Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 863

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Chapter 863: The Trouble of Chidhood Sweetheart

"This... should vary from person to person..." Yun Xi looked at his childhood sweetheart with sweat.

Is she aware of something?

White Lotus and Red Lotus were right beside him now.

"Prince... do you want to hold her in front of us?" It seemed that after listening to Yun Xi's troubles, the voice of White Lotus suddenly appeared in Yun Xi's ears, causing his mouth to twist.

At this time, what kind of expression should I show?

"But what my daughter has done, I can't do myself."

"I have shared the memory of my daughter, that... kind of thing..." Hua Huo blushed, unspeakably cute and moving.

Although she didn't see that the mysterious person in front of her was Yun Xi, she naturally showed her most beautiful side.

The girl in puberty is so full of temptation.

"Well... this trouble... I can't help it..." Yun Xi could hardly look at Hua Huo's face directly.

Did she actually share the memories of four Zakas in the Dragon War world?

In that trial, he and the four Zakas had a lot of shameful memories.

Desert Dragon Zaka's wild swaying waist.

Ice Dragon Zaka's creamy white skin.

Red Dragon Zaka's chest.

Black Dragon Zaka's curiosity.

No, the nosebleed is coming out!

People in the trial can't retain complete memory, only recall some of the most profound parts, but not Yun Xi, he can remember it all.

His skillful kissing and understanding of Zakas' bodies are 100% preserved.

This is also the reason why he had to cultivate the Paranimita Vasavartin Scroll. He could not guarantee that he would keep calm after facing the four Zakas in the real world.

Rather, he could predict that he would certainly fall when facing the temptation of four Zakas.

Without cultivating the Paranimita Vasavartin Scroll, he can't survive it.

In retrospect, they are all part of Hua Huo, so he has no resistance to them. They are just like his natural enemies.

Compared with the reserved Hua Huo, they are just like young brides who are naturally fond of him and let him "eat".

The event of obtaining their hearts was completed as early as in the world of the Dragon War.

Their bodies are so weak, even struggling is pointless. Just thinking of their shyness when they shed white socks, their lovely toenails on their white feet, and their smooth, delicate and tender skin...

Every bend of the snow-white calf, every twist of the slender body, and every whimper of the tender voice, are so soft and tender...

No, I'm delusional again!

After returning from the Dragon War world and bumping into Desert Dragon Zaka in the real world, Yun Xi found that his Battle God's Seed was always ready to move.

It seems as if it has remembered the life breath of Zakas. The Battle God's Seed wants more from them.

Of course, the main source is the girl in front of him.

The original giant dragon, Hua Huo, has a total amount of essence that the four Zakas can't match.

If he did the "same thing" with Hua Huo, he may get a terrorist force far greater than the four Zakas'. Yun Xi has this feeling.

But that is not possible, because Hua Huo's holds the most special position in Yun Xi's heart.

He likes Hua Huo and regards her as his most important person, but because of this, he cannot hurt her so easily.

He likes Hua Huo, and Hua Huo also likes him. Although they are obviously happy with each other, they both have a secret that cannot be told.

Hua Huo knows this, and Yun Xi also knows it. Both sides have a tacit understanding to keep silent.

Yun Xi won't ask where Hua Huo's power comes from.

Hua Huo also kept silent about what the power Yun Xi would awaken when he was 18 years old, and why his recent rapid development of cultivation.

Yun Xi likes everything about Hua Huo, and Hua Huo also likes everything about Yun Xi.

Therefore, both of them are waiting for themselves to become stronger, watching each other and protecting each other's secrets.

This is a special relationship between Hua Huo and Yun Xi, which can't be replaced by anyone.

However, this special tacit understanding has changed due to the appearance of Zakas.

Hua Huo saw the fate branch of falling in love with Yun Xi if she didn't restrain herself.

Yun Xi has tasted in advance the taboos that should not be violated.

Hua Huo was worried and didn't know how to face Yun Xi.

Yun Xi was worried. He didn't know how to deal with Zakas.

The troubles of girls and boys are intertwined, which makes the silent Heart Asking Cabin full of the sour smell of love.

Don't forget that there is White Lotus who just successfully confessed to Yun Xi.

Although Yun Xi didn't give her answer, White Lotus reaped satisfactory results.

The witch whose wisdom rivaled the gods has already seen through the entangled threads within the long river of destiny.

There are the twins, Hua Huo and Yun Xi, and many other girls in the Starwing Knights.

Maybe it's not just love, but a lot of other things as well…

However, the entangled threads of destiny can never be sorted out, which was a good sign for the White Lotus.

Her highness is the red thread that intersects and alters the threads that make up the river of destiny.

"I can't satisfy him... for some reason." Hua Huo clenched her teeth and seemed to have finally made her decision…

"But my daughters should be able to do it."

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