Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 844

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Chapter 844: Deja Vu Whisper

"Why do you look at me like a ghost?" Desert Dragon Zaka looked at Yun Xi with puzzled eyes.

Yun Xi now only felt that he must be still in the trial world.

Otherwise, how could he see Desert Dragon Zaka who simply couldn't appear in the real world?

Aren't the four Zaka sisters the fantasy of the original dragon Hua Huo? Part of her dream.

Then why does the Living Desert Dragon Zaka appear in the White Lotus Sword Palace? Is he still dreaming?

The dragon war world is alreay over!

"Zaka ?" Even though he could feel the temperature of Desert Dragon Zaka's skin, Yun Xi still had a dull expression and couldn't believe it.

Why did Desert Dragon Zaka really exist?

"Well, I'm back." Desert Dragon Zaka took Yun Xi's hand and gently bit his fingers.

This little action is the unique symbol of the intimacy between Desert Dragon Zaka and Yun Xi. Compared with her sisters, Desert Dragon Zaka has a special tenderness.

For the enemy, she is the most ruthless desert storm, while for her lover, she is the most gentle and lovely one.

No matter what posture Yun Xi wants to use, she will be curious and cooperate with him, and enjoy it.

On the wedding night, she also half forced her sister Ice Dragon Zaka, and then played a three person pure love game with Yun Xi.

Wild and impulsive.

Curious and full of action, dare to love and hate, this is Desert Dragon Zaka, the eldest sister of the four Zaka sisters.

However, now her height had only reached Yun Xi's waist and she bit Yun Xi's fingers with a red face.

"Why… are you here…" Yun Xi has begun to be confused about which side is his dream and which side is the reality.

Could it be that he is still dreaming now?

"Well… We woke up our mother with you…" Desert Dragon Zaka recalled the last battle with some embarrassment.

"Yes, we do…" Yun Xi also remembered that in the final battle of the dragon war world, he and the four Zaka sisters worked together to display the ultima Dragon Roar Wave.

At that moment, he could feel the love of the four Zaka sisters for him.

Wild Desert Dragon Zaka, calm Ice Dragon Zaka, enthusiastic Red Dragon Zaka, and silent Black Dragon Zaka.

They all chose him, and even betrayed the powerful original dragon. Without their help, it was impossible to defeat the original dragon.

"After our mother recovered, she left the world and took us away."

"Now, she forgives us and brings us back to life."

For Desert Dragon Zaka, the World of Dragon War was real, and their love with Yun Xi was not false.

The dragon war world is the place where they were born, fell in love, and even died. Every detail there, and every minute and second spent by Yun Xi, are their memories.

The world was destroyed by the war between the original dragon and Yun Xi. They also ended their mission and returned to the embrace of the original dragon who left the world.

This is the fate of Zaka sisters, and they have no regrets about it.

However, they are still a little uneasy about betraying their mother. This is probably the biggest rebellion against the powerful original dragon made by them.

However, just as a mother always unconditionally forgives her rebellious children, the original dragon also forgave the four Zaka sisters bred from her own character.

Therefore, they who should have disappeared were reborn under the power of the original dragon Hua Huo, and in order, Desert Dragon Zaka was the first to be conceived, bearing the responsibility as the eldest sister.

"Hua Huo! She brought you back to life!" Yun Xi was gape mouthed.

He knew that Hua Huo was very strong, but he didn't know that Hua Huo was so strong!

The four Zaka sisters were just a part of her dream. No one will take their dreams seriously when they wake up.

But Hua Huo obviously realized what happened in the dream, directly allowing Zaka sisters, the people who only exist in the dream, to appear in the real world.

What a terrifying force it is?!

Is it true that the original dragon in the dream is not just an illusion in the dream? Hua Huo really has the power of the original dragon!

If it was someone else, Yun Xi would never believe this absurd thing, but if the object was his own childhood sweetheart, Yun Xi had to admit that any miracle and impossibility were possible.

Hua Huo is really the kind of person who can break all rules and trample on all common sense!

"She… forgives you…" Yun Xi's fingertips were shaking.

"My mother is always magnanimous. As long as she is not having nightmares, she is the cutest mother."

Desert Dragon Zaka was enjoying the temperature of Yun Xi comfortably. Although Yun Xi was wearing the Greatsword maid's clothes at the moment, she still smelled the familiar smell of Yun Xi.

It was the taste of the "Negative distance contact between them", intoxicating and fascinating.

"Soon, my sisters will also be resurrected, and then we can be together again."

"As a part of the will of the great mother, we will not actually die as long as our mother is here." The biggest secret was revealed without any intention. Desert Dragon Zaka was as careless as ever.

At the same time, she, who was the most skilled in physical cooperation with Yun Xi, quietly began to "Attack".

Unlike Hua Huo, who was always too timid, Desert Dragon Zaka wanted to get closer to Yun Xi and enjoy skin intimacy with him.

Compared with Hua Huo, she is the princess who has long entered the "Adult stage" with Yun Xi!

This is Desert Dragon Zaka, the unrestrained hot sand princess.

Looking at the small Desert Dragon Zaka in his arms, Yun Xi imagined the scene after Ice Dragon Zaka, Red Dragon Zaka, and Black Dragon Zaka were all resurrected.

No! I will certainly commit a crime at that time!

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