Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 861

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Chapter 861: White Lotus

"Sobbing Sobbing... It's a nightmare..." Red Lotus slumped into Yun Xi's arms, her bra half falling, and her face was impassioned.

Drunken, she looked at Yun Xi with eyes that were so wet that would make people feel excited.

"No. It's a dream... sister..."

"Even if we are cursed like this... we can also love and be loved in our dreams..." White Lotus was also drunk, but her eyes were still full of spirituality.

"Can we... also get happiness?"

"Obviously... I just need White Lotus... nothing else..."

"I have nothing but White Lotus..." Red Lotus shed a lot of tears, showing her weak side in front of Yun Xi for the first time.

"I like my sister... but I also like the world..."

"Even if our destiny is bound, I also want to have wings... to fly..." White Lotus gently hugged her crying sister and smiled at Yun Xi:

"We... are inseparable twins of destiny."

"Whether it's joy, sadness, or curse, all of them we feel the same."

"My prince... prince from the stars, give us wings."

Yun Xi stared at the twins in his arms and seemed to know them for the first time.

It turns out that even the twin witches that Hua Huo admires have their troubles.

Red Lotus gave up everything for her sister. There is almost nothing in her world except White Lotus.

White Lotus knows everything. She also likes her sister, but she doesn't want to be bound by the curse of twins.

She longed for the wings that could fly and the brilliance that could break the shackles.

They are all the same innocent and lovely, but expressed in different ways.

Red Lotus' aggressiveness and White Lotus' wisdom are the weapons they use to fight against fate.

Red Lotus will not trust anyone except White Lotus.

White Lotus chose to trust Yun Xi, the "prince" she chose.

The "prince" of White Lotus is not the son of the king in the world of the Dragon War, but the hope that she brings dawn to the son of her chosen destiny.

"Is this really... OK?" Yun Xi, who knew that White Lotus had seen his true identity, took off his six-eyed demon mask.

In front of her, there is no need to hide any secret, or it is difficult to hide even if you want to.

Wearing the Ring of Stars and Moon, she seems to have a natural ability to see through his disguise.

No matter whether he is disguised as the great sword maid or a demon, she can use her gentle eyes to find his real body.

"I am... obviously very ordinary..."

"You don't know this, but not long ago, I was just an ordinary baker."

White Lotus covered her sister's eyes and smiled gently:

"I know, my prince, Yun Xi."

"It doesn't matter what's your origin, where you come from, or what race you are."

"I believe that you can create miracles because you have the courage to kiss us."

"In the impermanent darkness, only you are willing to approach us and break the darkness of our destiny."

"Haven't you noticed that no one, except you, will look at us with normal eyes?"

"We... are the twins of fate... but also cursed."

"My sister is afraid that I will be hurt... so she tries her best to protect me... from the dark side of the world."

"She's just... too worried about me..."

"So... give up everything."

White Lotus's fingertips gently stroked the drunken Red Lotus's hair and told Yun Xi:

"I like such a sister. She is irreplaceable to me."

"If my sister dies, I can't live. This is our destiny."

"Therefore, I hope that my sister and I will be happy together."

"My sister will also like the person I like. She won't really hate you."

"Her bravado is because she is more self-abased than I am, and she can't believe that someone really likes us like this."

Yun Xi hesitated for a moment, but still couldn't understand.

"Why does she think so? You are so beautiful and lovely!"

White Lotus shook her head and raised her hand that was connected with Red Lotus's hand with a silk thread.

This is the proof of the inseparable fate of twins, and it is also a curse. It is a foreign object that connects the two people at the beginning of their birth.

"We are really different..."

"Our birth was a huge mistake."

"In the history of witches, there have never been monsters like us..."

"My sister and I know this, so we can't open our hearts to anyone."

"Most people are actually afraid of us and can't regard us as human beings."

"Maybe they are not wrong, we may really be inhuman things."

"Therefore, we can have such power. As the price of obtaining power, we are no longer regarded as mortals, but the embodiment of the will of gods."

"As witches, we are the best."

"However, the more excellent a witch is, the less human she is."

Then she paused and her cheeks turned red.

"Only you, the prince, can really tell us how beautiful and lovely we are."

"You have enough courage to contact us, accept us and kiss us."

"Only you like this can be our prince."

"We don't allow a second person to kiss us or touch our bodies."

"The first time and the last time, the witch will only be dedicated to the person she loves, and she will never regret being put into the fire and burnt to ashes."

"This is the last freedom of the witches who give themselves to the gods."

Ah, is that so? Yun Xi remembered the first trial task given to him by the will of the great stars, and he felt that he could not laugh or cry.

It seems that the great stars have already understood the particularity of the twin witches and guided him to kiss them awake.

It turns out that the origin of everything is the task of waking up the princess.

Destiny is indeed a wonderful thing.

"Actually... I'm not as good as you think."

"I escaped from terrible things, and I have powerful enemies that I can never defeat."

"I can't give you any guarantee, because I don't know how long I can live."

"Even so, are you willing to look at me like this?"

This is Yun Xi's answer to White Lotus, and it is also his rare voice to disclose to others.

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