Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 842

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Chapter 842: Sequelae

At this time, Yun Xi didn't know how the soul of "White Moon" caused an uproar in the distant Doll City.

Now he was distressed by the strange eyes of the Starwings Knights at home.

It's clearly the same morning and the same restaurant, but from the moment he stepped into this restaurant, Yun Xi could feel a lot of undisguised hot eyes.

The Starwings Knights, everyone!

Everyone looked at Yun Xi coming in with a kind of eyes that wanted to talk but say nothing.

For a second, Yun Xi felt that he was walking into the Shura field, not the restaurant of the Starwings Knights.

"Good morning, everyone." After checking the perfect disguise of Pafu, Yun Xi tried to pretend that nothing had happened and greeted the girls of the Starwings Knights with a smile.

"Good morning… Mei…" the normally calm and generous leader of the Starwings Knights, for some reason some couldn't look directly at Mei at the moment.

"HMM… it's Mei…" Xiao Cao stared at Yun Xi from his hair to his toes, focusing on Yun Xi's chest, showing a strange smile.

"Mei… I can't get married!" Ling Ling, as always, ran to Yun Xi, sobbing, and grabbed his hand:

"Last night, I had a strange dream."

"Mei in the dream has become a prince and likes… Likes…" speaking of this, Ling's cheek becomes like a ripe apple.

Hoo, Yun Xi breathed a great sigh of relief.

Fortunately, it's not the worst situation. Everyone thought they had a strange dream.

Well, in a sense, it's true.

Let the past be the past, and the future is yours.

"It's really strange… The probability that everyone has similar dreams is almost nonexistent." Mei Lan comforted Ling, and she was also confused.

Her memory of what happened in the dream was also very vague, but she remembered a moment very clearly.

That's her with Ling Ling, and a prince in a dream… Cough, can't recall, Mei Lan, you are a serious girl, how can you do such shameless things!

That Prince wasn't Mei, but just looked similar to Mei. She must have something wrong with her mind.

Is this the so-called "Want a man"?

"Yes, I also dreamed of Mei who became a prince in my dream. Mei also defeated a very fierce dragon."

"Why, in my dream, Mei married the dragon?"

"What's this? In my dream, I'm the lover of Mei. It's really shameful."

"Wait, me too. What a coincidence."

"Hum, I'm the Duke's daughter, one of Mei's childhood sweetheart."

The girls of the Starwings Knights suddenly turned into chirping birds, enjoying the plot of the strange dream last night.

Although everyone could only remember some small details in the dream, they also pieced together the outline of this incredible dream.

Mei, in the dream, was the prince to whom fate belonged.

The Starwings Knights in the dream were loyal to the prince.

Finally, the Starwings Knights also launched a rebellion to protect Mei.




All kinds of events were intertwined. For the girls of the Starwings Knights, this was epic!

"Mei… You…" Hua Yue, the leader of the Starwings Knights, looked at Yun Xi with meaningful eyes, and then smiled.

"No matter what may happen to you, everyone will support you."

"Even if you're the prince."

She must have seen something. Yun Xi, who had a hunch a long time ago, broke out in a cold sweat behind him.

If it weren't for the Greatsword Maid's camouflage, plus Pafu filled the last weakness, he really didn't have the confidence to hide from the Starwings Knights in front of him.

Moreover, recently, he found that the eyes of the Starwings Knights' girls looked at him more and more wrong, which was not like looking at a "Maid".

Enthusiastic and bold.

Hot and sweet.

Almost melt, full of happiness.

The best proof of this is the connection between him and the Starwings Knights.

These invisible lines were becoming closer and closer, which was proof that the "Fetters" of the Starwings Knights and Yun Xi were constantly strengthening.

Yun Xi himself didn't realize that his existence made the Starwings Knights constantly transform.

The Starwings Knights now and the Starwings Knights when it just established are no longer at the same level.

"Everyone, it's just a dream." Even if he vaguely perceived something, Yun Xi was still making unnecessary efforts.

"Well, a good dream."

"I hope I can have such a dream next time. Mei was really handsome in the dream."

"That's the prince that will appear in the fairy tale, but why not defeat the dragon, but marry the dragon home?"

"Because it's Mei, everything is possible!"

"Yes, Mei's luck is the best blessing in the world!"

After accepting this setting, everyone was happy and elated.

Only a few people looked at Yun Xi sweating with ambiguous eyes.

The eyes of Hua Yue were warm and doting.

The eyes of Xiao Cao were extremely curious and even had a trace of expectation.

Robin, who has just joined the league, has disdain on her face. She seemed to have seen through Yun Xi's "Big tail" hidden behind him.

Finally, little Mumu with a naive expression grabbed Yun Xi's small hand and directly asked for a reward:

"Give Mumu bread, or I will tell everyone the truth."

Yun Xi quickly took out his treasured bread and blocked Mumu's mouth with it.

"Ah woo!" Mumu, who was bought by the bread, was satisfied with Yun Xi's bread, and the traces of white cream on her mouth were indescribably cute.

"Mei, I want bread too!"

"Without Mei's bread, I'll die!"

"The meaning of living is to wait for Mei's bread in the morning!"

Today, the girls' dormitory of the Starwings Knights was also very peaceful and full of girls' love.

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