Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 845

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Chapter 845: Shy Hua Huo

The world is full of criminals.

But her eyes can see through all disguises.

Yes, there is only one truth!

Yun Xi, seduced by Desert Dragon Zaka, was about to lose control of himself and was about to become a criminal.

No, I obviously want to be a gentleman! Yun Xi told himself while resisting the attack of Desert Dragon Zaka.

If he obeys his own desires here, it really will be over!

Moreover, for some reason, since just now, Yun Xi could feel some kind of terrifying Qi locking himself in.

"Zaka, have you found little Xi?" From the other side of the garden, the source of Yun Xi's troubles came on stage. He took a cold breath.

Fortunately, fortunately, there is still time to stop. If Hua Huo comes a few minutes later, it will be too late.

"Found him!" Desert Dragon Zaka obediently raised her hand and reported to her great original dragon mother.

After being forgiven by Hua Huo, the dispute between Zaka and their mother automatically ended.

Thanks to the great mother, her mind is broader than the ocean and wider than the sky.

"Hua Huo… This child…" Yun Xi looked at Desert Dragon Zaka in the real world with a tangled face.

Why did what happened in the dream suddenly come to reality?

This is wrong. Isn't the trial world a dreamlike fantasy?

Why does Desert Dragon Zaka in the dream trial run out alive?

"Well, her name is Zaka, and she is a good child." Hua Huo looked at Yun Xi with a blush.

After sharing the memories of the four Zaka sisters, although they were not all complete, the parts of "Skin to skin" were perfectly preserved.

Perhaps, for the four Zaka sisters, this was a treasure that could never be forgotten and had been engraved in their hearts.

Even if the dream was over, and Zaka sisters once disappeared in the dream, but this memory was still saved.

It was the memory of the Zaka sisters that Hua Huo was reluctant to let them be forgotten.

In the dream, she was the ultimate creature named "The original dragon", and this "Original dragon" was born based on her as a template.

Therefore, she used her immature power to breed the Zaka sisters in the real world.

Now, only Desert Dragon Zaka had been born, and the other three Zaka sisters needed some time to hatch.

She realized the feeling as a "Mom" in advance. These Zaka sisters are the crystallization of her love and a part of her.

It gave Hua Huo unparalleled excitement.

Maybe she was addicted.

Because, as the original dragon, she could share her senses with the Zaka sisters.

So she knew what Desert Dragon Zaka did to Yun Xi just now.

That was something she couldn't do by herself.

Now, in front of her, Desert Dragon Zaka was also making small moves.

The little toe was stepping on Yun Xi's body a little bit and rubbing a certain part.

God, how could she do it so skillfully?

In the end, how many things did she not learn in those memories!

Just sharing, it's impossible to understand how happy Zaka sisters and her little Xi were in that dream.

For her, these things that were not taught in textbooks were really beyond her imagination!

"Little Xi, have you had any strange dreams?" After that wonderful night, Hua Huo seemed to grow up a little, and his eyes became more and more sweet looking at Yun Xi.

For Hua Huo, the dragon war world was an incredible country.

She fell in love with little Xi with four different personalities and identities.

Although she also vaguely realized that there seemed to be something wrong. In the dream, she was not only in love with little Xi, but also the enemy.

However, the ultimate victory belonged to the great original dragon.

Just like the prince awakened the Sleeping Princess with a kiss, when the four Zaka sisters and Yun Xi used the ultimate Dragon Roar Wave, the outcome was doomed.

Hua Huo, who woke up, forgave the four Zaka sisters and Yun Xi, and woke up from her dream.

However, the "Childhood sweetheart radar" on the top of her head, for some reason, completely collapsed.

It must be because the stimulation was too big, Hua Huo thought so.

The rivals in the dream doesn't exist in the real world anyway, so now in a particularly good mood, she forgave Yun Xi and brought Desert Dragon Zaka to him, wanting to know Yun Xi's reaction.

"It was a strange dream, the dream of the prince fighting the dragon."

"After many difficulties and dangers, I finally defeated the dragon. It was a childish dream, wasn't it?" Yun Xi looked at Desert Dragon Zaka and Hua Huo with some guilt and said an answer that was not a lie.

Well, it was really just the story of the prince fighting the dragon. It was a very common story that the prince defeated the dragon and saved the world.

"Sure enough… This must be fate…" Hua Huo looked at Yun Xi excitedly and didn't find that the hair clusters on her head were emitting green brilliance.

My mother seems to be a little shy… Desert Dragon Zaka silently observed Hua Huo.

The great, omnipotent original dragon mother seems to have fallen in love with the prince in the new world.

As a Zaka, she had a premonition of this, because they were originally the embodiment of the original dragon's will.

It is natural that the original dragon mother also likes the person they like.

But why is the original dragon mother who gave birth to the four Zaka sisters so pure in this world?!

She is too shy! She probably doesn't even dare to kiss the prince!

My original dragon mother can't be so useless!

You know, even Black Dragon Zaka, the smallest and the most silent of the four Zaka sisters, has completed the achievement of "Skin to skin" with the prince. It's really strange that the original dragon, who gave birth to the four Zaka sisters, is such a lady!

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