Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 843

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Chapter 843: An Impossible Farewell

After the trial, Yun Xi returned to his daily life in sword palace.

In this trial, the harvest was many times more than the previous several times, and it could even be said that it was so much that Yun Xi felt unreal.

The Starwings, the ultimate sword from the future memory of the starry sky.

Defeated the original dragon and obtained a trace of divine seed condensed by a world's belief.

This is not like the reward given by the third trial, and it is not too much to be the reward of the ultimate trial.

Neither the divine seed of the Sun God nor the Starwings were powers he could master at this stage.

In particular, the Starwings, once the magic sword releases its real power, it would become the ultimate power that shock the world.

"Mei'er… Is this sword really OK?" In a corner of the sword palace, Yun Xi summoned the Starwings. Looking at the magic sword that became more beautiful, he asked his star elf.

"There's absolutely no problem, this is the most suitable sword for you, master." Mei'er raised her little paw, with an expression of "This is the truth of the world", which made Yun Xi suspicious.

"Master, you are the son of the great stars. Naturally, you can use the Starwings, which is located at the highest point of the starry sky."

"It's better to say that no one can use this sword except you."

"But… I always think… This sword is too dangerous." Yun Xi couldn't describe the scenery he saw when he opened the "Door" of the Starwings three times.

For the first time, he saw the flying wings of the sun, like the golden red wings that were going to fly up to the thirty-three heavens.

The second time, he saw the gentle and tolerant wing of life, leaving a unique flower in the world.

For the third time, ominous black wings appeared, devouring the stars.

No matter what kind of wings, they all have the power to transcend everything, but the problem is that except for the owner of the green wings, other wings are not controlled by Yun Xi at all

In particular, the black wings almost caused a more terrible disaster than the original dragon.

If the twin witches hadn't taken out the golden balance to balance everything, the world of the dragon war would have been eaten by this one.

The power of the Starwings is so powerful that Yun Xi can't control it at all.

Originally he thought this was a divine sword with divine attributes, but now it seems that this is simply a big mistake.

"So if God would give an important task to a certain person, the first things he does is to temper his will power,fatigue his muscles and bones,starve his stomach and destitute his body…"

"But victory must belong to the master, to the son of the great stars!" Mei'er pulled up her schoolbag, but completely avoided talking about the disadvantages of the Starwings.




Mei'er's three little attendants raised their claws together and shouted for Mei'er.

"I don't think I'm that great." Yun Xi still cannot understand what the Starchild is.

It seems very strong, but it seems very weak.

It can contain all kinds of systems. No matter what kind of power, they all can be cultivated.

The weak side is also obvious. His enemies are too strong to make him despair.

A god-like enemy is enough. He has four such natural enemies.

If his identity is exposed, even his teacher, Casina the Battle God, can't protect him.

"Master, don't worry, as long as you can grow and develop, you will eventually become invincible!" Mei'er continued.

"Then I have to grow up. Do you have any news about the apostle who hunt down here?" For Yun Xi, this is probably the most urgent problem.

"The White Holy Dragon? Ah, she should be seriously injured and in the incubation period. There is no news for her for a long time, and the alarm is temporarily lifted."

"The guardian of the Sky Sword God's Domain here is still very awesome, and she will not allow that kind of outsiders to act recklessly."

"Master, you should be able to grow steadily for a period of time. Now that you have the equipment and skills, you can only wait for the level to come up."

"At that time, master, you can do whatever you want, bully anyone as you want."

Can I bully the White Holy Dragon? Yun Xi thought of the shock of seeing the Holy White Dragon for the first time and felt that it was still unimaginable for him.

In the whole Sky Sword God's Domain, nothing can bully the horrible White Holy Dragon, the apostle of his ex-girlfriend Dragon God.

Just when Yun Xi fantasized that he would one day hold the Starwings and fight with the White Holy Dragon from for three days and three nights, a familiar voice appeared behind him.

"I found you, Sha Shinn!"

"Sha Shinn?" Yun Xi was in a trance for a moment, thinking of the wild and active bride in his dream.

Well, illusion, it must be an illusion.

"Master, I have something to do, and I need to leave now!" Mei'er ran away directly, leaving only Yun Xi with an ignorant face.

"Shinn, mom agreed to let us be together!"

"It's great, this new world!"

Big drops of sweat fell on Yun Xi's forehead. This voice, this character, no way, impossible!

Why is he still dreaming during the day?!

How could people in dreams appeared in the real world?

Was he too relaxed now, so that he heard something that shouldn't exist?

"Shinn, I'm back." A pair of small hands covered Yun Xi's eyes from behind, smiling and making a happy sound:

"Guess who I am."

"I don't believe that!" Yun Xi's heart sent out a silent cry, but his body was honest and couldn't avoid this question.

Because the person who asked this question was the third princess.

In this world, there was only one person who would call him Shinn.

"Desert Dragon Zaka?”

"Yes, the great Desert Dragon Zaka is back!"

"This world is really interesting, much more interesting than the world we used to live."

Biting Yun Xi's ear, Desert Dragon Zaka, who just got permission from her mother to meet Yun Xi, was immersed in deep love.

For her, this is the best world. Her mother forgave them, and they could also see Yun Xi again.

It's like a dream.

Yun Xi pushed away her fingers in front of him a little bit, turned his head very stiffly, and saw the smaller Desert Dragon Zaka.

There's nothing wrong. Although the body has shrunk, the chest is still very "Big".

He even knew every sensitive point of her body clearly, because he had been played with that soft body countless times.

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