Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 854

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Chapter 854: Dreams Come True

In the White Lotus Sword Palace, a small circle of girls began to spread a wonderful legend.

It's a legend about a cabin with incredible power.

It is said that this cabin will quietly appear in a corner of the White Lotus Sword Palace, and only girls who are troubled by love can see it.

The name of the cabin is "Heart Asking".

Walking into the cabin, you can meet a mysterious man with a mask.

This mysterious person will listen to your story and give answers.

It is not divination or prophecy, but as long as you can walk into the Heart Asking Cabin and tell your troubles, you will be lucky.

The Heart Asking Cabin is the cabin representing luck.

This legend, which only spreads among girls, is passed down from one girl to another, and soon the secret will no longer be a secret.

The next day, when Yun Xi opened the door, he was shocked to find that there were several young girls waiting outside the cabin.

They even lined up with good manners and came in one after another.

"Hello, Master."

When did I become a master? Yun Xi looked at the girl who was being very respectful to her. She was one of the Starwins Knights. If nothing happens, her problem will also be "breast fetishism".

Eh, no, she... Yun Xi looked at the familiar figure in front of him and felt something was wrong.

It is a very special talent that other members of the Starwing Knights don't realize.

The talent is similar to little witch Rose's.

Her petite figure was undergoing some special changes. There were some troubles between the girl's eyes and eyebrows, but there was also excitement.

It's her. Her name is Xiao Ye, a member of the civilian fiction of the Starwing Knights, and her friend is Xiao Mi. Both of them had contact with him as a prince in the world of the Dragon War.

At that time, he realized that there was a clear gap between her chest and the size of other civilian faction girls of the Starwing Knights.

Now, after experiencing the world of the Dragon War, her development seems to be getting better.

Although most of the girls of the Starwing Knights are still developing, her growth rate is ten times faster than others!

It is like a small seed sprouting. After countless hard efforts, it finally sees the sun and absorbs rain and dew to grow.

"I... I have a secret that I cannot tell you." Xiao Ye, who didn't know that Yun Xi had known everything about her, blushed and looked at Yun Xi's six eyed demon mask:

"I may be ill."

Ah, if you tie up your developing chest like that, you will surely get sick.

"Don't worry, everyone will forgive you." Yun Xi smiled and comforted the nervous Xiao Ye, and then looked at her chest with tender eyes.

"Eh, master, did you know?" In front of Yun Xi, Xiao Ye felt that everything had been seen through.

Sure enough, the legend is true. The mysterious master has the power to listen to people's troubles. As long as you hear the voice of the master, you can have luck.

Girls have a special attachment to "luck", especially girls who are in love, they will do whatever it takes to obtain "luck".

"Keep your head up and don't hide it. Everyone will be happy for you." Knowing the source of Xiao Ye's troubles, Yun Xi's suggestion is to tell the secret.

"But, in this case, I feel like I am betraying everyone."

"I don't know what happened. It seems that my chest started to get bigger overnight."

"Obviously, I didn't use the demon dragon blood." Xiao Ye shyly put her hand into her clothes and untied the bandage that made her chest tight.

"Poof!" The elastic mountain peaks released from the bondage made lovely sounds, and immediately filled up the seemingly ordinary parts.

Among the civilian fiction girls of the Starwing Knights, the size of her chest was too detached.

Sometimes, talent is really important.

This talent of magic source proves that Xiao Ye is very suitable to become a witch, and even has the potential to become a great witch.

After all, the total magic power of a witch is the size of her chest.

"Goo..." Yun Xi's throat shrugged as he looked at the tips that had swelled after she untied the bandage.

He knows the size, but seeing it personally is totally different from the cold data.

Xiao Ye's chest is really developing well.

"I'm afraid that other girls will reject me when they know this secret."

"In the village where I lived, something terrible happened when someone suddenly got a treasure that everyone didn't have."

"Everyone started to envy that person and repel that person. Finally, that person could no longer stay in his village and had to leave the village." Xiao Ye's eyes were dim, as if she remembered something bad.

That person, in fact, is herself. Yun Xi can understand that feeling. This kind of thing often happens in closed and backward areas.

Because the vision is too narrow, because everyone is poor, people can't accept that someone suddenly becomes rich, so they can't regard the rich as the same kind, even if that person was once poor.

However, this kind of thing will not happen in the Starwing Knights.

Because they are connected with Yun Xi by seeds, they are an unusual special group.

Because of this, Xiao Ye can awaken the talent of the witch in her body, which is the most suitable talent for her.

"Believe it, trust the people you trust."

"You value them so much, and they will certainly value you so much."

"You don't need to feel inferior because your chest is getting bigger. It's a beautiful thing, isn't it?"

Xiao Ye looked at Yun Xi with a flushed face and nodded.

"Well, I like the enlarged chest, which is my dream."

Ah, girls' dreams are always picturesque, but why are the dreams of the Starwings Knights girls almost all "breast fetishism"?

Yun Xi looked into the distance with confused eyes.

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