Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 859

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Chapter 859: Drunken Twin Witches

"Hiccup... what are you afraid of... I... how can I get drunk with one cup!" Red Lotus pressed her forehead with her small hand.

Yun Xi could clearly see that big drops of sweat was falling from the snow-white forehead of Red Lotus.

That pretty face turned into a ripe apple.

"This wine is delicious!" Red Lotus felt that there was a flame burning in her belly, and heat was flowing all over her body with the flow of blood.

This wine is really great!

In addition, her eyes at Yun Xi become more pleasant.

Hmm, this guy is not bad, very good, wua ha ha.

"The world... is burning..." Red Lotus's reaction soon spread to White Lotus, who always gave Yun Xi a sense of seeing through everything. She also began to wobble.

It looked like a pair of twins dancing.

"Actually... I am very hard..."

"Those men look at White Lotus with squinting eyes... It's ridiculous!" Red Lotus sat on the ground, took off her shoes and socks for some reason, and looked indignant:

"Obviously, we are all the same. Those men deserve to die!"

White Lotus also took off her shoes and socks, revealing snow-white fragrant feet, and her red cheeks were full of happiness:

"I just need... the prince alone."

"Because my prince is the best in the world."

Ah ah ah, totally drunk! Yun Xi stared at the drunk twin witches.

This scene was beyond his expectation.

The twin witches were turned over by a cup of poisonous wine from Hydera.

"Ah... to be honest, do you have ulterior motives for me and my sister to get us drunk?" Red Lotus shook her head, raised her chest and asked Yun Xi:

"If you touch a finger of White Lotus, I will kill you."

The drunk Red Lotus is still the same Red Lotus.

Yun Xi looked at the "sister-con" tips collected by the six-eyed demon mask.

"Prince, prince... let's dance." White Lotus's hobby was also displayed.

"Prince-con", or the exclusive love for someone. She is really a very single-minded girl.

"Dancing with the twin goddesses... is very, very joyous." White Lotus, drunk and hazy, seemed to imply something.

Even if you are drunk, you still hit the nail on the head. Yun Xi sighed.

I will dance! Yun Xi helplessly reached out his hand and grabbed the small hand of White Lotus.

"Sobbing... I don't want... White Lotus... Don't leave me!" Seeing that White Lotus was about to be embraced by Yun Xi, Red Lotus cried.

Her expression with red eyes was like a little dog being left behind by the owner.

"Then, my sister, come with me." White Lotus took Red Lotus's hand and put it in the other hand of Yun Xi.

Red Lotus and White Lotus are sisters who can never be separated, twins of destiny.

Therefore, they are always together.

So it is in the battle.

So it is in the rest.

So it is when in love.

From the moment when White Lotus chose Yun Xi, the twin witches' fate became entangled with him and could not be separated.

"Hey, hey, hey... Prince... do you like it?" whispered quietly by White Lotus into Yun Xi's ear with a satisfied voice.

"I can't dance, I’ll step on your feet!" said Red Lotus who was still struggling, but the dance steps had begun.

Well, it is true that she would step on Yun Xi's foot and she had stepped on it many, many times. But the soft and delicate fragrant foot doesn't have any deterrent, it is more like a special temptation.

Yun Xi, who has seen "foot fetishism" many times, felt that he is about to awaken his interest in this aspect.

In contrast, the dance steps of White Lotus are light and flexible. No matter how clumsy Yun Xi is, she always perfectly matches the steps of Yun Xi.

"I like the world... I like you... like the sun, like the moon, and like the stars." With an intoxicating murmur, White Lotus took the opportunity to make a bold confession to Yun Xi.

"I won't allow... no, absolutely not!" Red Lotus angrily stepped on the back of Yun Xi's foot, trying to make him lose his balance and fall. But every time Yun Xi was about to fall, White Lotus would reach out and pull him, stopping Red Lotus from plotting.

"My sister... is always afraid... Prince, muster up the courage to embrace her." White Lotus took the initiative to send the confused Red Lotus to Yun Xi.

Yun Xi took the opportunity to hold the stumbling Red Lotus in his arms, and his eyes suddenly became confused.

Strangely, he didn't drink Hydra's poisonous wine. How did he get drunk?

Maybe it's because of the lovely girl in his arms is too intoxicating.

"Let go of me!"

"Who are you?"

"If you don't even tell me your name, you must be a bad man!" Red Lotus struggled, but it was a pity that she was too weak and almost fell into the arms of Yun Xi completely.

"Bang!" Finally, Red Lotus knocked Yun Xi down, not with her feet, but with her body.

"If this goes on... I can't be a gentleman anymore..." Yun Xi felt hopeless, but the Battle God's Seed in his body was full of vitality.

"I bite!" Red Lotus attacked from the left side and bit Yun Xi's ear. Unfortunately, her teeth were soft for some reason, and she couldn't use any strength.

"The prince... you can't escape..." White Lotus smiled and made a gesture of victory. Then, learning from her sister, she gently held Yun Xi's ears.

The twins firmly pressed Yun Xi to the ground from left and right.

The hands of the twins were just pressed together on Yun Xi's chest, like a lock catch, to lock Yun Xi.

"Bang! Bang!" Yun Xi's heartbeat was accelerating. He was overwhelmed by the twin switches and hesitated.

Should I do something?

"Clearly... you are a big liar..."

"Give my White Lotus back!" Red Lotus, in a drunken state, seemed to have been enlightened. She instinctively detected a secret, and her snow-white little foot kicked at an "indescribable part" of Yun Xi, which made Yun Xi shiver all over.

The drunk Red Lotus is truly terrible!

"Sister... you are too drunk..." White Lotus also stretched out her small feet to protect that important part of Yun Xi.

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