Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 852

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Chapter 852: Their Secret

"In this world, there are many mysteries."

Yun Xi doesn't know why Hua Huo can be so strong. No matter what opponents she faces, Hua Huo never shows timidity and anxiety.

This is true even when she was in contact with Casina the Battle God, Lilibet the Sky Sword, and Shaya Longnis.

In the inner world of Hydera the Water God, she even dares to kill the legendary fantasy creature Ouroboros.

If Ouroboros didn't hide beside the Casina the Battle God, she might be really beaten up.

The latest Dragon War Trial has refreshed Yun Xi's understanding of his childhood sweetheart again.

She actually created the Zaka sisters that only exist in dreams.

If someone said that Hua Huo was the original dragon, Yun Xi would believe it.

"Abyss, or nightmares, or…" Compared with Yun Xi, Xia Ling obviously understands the concept of "non human" better. After all, she is the princess of the Great Xia Sword Domain.

Even if she loses to Hua Huo, she is still a genius among the talents. Countless peers are covered by her brilliance.

"No matter who she is, she is the opponent I need to catch up with."

"If I wasn't able to face her, I won't be the real Sky Sword."

Like a young bird who experienced the storm attack and once again spread its wings, Xia Ling's eyes have become more determined than before.

The frustration of being defeated by a peer.

The confusion of losing the way of going forward.

And the new dawn that finally broke out of the shell when facing her self in this cabin.

In her eyes, there was no confusion. Instead, she had some kind of belief after rebirth.

Well, that's good. It's really inspirational!

Yun Xi almost forgot that he was now shaping the demons.

However, the next second, Yun Xi found that things seemed to be going in a strange direction.

Remember the prerequisites of seeing this Heart Asking Cabin and paying attention to it?

This is the place that only girls who suffer from love will find, the nest where the demons are bred.

Apart from the demons themselves, there is no opposite sex, just like the secret garden of girls.

Therefore, Xia Ling will naturally have troubles.

Yun Xi did let her solve the problem of "wall", but also planted seeds.

At this moment, the seeds begin to sprout.

When the prince of the Great Xia turned around and left Yun Xi's Heart Asking cabinet, and then Yun Xi's six-eyed demon mask prompted that it collected the martial "Lesbian con", Yun Xi's chin was about to drop.

Did this princess from the Great Xia have any special feelings toward Hua Huo because she was defeated by Hua Huo?

Why is this result? Isn't she supposed to cultivate hard from now on and have a sunny ending?

Why does the mask collect the material "Lesbian"?

Before Yun Xi recovered from this, another new victim came to visit. This time, they were his acquaintances.

Ling Ling and Mei Lan.

Ling Ling touched the words on the door curiously, while Mei Lan was holding a lot of documents with a depressed expression, apparently pulled over here by Ling Ling.

"Ah ah, it's so interesting here! Let's go in together, Lan Lan!"

"How many times have I said? Don't call me by that name. I'm not Lan Lan!"

"It will be bad if these documents are not given to the leader. I have no time to accompany you to such a suspicious place!"

"It's not suspicious at all. It feels good here!" Ling Ling's intuition was as good as ever, and she used her big chest to knock open the door of the cabin.

With familiar dialogue and familiar helplessness, today the two girls were as energetic as ever.

"Welcome, do you have any worries…" Yun Xi took a deep breath. After Ling Ling came in, he always felt that the painting style of the Heart Asking Cabin was wrong.

Does this silly and sweet girl also have trouble in love?

"Yes, yes, yes!" Ling Ling raised her hand high and said her troubles shyly:

"Recently, I always feel that my breasts are not enough. Is there any way to increase them?"

"…" Yun Xi was silent.

"…" Mei Lan pressed her forehead.

"I have tried to drink papaya milk in the morning, snow shellfish stewed milk at noon, and honey milk at night, but I always think it is not enough. Is there any secret recipe that can continue to increase the size of my chest?" Ling Ling, with a naive expression, asked Yun Xi.

That cute face, with a big chest, is really a crime.

Yun Xi felt that the demon he incarnated was about to lose control.

"Well… I also want to know this question." Maybe she was infected by Ling Ling, Mei Lan also asked the same question:

"Is there any way to quickly grow your chest?"

"I heard that some witches can make magic drugs that can quickly develop their breasts."

Well, well, although they are asking the same question, at least Mei Lan has more common sense.

Is there a secret method of breast enhancement? Yun Xi searched the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll and found that there was no similar record on it.

Probably, the cultivators who cultivated the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll had no need for this.

Maybe Yun Xi will get the corresponding knowledge from the demon after summoning it, but not now.

"You will grow again."

"Believe in yourself."

It's not that Yun Xi is lying.

Thanks to adequate nutrition and exercise, the girls of the Starwings Knights are developing well recently.

One of them, even under the guidance of Yun Xi's seed, awakened the talent belonging to Witches and had to shyly tie her chest with bandages to avoid being regarded as a "traitor" by her friends.

However, unfortunately, Mei Lan's growth is not high. Maybe she has no hope of reaching the same "size" as Ling Ling in her life.

However, being small also has an advantage of being small. Yun Xi doesn't discriminate against girls with small breasts.

As for why the girls of the Stars Knights care so much about their breasts, Yun Xi didn't think that he should know the truth.

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