Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 857

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Chapter 857: The Visiting Twin Witches

"Damn, how is it them?" Yun Xi's heart thumped when he saw that extremely special pair of figures.

He took advantage of the special permission he got from Casina the Battle God to build the Heart Asking Cabin in White Lotus Sword Palace. He thought it was a secret.

As a result, the "secret" that girls know can no longer be a secret.

It's like secretly planting fruit trees in someone else's garden, and the owner of the garden comes to visit. Yun Xi felt a little guilty.

Yes, there won't be any problem, will there?

Yun Xi pressed the six-eyed demon mask on his face, which is a magic mask from the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll. It can completely change his temperament, and he now appears as a male.

No one will connect him with "Mei". Most of the Stars Knights have come to the Heart Asking Cabin to talk to him, and no one has found the truth behind the Six Eye Demon Mask.

It's OK. At least Red Lotus will never find out.

The problem is, White Lotus... Yun Xi has never seen through this mysterious witch.

Unlike her sister, who is impulsive, belligerent and very easy to understand, White Lotus always has a slight smile on her mouth, which gives people an ethereal feeling.

When she appears in front of people, most of the time she gives a trustworthy sense of stability. She is the brain of the twins.

Only in front of Yun Xi, she will appear sweet and lovely, like a child who knows nothing about the world.

Every time he meets White Lotus, Yun Xi feels that his shallow wisdom has been seen through.

White Lotus' wisdom can be described as "the wisdom similar to that of gods".

She has the highest spirituality in Yun Xi's cognition, and at the same time, she has the observation power that ordinary people can't imagine. She can always reach out to help Yun Xi when he needs it most.

"Hey! Liar, tell me honestly how much you cheated here!" Red Lotus glared at Yun Xi, who was wearing the six-eyed demon mask. It looked like she was going to fight if he didn't agree.

"Er... I don't charge here." Yun Xi looked at White Lotus who put on with a smile on her face after coming in.

Did she see anything?

Is there a flaw?

After revealing the seed connection with the Twin Witches, Yun Xi can feel the Red Lotus in front of him like a burning flame.

In contrast, White Lotus is like a deep sea, containing everything.

Water and fire are two extremes, but they fit together perfectly in the twin witches.

"No charge?" Red Lotus suddenly didn't know what to say.

It doesn't make sense. Did you come to White Lotus Sword Palace to open a small house and do charity for free?

Wait, there must be a conspiracy, a big conspiracy!

Is it to cheat ignorant girls and do bad things to them?

"There's definitely a problem!" Red Lotus beat the table excitedly and almost drew her sword at Yun Xi, saying:

"I will do justice for heaven!"

Or - "I will punish you for the sake of the moon!"

"To be honest, do you mean to be unfaithful to our students in the Sword Palace?"

"Have you done anything to them?"

The more you thought about it, the more angry Red Lotus became, and she had determined that the mysterious person in front of her was the enemy.

This was from her intuition, so when she saw the guy in front of her, she felt angry.

"Sister, don't be too anxious. I believe this guest will not do such things." As always, White Lotus came out to support Yun Xi at the right time, with a smile of expectation:

"Is it, Mr. Mystery Man?"

"We are the witches of White Lotus Sword Palace. Won't you entertain us?"

"I wonder if there is any delicious bread."

She must know!

A cold sweat fell behind Yun Xi.

The first time she met him, she could recognize him in the real world just by the clues in her dreams. At that time, he was an ordinary baker!

"Bread..." Red Lotus's expression suddenly became gloomy because she had a strange dream a few days ago.

In her dream, she ate a lot of delicious bread, and was done a lot of shameful things by a man.

Although she forgot most of it when she woke up, the smell and familiar taste of bread in her mouth could not dissipate for a long time.

This dream was really strange!

What prince? What drama to save the world? What was this?!

Since having the dream of becoming a sleeping princess in the forest with White Lotus, everything has become abnormal.

Damn prince, if I see you in the real world, I will kill you ten thousand times!

"No bread!" Yun Xi shook his head. After thinking for a while, he finally found something to entertain the twin witches.

This is a treasure that even his teacher, Casina the Battle God, would covet. It is a treasure from Hydera, the Water God.

Mortals are absolutely not allowed to drink, even a drop will corrode their flesh and blood, but the twin witches in front are obviously qualified to drink this.

Think of it as the room fee paid to them. After all, he really rented this place. He also used the authority of Casina, the Battle God, to integrate this place into the White Lotus Sword Palace's guard system.

"Would you like a drink?" Yun Xi took out the wine glass of Hydra.

The real name is Hydera's wine warehouse, which is in the form of a wine cup. It stores the divine wine brewed by Hydera the Water God from ancient times to the present.

With Yun Xi's current constitution, he can drink up to three glasses a day, and the number of times he can use the glass is just at the limit his body can bear.

My lovely bride, are you satisfied with this gift? Although the wine is good, you can't drink too much - Hydera the Water God.

"Eh, this smell..." Red Lotus shrugged her nose and smelled the extraordinary green liquid in Yun Xi's wine glass.

"This is..."

White Lotus also opened his eyes wide and looked at Yun Xi who took out Hydera's Poison Wine with surprise.

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