Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 851

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Chapter 851: The Princess's Troubles


"I'm strong, everyone says I'm strong." Xia Ling's voice gradually became trembling.

In front of Yun Xi's mask-covered face, the arrogant princess finally opened her heart and said what she had never told anyone.

"But now there is a wall in front of me. I can't even think of any way to climb over it."

"I have never had such despair and fear in my life."

"Well, tell me, what should I do?"

"This has become my internal demon. If I don't overcome it, my life will end here."

"I can't stop here if I want to be a Sky Sword."

"No matter what you are, tell me what I should do to climb over this wall!"

"As long as I can surpass her, I can pay any price!"

Eh, did she notice?

Yun Xi found that the princess from the Great Xia was indeed one of the most outstanding geniuses in the White Lotus Sword Palace, and unexpectedly discovered the strangeness of this Heart Asking cabin.

However, even so, she could not get rid of her own desires, so she confided her heart feeling to a stranger.

Her problem can't be solved by just listening to her situation, because she can't solve the problem herself.

Of course, Yun Xi can't solve the problem too. He can't do anything to surpass his invincible childhood sweetheart.

The power of Hua Huo is that the more you understand it, the more horrible it will be.

This princess from the Great Xia has only been in contact with Hua Huo once, and he has been defeated by Hua Huo countless times.

There are many problems in the world, which are unsolvable.

"You want to surpass her?" The six eyes mask Yun Xi wore radiated strange light.

The degree of annoyance of Xia Ling is stronger and hotter than that of Ziyuan just now.

If the power of desire can be absorbed, the demons will get better nourishment.

So, he must do it.

Fortunately, he has a clue about this problem. After all, it is about his first love and childhood sweetheart.

"Yes, if I can't surpass her and become the strongest, I can't have a new future!" Xia Ling looked up at Yun Xi, her eyes full of desire.

"So, do you want to surpass Casina the Battle God?"

"Or, do you want to surpass Aeonia the super god?"

"Do you want to suppress Yasha the dragon god?"

"Do you want to defeat the West Queen of Kunlun God's Domain?"

Yun Xi smiled and asked Xia Ling.

"Well… I think…"

"Yes, I want to become stronger!" Xia Ling's eyes gradually became hot, and there was a burning flame inside.

Well, this is the answer, or hint, given by Yun Xi.

Because he has four super strong ex girlfriends, he has never stopped yearning for becoming stronger.

Therefore, he was particularly able to understand Xia Ling's hesitation.

There is Hua Huo as the benchmark and the twin witches as the reference. He is not proud of the little achievement he has done at all.

However, did Yun Xi lose his confidence?

The answer, of course, is no.

One of the greatest advantages of Yun Xi is that he can master his position and plan his life at any time.

When he was a mortal, his future was to marry a childhood sweetheart and spend his life in a small town.

After awakening the fate of being the Starchild, his goal became to escape from the pursuit of his four ex girlfriends and live well.

No matter which life, it is Yun Xi's choice.

With only "choice", Yun Xi is free and unfettered.

It's just a lie that everyone is born equal, but at least choose your own life.

This is what Yun Xi, who is optimistic by nature, reminds Xia Ling. There is no end to becoming stronger. The wall you see now is actually a part of your life.

It is your choice whether to cross this wall or stay in front of it.

If you look at it from a higher level, the wall in front of you may no longer be as insurmountable as you imagined.

"I see…"

"I am… trapped…"

"Too narrow minded to see the wider world."

"Ha ha… It's so… I was troubled by such problems!" Xia Ling wiped away her tears and held the Double Dragon Sword behind her again. Her eyes became bright and vivid.

"Thank you. I see."

"I'm still too weak."

"I have to be stronger."

"Wherever I fall, and no matter how many times I lose, I should still move on as long as I live."

"If I can't overcome this difficulty, how can I possibly become a Sky Sword!"

Does she take the Sky Sword as the goal? Yun Xi knows where Xia Ling's persistence is.

If it is her, maybe she really has the opportunity to become a Sky Sword. Yun Xi can feel the passion from the Double Dragon Sword on her back.

She is really a genius who can give up everything for the sake of the sword. She can't see anything except the sword in her eyes.

The Sky Sword God's Domain, just because of one such sword genius after another, can give birth to so many Sky Swords.

The strong will of countless swordsmen has even distorted the shape of God's Domain, giving birth to sword-shaped domains that are different from all other God's Domains.

The Great Xia is the highest Sword Domain.

Zhou, Han and Tang are the three secondary Sword Domains.

Tianhe, Ghost, Buluo, Longyuan, Xuanyuan and many others are middle and lower Sword Domains.

The most ancient Sky Sword is Lilibet.

Shaya Longnis is the most bizarre Sky Sword.

Casina the Battle God, the Sky Sword of the sand of time.

Yun Hai the Sky Sword is one of the God-slayer Sky Swords.

Looking at Xia Ling, Yun Xi seemed to be able to see the epitome of the whole Sky Sword God's Domain.

She is indeed qualified to be a Sky Sword.

But what she met was Hua Huo, which hit her self-confidence.

"Thank you. I feel much better."

"Just, Hua Huo is still a big problem."

"Can you tell me why she is so strong?"

"In terms of age, it is impossible for human beings to reach this level at this age." After solving her problem, Xia Ling's expression became more cheerful.

In essence, she is a very simple girl.

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