Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 856

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Chapter 856: Special Guests

That night, with a shy expression, Xiao Ye opened her mind and showed her enlarged chest to other girls of the Starwing Knights.

"Xiao Ye, you finally said it!" Xiao Mi hugged her good friend and rubbed her chest with great strength.

"Hmm. Hmm." Ling Ling was like a little dog. She smelt and gave a very high evaluation:

"Yes, good breasts!"

"Great, it seems that we still have hope." Although this is a special case, Mei Lan was very pleased to see the rapid growth of Xiao Ye's chest.

"Really, why should we hide such a good thing? It's great."

"I'm so envious, Xiao Ye. Did you eat something good?"

"Yes, hurry up! Tell the truth and hand in the latest recipe!"

"Wuwuwuwu, why can't I meet such a good thing?"

Yun Xi smiled and looked at the noisy Starwings Knights. As he imagined, even if Xiao Ye told her secret, she was not rejected by her companions.

There is envy and jealousy, but they will not regard Xiao Ye as an alien at all, but really feel happy for her.

"Thank you... Thank you all..."

"I... my diet is... milk in the morning... banana milk at noon... papaya milk at night..." Xiao Ye was like a petted animal, showing a happy and coquettish expression, and revealing her breast enhancement package.

Well, this diet is not strange at all. It is a diet that is very popular in the Starwings Knights recently.

Originated from the dessert set meal of a secretary of the Starwing Knights.

Yes, that is the one who is staying with Xiao Ye at the moment, Ling Ling.

"What the master said... is really true..." Looking at the friends around her, Xiao Ye was intoxicated with a sense of happiness.

Yun Xi felt that the six-eyed demon mask in his arms also exuded a satisfying atmosphere. It seemed that it had gained a lot from the girls of the Starwing Knights.

The Heart Asking Cabin has only opened for two days, and Yun Xi has received dozens of young girls.

Among them, about 10% of them are "hair fetishists".

In addition, there are 15% of girls are "maid fetishists".

"Lesbian fetishists" are up to 20 percent.

The largest "breast fetishism" exceeded 30%.

In addition to these main fetishisms, there are also strange fetishisms such as "foot fetishism", "princess fetishism", "unrequited love", "I just want to be trampled on by a big sister", etc.

If he had not listened to the girls' descriptions, Yun Xi would never have imagined that the talented girls in the White Lotus Sword Palace would have so many complex sexual habits.

Yun Xi felt deeply inadequate for his shallowness, and at the same time, he became more aware of the strength of the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll.

In only two days or so, he had collected about one tenth of the emotional power needed to use the six eyed demon mask.

The Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll is indeed the Buddhist cultivation method recommended by Linga, the Secret Treasure of White Lotus. It is really easy to use!

At this rate, he should be able to complete the introductory chapter of the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll this month, and successfully use this six eyed demon mask.

Yun Xi also expressed his curiosity about what kind of demon this six-eyed mask would show.


While Yun Xi worked hard to cultivate the Paranimita Vasavartin Scroll, the news about Heart Asking Cabin finally began to spread in the White Lotus Sword Palace.

Almost all the girls in the White Lotus Sword Palace knew about this little secret.

Finally, the news reached the real owner of White Lotus Sword Palace.

In the Witch Palace, in front of the altar of the Twin Witches, White Lotus, wearing the Ring of Stars and the Moon, was beating the golden balance in front of her, discussing the secret of the so-called Heart Asking Cabin with her sister Red Lotus.

"The mysterious person who can see through the hearts of others. When did we have that kind of outsider in the White Lotus Sword Palace?"

Red Lotus seemed puzzled. As the highest witch in White Lotus Sword Palace, she had never heard of such a person here.

"The identification number is... is this?" White Lotus looked at the special sign of the Heart Asking Cabin displayed by the Guard Boundary of White Lotus Sword Palace, and a mysterious smile appeared on her lips.

The cabin was recognized by the White Lotus Sword Palace, and naturally integrated into the whole White Lotus Sword Palace's guard system, even ranking in the top five of system priority.

She knew what this meant.

In the White Lotus Sword Palace, there is only one person who can do this. Not the current White Lotus Sword Master. His standing was much lower than the Heart Asking Cabin in the White Lotus Sword Palace.

The Heart Asking Cabin has the highest authority, while the White Lotus Sword Master has only secondary authority.

In this way, the identity of the owner of the Heart Asking Cabin is almost clear.

There is only one person with the highest authority in the White Lotus Sword Palace, except them. That is a special authority obtained from the "Sky Sword".

"It's a very honored guest, sister. I heard that his suggestions on love are very effective. Shall we go and see him?" After knowing who the owner of the Heart Asking Cabin was, White Lotus couldn't wait to see him.

"I... I'm not interested in love or anything!"

"As long as you are in White Lotus, I don't need any love!" Red Lotus's face suddenly turned red and protested fiercely.

Unfortunately, just like countless protests in the past, Red Lotus, who dotes on her sister endlessly, would pick stars in the sky if White Lotus asked.

So on the third day of the opening of the Heart Asking Cabin, Yun Xi met a pair of special guests.

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