Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 850

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Chapter 850: Princess of the Great Xia

Cough, Miss Ziyuan, your sexuality is very dangerous!

Yun Xi looked at Ziyuan with pitiful eyes and shrugged his shoulders.

If he is a cultivator, there is a conventional method to deal with this situation.

Some cultivators will use their great wisdom to guide Ziyuan to break her heart barrier.

Some cultivators will recite the Sutra 3600 times to move Ziyuan.

Some cultivators will use their fists to "teach Mei a lesson" and let Ziyuan give up her idea.

Well, Yun Xi is not a cultivator, so he won't do that.

All he could do was not do anything.

In other words, what he did was "Listen".

It is enough for him to cultivate the Paranimita Vasavartin Scroll with this Heart Asking cabin.

"So, do you understand?" Yun Xi didn't know what to make the other party understand. Anyway, just pretend that he was doing things.

"Well, I see, thank you!" Ziyuan's eyes sparkled, as if it had opened the door to a new world.

Sometimes, there is only a piece of paper between the normal world and the dangerous world.

Yun Xi just listened to Ziyuan's troubles and stared at her, which made her understand what she really wanted in her heart.

Bravely break the secular prejudice, face your own inner desire, and truly realize your unknown side.

This is one of the abilities of "Demons." Demons are born in response to hundreds of millions of desires and they naturally have the ability to infect people.

This kind of power could even make those ascetic cultivators fall, not to mention young girls.

Of course, those cultivators can't complain if they can't defeat the demons. They looked for it themselves.

Therefore, opening the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll will be regarded as a disaster, because facing the demons requires endless wisdom and confidence.

"I see. I need this kind of long black hair."

"I won't be lost anymore!" Biting her hair, Ziyuan, a genius girl from the Ghost Sword Domain, left the cabine without hesitation.

The answer she asked for has appeared.

Yun Xi also successfully harvested the first material for casting the demon mask.

"Like black long hair…" Yun Xi looked at the material collected from Ziyuan, and had a bad premonition.

Soon, the second guest of the Heart Asking Cabin also came.

With a black ponytail and interlaced swords on her back, this was a girl whose eyes were full of confusion.

Yun Xi knows her. She is a princess from the Great Xia. Before Hua Huo came to the White Lotus Sword Palace, she was recognized as the chief of the White Lotus Sword Palace.

"Why is there such a monster in this world?" Princess Xia Ling, sitting in front of Yun Xi, was full of troubles and confusion.

"Monsters?" Yun Xi more or less guessed what the princess' trouble was. After all, that trouble was one of his troubles.

"Yes, the real monster."

"To tell you the truth, I consider myself a first-class genius in the world."

"This is not my boast. Since I was a child, I have been the best genius of my age. The total number of talents defeated by me should be as many as a battalion." Xia Ling fell into memories.

Most of the royal children of the Great Xia have experienced strict cultivation since childhood, and they will get the best training from birth.

Measuring talents, selecting weapons, and even the future growth direction has long been arranged. Just show your talents and constantly become stronger, stronger, and stronger, and you can realize all your wishes.

Xia Ling did it. Her strong sword talent made her Elders ecstatic, and she was praised as one of the candidates for the great Xia's national good weapon, the Great Xia's Dragon Sparrow.

From an early age, Xia Ling was not interested in anything except fencing.

When the other princesses were resting, she was cultivating her sword.

When the princes finished the swordsmanship course and played, she was still cultivating swordsmanship.

In the dead of night, she was still cultivating her sword under the moonlight.

In essence, Xia Ling is such a simple person.

There is almost nothing in her world except the sword.

The idol she worships is Yun Hai the Sky Sword, the God Weapon she wants to own is the Great Xia's Dragon Sparrow, and the most important thing she wants is to become a Sky Sword.

The Sky Sword is the fantasy of countless teenagers in the Sky Sword Domain, but few people can really move forward with this goal.

Xia Ling was one of the best among those few people.

For this purpose, she divided her every day very carefully, and even compressed the time for eating, and didn't miss any opportunity to improve.

White Lotus Secret Treasure is one of the roads that she has the most chance to get close to the Sky Sword.

She naturally came to the White Lotus Sword Palace as an international student, and naturally defeated all her rivals and became the well-deserved chief of the White Lotus Sword Palace.

According to her plan, after receiving the favor of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, she will return to the Great Xia Sword Domain and practice hard to impact a higher realm.

Everything in her life is for the sake of becoming a Sky Sword.

However, this life plan has been completely disordered since she met Hua Huo.

The battle with Hua Huo completely broke her life plan and made her wonder whether she could really become a Sky Sword.

It felt like an impassable wall suddenly appeared in front of her. All the difficulties she encountered in the past were not worth mentioning compared with Hua Huo.

This wall is so high that Xia Ling can't even see the top, and she can't even see the hope of turning it over.

How could there be such a monster in this world?

Because she is a genius of the Great Xia Sword Domain, Xia Ling can feel the terror of Hua Huo even more.

Like Yun Xi, the closer you get to Hua Huo, the stronger you can feel her.

Xia Ling, doubting herself for the first time, kept reflecting on her battle with Hua Huo, and her mind was full of the shadow of Hua Huo.

She even stopped when she saw this strange Heart Asking Cabin.

She has things she wants to know and questions she can't answer.

Therefore, she came here to ask her heart, torture her heart, and look for an answer.



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