Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 853

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Chapter 853: No Way!

"Chest fetish."

This is the sentiment fragment Yun Xi obtained from Mei Lan and Ling Ling. It seems that both of them have some unusual obsession with the chest.

Moreover, this is not an exception.

Next, Yun Xi talked to more than a dozen girls from the Starwins Knights, almost without exception, with similar symptoms.

This is the first time Yun Xi found that the strange custom of class division by chest appeared unconsciously in the Starwins Knights.

Even this ranking is more authoritative than the strength ranking.

Because the battle power ranking of the Stars Knights will always change except for the top five, but the ranking of the chest will remain unchanged.

Most of the noble girls have "amazing" chest circumference, they are only worried about the shape and stiffness of the chest.

The civilian girls are extremely distressed by their small breasts, eager for larger and more beautiful breasts.

Why do you have the same worries? Are there no other worries?

Yun Xi listened to the girls' troubles and was embarrassed to look at the Starwins Knights who were obsessed with breasts.

At the same time, the unformed demon posture in Yun Xi's mind began to respond to the feelings he had absorbed, and her chest gradually expanded.

Demons are born in response to hundreds of millions of desires in the world. Every person who opens the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll will encounter different demons.

Well, there is no doubt that Yun Xi's demon started to become strange.

Lilibet the Azure Excalibur is cold and mysterious.

The Starwing Knight girls desire big breasts.

All kinds of information are mixed together and refined.

Yun Xi knew nothing about this.

When the sun went down, Yun Xi put a sign saying, "Pause Reception", on the cabin, left from the back door, and returned to the room where the big white ball was located.

Taking off the six-eyed demon mask hanging on his face, Yun Xi breathed a sigh of relief.

"..." As always, the big, white light ball was suspended in the center of the Secret Treasure room, pretended to be a cloud, and turned a blind eye to Yun Xi.

"It's really difficult to cultivate the demons." Yun Xi checked the mask and sighed.

The big white ball suddenly flickered. What is this human saying?

Has he really cultivated the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll?

Moreover, he really started to shape the demons!

There is no reason. This is the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll. Before opening it, even Buddhist cultivators have to recite sutras thousands of times to pray for Buddha's blessing.

How can mortals cultivate such a thing?

It will attract disasters from foreign demons. Just getting started requires great wisdom and perseverance. You can't just wear a mask to simulate the scent of demons.

If you want to see the demons, you must be close to them yourself.

What kind of evil ways did the boy throw himself to? How could he collect so much emotional power from his mortal body and opened the door to the demons?

"Black hair fetish."

"Lesbian fetish."

"Chest fetish."

"Foot fetish."

Yun Xi counted the emotional power collected by the six-eyed demon mask. The more he saw it, the more bewitched he became.

Before wearing this mask to disguise himself as a demon, he didn't know that the girls had so many kinds of troubles!

What should I do with the girls of the Starwins Knights, who are especially suffering from the same "disease" collectively?

The big white light ball fluttered to Yun Xi's side and froze at the moment when it saw the patterns on the six-eyed demon mask.

Here! Here! How can this be possible!

Is this guy a reincarnation of a demon? How could he have collected so much emotional power in less than half a day?

In order to make this originally blank, six-eyed mask produce patterns, it will take at least dozens of unforgettable love relationships!

Even those great cultivators and saints can't gather such a huge amount of emotional power in such a short time!

These young girls' emotional power is the source of the supreme demons.

Did this boy use a cheat?!

"The speed of cultivation is too slow." Yun Xi looked at the six-eyed demon mask whose patterns only occupied a small part, and began to wonder if he would skip class and set up a stall outside the White Lotus Sword Palace.

Is this slow? If the monks who were troubled by this heard your words, they would cry!

Isn't a normal cultivation program supposed to look for the lovers who are troubled by love, and help them to get rid of it?

What is the speed of collecting emotions? How do you cultivate?

Why could you collect the power of feelings and thoughts so easily?

"Well, it has been decided. The number of girls suffering from love in the Sword Palace is limited after all."

"I go outside and set up a stall."

"In this case, I should be able to quickly collect the materials used to summon the demons." Yun Xi made a very serious plan.

Due to the imminent danger of Zakas, cultivating the Paranimita Vasavartin Scroll has become the top priority.

The teenager who was worried about the love with the four Zaka sisters didn't realize what a "wonderful" thing he was doing.

Ah, let us bless this brave Starchild.

"This guy cheated!" Seeing Yun Xi take the mask into his arms, the white light ball sent out an angry and hysterical protest.

No way! It can't be possible!

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