Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 858

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Chapter 858: Their Hobbies

"What kind of wine is this?" Contrary to usual, Red Lotus looked at Yun Xi with desire and even licked her lips involuntarily.

According to Yun Xi's experience in the Heart Asking Cabin for three days, Red Lotus was tempted.

Well, does Red Lotus like drinking?

"It smells very special. It's pure brewing wine."

"What material is used for brewing pure pulp? No, the taste is agar pulp method?"

"Year..." Although not as excited as her sister Red Lotus, White Lotus was also obviously interested in the wine in Yun Xi's wine glass.

Witch is a very ancient rank in some God's Domains, whose duties are sacrifice, winemaking, and ceremonies.

White Lotus knows all the famous wines, but she can't see the details of the green wine in Yun Xi's wine glass.

The brewing method seemed to be the oldest one, but she couldn't see more from it.

The only thing she knows is that this is the highest quality wine, and the materials used are extremely precious.

"You... don't you want to bribe me!"

"The wine must be poisoned!" Red Lotus tried to back away from the good wine in Yun Xi's wine glass, feeling something strange with her intuition.

There's something wrong with this wine.

"Well, it's poisonous wine. People with poor constitutions can't drink it."

With the blessing of Hydera the Water God, he can drink only three cups a day, and he only drinks quietly when no one is around.

It has to be said that Hydera's good wine is just like her body, very tempting.

Every time he drank a cup, he can feel more vitality surging through his body, and this is because most of the wine's power is absorbed by the Battle God's Seed in his body.

It seems that the Battle God's Seed from Casina the Battle God, is sated by Hydera's poisonous wine. The seeds that should have been consumed gradually with Yun Xi's repeated use, actually recovered.

"Poisonous wine, as expected." White Lotus stretched out her snow-white fingers, gently dipping a little Hydera's poison on her finger and placing it on the tip of her tongue.

Just by touching a drop of liquor, White Lotus's snow-white face immediately became a little red.

"This smell is a raw material I don't know."

"Toxic, highly toxic!"

"But it's the best wine!"

Red Lotus swallowed and looked at White Lotus who was tasting the wine with conflicted and expectant eyes.

"The year is... yes..." With her rich wine-tasting knowledge, White Lotus finally knew the brewing date of Hydera's Poison Liquor.

That's really an incredible number. It's unimaginable.

"Over ten thousand years!"

God, a thousand years of brewing wine is almost the limit. If there is no special storage method and environment, no matter how good the wine is, it will solidify.

The good wine of ten thousand years represents the vicissitudes of the times and is a treasure that requires countless human and material resources to store.

Moreover, the age of this poisoned wine is far more than 10000 years, which can be traced back to the era of the gods.

In the age of gods, there had never been a lack of heroic gods and great heroes, all of whom were alcoholics, and even fought for good wine. The wine brewed in that era is also known as the highest masterpiece of the endless god's domains.

This glass of wine is worthy of a palace!

Even legend-ranked existences would go crazy for it.

At this moment, there was such a glass of wine right there. Even White Lotus felt incredible.

Her prince... is he even willing to give them the wine that can even make legend-ranked existences dribbling?

"Over ten thousand years, that's..." Red Lotus could no longer look away from the crystal clear emerald wine glass in Yun Xi's hands.

Even the twin witches have never seen the real wine of gods.

"This smell... this irritation..." White Lotus blushed.

The good wine of gods, as its name suggests, is prepared for the gods.

Twin witches have incredible magical power, but their physique is far from reaching the level of Casina, the Battle God.

Just a drop of liquor makes White Lotus feel a sense of inebriation.

The diluted Hydera's venom contained in the verdant liquor constantly stimulated White Lotus' body. The stimulation was quickly transmitted to the body of Red Lotus through the link between them.

The feeling of twins at this time is also synchronizing.

"What... is this..." Red Lotus's cheeks also slowly turned red, looking at the wine glass in Yun Xi's hands with desire.

It was a look of extreme desire and endurance.

No, I can't. Drinking will lead to trouble!

Red Lotus has two villains fighting in her mind.

It doesn't matter. One cup, just one cup. You can't even get drunk after drinking 100 cups of wine.


No, no, no!

Unconsciously, Red Lotus found herself on the edge of the cliff - that is, Yun Xi's desk.

In the fierce struggle, Yun Xi just put the "last straw on the camel's back".

He put the cup of Hydera's poisoned wine which had been tasted by White Lotus in front of Red Lotus.


Red Lotus couldn't help it anymore.

One cup, just one cup. Nothing will happen.

No matter how strong the wine is, you can drink it in one go!

With such fearless courage, Red Lotus bravely picked up the emerald green wine glass in the drunk eyes of White Lotus, and drank the wine in one gulp.

Look, there's nothing to be afraid of. I won!

Red Lotus licked the green liquor still left on her lips, with a proud expression of "I am the winner".

"Sister... you're drinking too fast..." White Lotus wanted to stop her sister, but it was too late.

The wine can't be drunk like this!

Something very bad will happen if you drink it like this!

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