Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 860

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Chapter 860: Drunken Red Lotus

"The world... is so strange..." Yun Xi fell to the ground, looked at the strange ceiling and made a painful sound.

It really hurt, not physically, but mentally.

Drunken Red Lotus's white and soft feet continuously hit Yun Xi's "important part", and White Lotus's seemingly protective but provocative protection, which made that part of Yun Xi constantly expand.

However, Yun Xi couldn't do anything.

Because they are Red Lotus and White Lotus.

They are the owners of the White Lotus Sword Domain and twin witches.

The whole Starwing Knights will be involved if he does anything to them.

Even if it seems like White Lotus always exudes the delicious smell of "I'm delicious".

But Red Lotus is too bad. Now she is drunk, but there will be a storm soon after she wakes up.

I'm really not trying to get you drunk. Why did you become like this after just one drink?

Yun Xi looked at Red Lotus who bit his ear, blushed, and grabbed his chest. Even Pafu ran to his shoulder in fear.

The snow-white feet were intertwined, constantly moving around on Yun Xi's important part. Coupled with the drunken twin sisters' whispering, Yun Xi had to desperately recite the Paranimita Vasavartin Scroll to resist this fatal temptation.

"It's so hot..." Red Lotus, who was getting drunker and drunker, gasped. She put her hands on her chest and opened her bra, revealing half of the white breast.

The skin of the twin witches is white without any flaws, just like being blessed by the gods.

Smooth and warm.

Soft and elastic.

Gently press your fingertips, and they will spring up with force.

Yun Xi knew all this clearly.

Because at the end of the world of the Dragon War, he first made skin contact with them.

The chest of Red Lotus is soft and smooth. It is very comfortable to knead. It is elastic and feels good.

When he attacked Red Lotus, White Lotus would also show an intoxicated expression, just like now.

Those pure and clear eyes were charming and shy, as if they were melting. Let him bully and let him be frivolous.

At the moment, she fell into his arms, closed her charming eyes gently, and her long eyelashes quivered, showing her sweetness and tension.

"You liar... married White Lotus and wanted to marry me... insatiably greedy... there is no remedy..." Drunken Red Lotus seemed unable to distinguish between reality and dream.

Her breathing gradually became rapid. She bit her lower lip, and her body was as soft as water.

"Why don't you die soon?" Red Lotus put her finger on Yun Xi's neck, seemingly wanting to strangle the bastard who had taken advantage of her.

However, she was too weak, and this action made Yun Xi unbearable.

At this time, White Lotus once again gathered in front of Yun Xi with her sister.

"Ah wu..." Red Lotus made a lovely voice.

"The prince... I like..." Compared with her sister, White Lotus was more active and kissed him directly.

No, it's over!

Yun Xi almost instinctively responded, and easily drilled his tongue into the lips of White Lotus. His nimble tongue "plundered" her small mouth everywhere, devouring the sweet body fluid greedily.

The body fluid of White Lotus had a strange cold taste. Yun Xi pursued her unskillful and evasive tongue, licked the tender meat in her mouth, and her soft mouth was tasted by Yun Xi over and over again.

However, the two people's identical faces, without the cover of clothes, always make Yun Xi unable to tell who is who.

After the kiss of White Lotus, Red Lotus started to kiss again. When she bit Yun Xi's tongue, she almost accepted her fate and swallowed the tongue that was stained with her sister's taste into her delicate, tender, and ruddy mouth.

It was Red Lotus. With the tongue of Red Lotus sticking in, a shuddering sensation came all the way to the bone marrow, which made Yun Xi hiss and breathe heavily.

This little mouth... It was small and clamped, warm and smooth, with a strange temperature. After holding the tongue, he started to sip gently and clumsily started to lick. The clumsy, soft, and greasy little tongue was very soft...

Slowly, Yun Xi felt like he was wrapped in fire, and his whole body rejoiced; the feeling made him want to scream out loud in joy.

This is the biggest difference between Red Lotus and White Lotus. The tongue of White Lotus is sweet and ice cold, like the taste of ice cream, while the tongue of Red Lotus is hot and warm, like the taste of cream puffs.

As for why they have such a special constitution, Yun Xi doesn't understand.

As the kiss deepens, Red Lotus's eyes began to blur, and her delicate nose began to breath faster.

"Sister... would you still like to refuse?" No one in the world could understand Red Lotus' feelings at this moment. White Lotus whispered gently in her sister's ear, like a demon who tempted a girl to fall.

"No, no."

"If this goes on... I will become strange..."

"Stop playing with my body and mind..."

Red Lotus's pitiful and lovely voice echoed in the little cabin, which was the girl's last resistance, or crazy temptation.

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