears.

What happened just now?

When Yun Xi gave the bread to the little girl, he felt a very strong murderous intent.

Now, this feeling has not disappeared, and there is a trend of rising ships.

Who is it, watching the child?

Such a strong murderous spirit should not have appeared to this child.

So, it's him?

Is he being watched?

Who is it?

Yun Xi looked around. Ordinary people were everywhere. He was unable to find the person who has the evil intention.

Not the square, but... Yun Xi looked up and saw a giant statue on the roof of the building at the edge of the square.

It's him!

The colossus with the word "justice" emanating from all over his body, leaped into the air directly, and then crashed down like a towering mountain.

"Boom!" The ground shook violently, as if a meteorite had fallen.

"Let go of that girl!" The red giant statue of justice roared, releasing an amazing threat at Yun Xi.

"Er... is that you?" Yun Xi looked at the giant with a height of more than three meters, a body as hard as granite, and huge shackles on his neck and hands.

At the Battle God's Competition, he once witnessed the majesty of this justice colossus. Unexpectedly, he came back to life so soon after dying under Xiao Cao's deadly sword.

"I won't say it a second time, get away from her!" The red giant of justice twisted his neck and stared at Yun Xi murderously.

Red Stone, the strongman of the Red Steel Genre, came on stage again.

"Do you know him?" Yun Xi asked the little girl who was hiding behind him and shivering.

"I don't know... It's terrible..." Normal people will fear when they see this giant statue of justice, a ferocious monster far beyond human imagination.

"It seems that you are ready to continue?" Red Stone stared at Yun Xi.

From the first moment Yun Xi met the little girl, he sensed that some evil atmosphere was wrapped around this human's body.

How can ordinary human beings suddenly take out bread to trick a little girl?

There's definitely a problem!

This is an abduction used against an underage girl!

"What?" Yun Xi had an expression of "I don't know what you are talking about", which was in fact true.

He had just tried to test the affinity he now had, and then gave a bread to the little girl who was separated from her relatives. Next, he was going to help her find her relatives.

Why is this justice colossus so indignant?

"Don't admit it? You should be punished by heaven for your heinous crimes!" Red Stone's eyebrows were burning.

The strong men of the Red Steel Genre, who are brave and vigorous and will never tolerate evil people, are all the embodiment of justice.

They who seek to understand absolute power from the battle of life and death, never fear evil!

"Well, have you misunderstood something?" Yun Xi couldn't help but look at Red Stone with a look of hatred.

"Is there any misunderstanding?"

"From just now on, I found that you are not a good human. What are you going to do with this child?" A series of crackling crispy sounds came from Red Stone's body, which was a sign of the Red Steel Genre secret art.

Lava Skin!

Blood of Red Steel!

Lava Breath!

After the battle of life and death with Xiao Cao, the barrier that had been blocking the further development of Red Stone finally broke. With profound accumulation, he successfully advanced to the fifth level of the hero rank.

Now, he is one of the top ten experts in the whole White Lotus Sword Domain! Even against the master of the White Lotus Sword Domain, he also has the chance to win.

The experts of the Red Steel Genre have always been the model of defeating the strong with the weak. Those who have trained to the extreme are almost the strongest at the same level.

This has also caused their fiery temperament.

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