Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 837

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Chapter 837: Return

On the altar, Yun Xi looked back at his trial, he was too embarrassed to look directly at what he had done.

"Mei'er, isn't this strange? Why will it become the ending of me being the sun god?"

Even if the story comes to an end, Yun Xi still doubts whether there is any conspiracy in it.

"Isn't this a happy ending, master?" Mei'er's eyes were a little dodgy. Looking at the twin goddess who finally accompanied Yun Xi to the end, she had a strange smile of "Hey hey".

"Mei'er, what about the Starwings?" Yun Xi asked again.

Speaking of the biggest reward of this dragon war trial, in fact, it is not a trace of divinity (legendary rank) of the sun god at the final settlement, but the ultimate God Weapon - the Starwings.

Anyway, this is not a weapon he can use at this stage. Every time he uses it, it will attract the mysterious existence's attention.

The sun wings that can burn a world.

The green wings of endless life.

The black wings that can swallows stars.

Among them, only the second Green Wings are gentle and harmless, while the first and third wings have problems.

When the black feathers fell, the world almost became food and was eaten by the owner of the black wings.

If it weren't for the golden balance of the twin witches who pushed back the black wings on the other side of the door, it would be an irreparable ending.

How could this weapon appear only in the third trial? There is no problem in putting the Starwings in the 99th ultimate trial as the final reward.

This is the ultimate magic sword in the memory of the stars!

Yun Xi finally knew the danger of this divine sword.

He has no doubt that if the Starwings' power is released in the real world, it will bring the same disaster.

The owner of the black wings is a monster more terrifying than the original dragon.

And the Starwings, a monster who can incarnate into something indescribable, may not be the only one.

Yun Xi, who once thought that the Starwings was a divine sword, now knows that he was very wrong.

"Master, those are your wings." Mei'er said serious nonsense:

"As long as you become stronger, you can control this sword."

"This is the great will of the stars. It's the best God Weapon for you."

Yun Xi gave a wry smile, but he couldn't deny Mei'er's answer.

Yes, the Starwings is extremely dangerous, but it can also reverse everything, the trump card of the trumps.

It is impossible for him to abandon the Starwings now.

Then, just as Mei'er said, let himself continue to become strong, strong enough to deserve the strongest sword representing the future.

If he can get the power of all the wings in the sword, he may have a way to escape from the terrifying pursuit of his four ex girlfriends.

At least, he can see a glimmer of hope.

"Return." After settling all the gains and convinced that the trace of the sun god was integrated into his body, Yun Xi closed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again, he saw three little dogs, Star Thunder, Star Fire, and Star Snow, lying safely beside him.

In the air, there was a familiar smell.

Thousands of years have passed in the trial world, but in the White Lotus Sword Domain, it is just a night's time.

Pushing the window open, Yun Xi saw the last darkness before dawn, and only one star was quietly shining.

"Even if there is impermanent darkness in front of me, I will break it for you."

"Hua Huo, who are you?"


White Lotus sword palace, the other side.

Hua Huo wiped her Tyrannosaurus sword, and her eyes were full of confusion.

Beside her, there were four light spots floating, showing yellow, blue, red and black respectively.

She had a dream, a strange, seemingly chaotic, but fiery dream.

In her dream, she sometimes incarnated as a princess in the desert, falling in love with a prince.

Sometimes she was the princess of the northern ice field and married the prince.

Sometimes she was the Red Dragon Princess, who was flying in the sky and in love with the prince.

Sometimes she was the silent Black Dragon Princess who was spoiled by the prince.

The four princesses were all her, but none of them was her, but the only thing in common was that they all fell in love with a prince.

So, the question is, who is the prince?

Who else will it be? Naturally, it's her little Xi. No matter what others think, she thinks little Xi is her unique prince in her eyes.

The problem was that there seemed to be other things happening in the dream, but she couldn't remember what happened.

For her, this dream seems to be an incredible spring dream full of sweet feelings…

Well, in her dream, she seems to have learned various postures by doing this and that with Yun Xi many times.

Even now, the burning gasp, and the overlapping stimulation of the body are still extremely clear.

Four different women had four different relationships with little Xi, and each of which made Hua Huoo blush and increased her heartbeat.

Recalling this strange dream, her cheeks suddenly turned red.

Ah, ah, ah, in her dream, she was so bold that she even took the initiative to sneak into little Xi's room at night.

No, there were also times when little Xi sneaked into her room at night!

"Hey, hey, hey!" With a flick of the Tyrannosaurus sword in her hand, Hua Huoo made a decision.

Cast, cast again.

In order to commemorate this wonderful dream, she wanted to cast all four selves in the dream.

Well, in her dream, she seems to have evolved into four different selves, namely "Zaka", with the four forces of "Dust", "Ice", "Fire" and "Darkness" as the core.

Then, in reality, she could do the same thing.

Because she is a girl who has the power of flying in the sky.

In front of her will, even the rules of reality will be distorted.

All the impossible things are not impossible for her.

As long as she wants, she can certainly achieve it.

What she wants is truth.

This is the power of Tianxiang's blood to surpass the worldly legal principles.

At this moment, the four light spots floating around her were the rudiments of the four Zaka sisters.

Even if they only existed in dreams, as long as Hua Huoo thought they could exist, they would be truly born in the real world.

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