Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 862

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Chapter 862: Hua Huo

"In this life, I will only love you."

"Even if i turns into ashes, I will come to you, my prince."

"If this is not love, then there will be no love in the world." White Lotus and Yun Xi's fingers crossed, looking at each other.

Perhaps, only when she was drunk to this extent, could she speak her mind without any restriction.

Yun Xi was drunk.

It's clear that he didn't drink even a drop of Hydra's poison wine, but he was still drunk.

He gently opened his lips to say something.

White Lotus was waiting for his answer. Even Red Lotus opened her eyes vaguely and looked at Yun Xi with hot eyes.

Well, he always thought that kind of look was very terrible. It was like he was someone who took away her most important treasure, her sworn enemy.

At this time, a new visitor arrived outside the Heart Asking Cabin.

"Go! Go!" A simple and powerful knock on the door, with a rhythm, which made Yun Xi suddenly cold behind.

It was an extremely bad premonition, just like being caught when derailing.

Yun Xi was really familiar with the rhythm of knocking at the door, because he had heard of it countless times when he was still the baker in the small town.

"The guy who bothers other people's love is really disliked." The expectation in White Lotus's eyes suddenly became helpless.

There is no problem for anyone except this person.

Even if Casina the Battle God came from outside, it would not be more difficult than this person.

"Woo!" Before Yun Xi had time to react, his lips were blocked by White Lotus. It was a kiss from a girl who was unwilling to give up. It was also a kiss that announced that she would never admit defeat.

The smooth tongue constantly demanded everything from Yun Xi. Although its proficiency was not comparable to that of Yun Xi, the affection contained in it made Yun Xi feel soft.

Yun Xi once again tasted the ice cream flavor of White Lotus, and he ate enough at one time.

"One day... Prince, you will understand..."

"We will never give up!"

After kissing Yun Xi forcefully, White Lotus grabbed the mark and used the highest authority of White Lotus Sword Palace to create a hole in the wall of the Heart Asking Cabin, and hid inside with her wobbly sister.

Obviously, she didn't give up.

At this time, it seemed to be aware of something. The knock on the door outside the Heart Asking Cabin became rapid, like the prelude to a storm.

"Here comes..." Yun Xi, a little guilty, put on the six-eyed demon mask again and opened the door.

"Strange... why didn't you open the door?" Not surprisingly, it was Hua Huo, Yun Xi's invincible childhood sweetheart and first love, who was knocking on the door.

"You are..." Yun Xi never thought that his Heart Asking Cabin would let him meet Hua Huo.

Does she also have love troubles?

"The taste... is very similar..." Hua Huo shrugged her nose, and the green hair on her head pointed straight at Yun Xi.

This is the man! If this knife-shaped green hair could speak, it will definitely shout out.

"Why am I so upset?"

"Have we met?" Hua Huo looked at Yun Xi with suspicious eyes. She always felt that this mysterious man had a vague sense of familiarity.

It seems that Yun Xi is somewhat similar to this person when he grows up.

That kind of stable and calm temperament was very similar to her Little Xi's.

"Maybe we once saw each other a long time ago."

"At that time, you were still young." Yun Xi said the true lie without changing his tone.

"Did you really know me in the Western God's Domain?" Hua Huo nodded, which was regarded as approval of Yun Xi's answer.

Although they were all terrible memories, and she didn't like her life there, the sense of familiarity can be explained in this way.

The person in front of her emitting a little inhuman smell. He should be a demon.

However, since he has obtained the permission of White Lotus Sword Palace to operate here, he should not be a man eating monster.

There are also many kinds of demons, and the demons that can make her feel good are rare.

This time, forgive this demon who lives in the human world.

"Your strength is... to listen to human troubles?" Sitting in front of Yun Xi, Hua Huo smelled the residual smell in the air.

It's a very strange fragrance, mixed with strong wine fragrance and female fragrance, and this fragrance gives people a feeling of burning all over the body.

It is a kind of incense that can promote blood circulation. The ingredients even include the legendary elf's golden orchid.

Who in the sword palace is so extravagant and carries this level of sachet? This is a magic medium that can be used to perform some high-level spiritual secrets.

"Yes, but I'm just listening. I can't guarantee any useful suggestions."

"Love... sometimes there is no answer..." Facing Hua Huo, Yun Xi was under tremendous pressure.

Why? He just wants to quietly hide here to cultivate the Paranimita Vasavartin Scroll. How could he be involved in such a terrible scene?!

Fortunately, Hua Huo didn't seem to see through the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll, but the rotating green hair cluster above her head seemed to have found something.

In Yun Xi's memory, this green hair cluster was not so conspicuous before. When did it upgrade?

"Well, can you see why I'm upset?" Hua Huo also broke into the Heart Asking Cabin on a whim, and she couldn't explain why.

It seems that if she didn't break in, something terrible would happen to her in this Heart Asking Cabin.

This was her strong instinct. She scanned Yun Xi with her special search radar -

Well, today's White Lotus Sword Palace is also full of red alerts.

"Since you will come here, are you also worried about love?" Yun Xi asked carefully.

"Yes, I have been worried recently!" Hua Huo sighed.

"Is it true that only when you are hugged by someone you like, can you have complete love?"

The troubles of girls in love are so dreamy.

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