Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 836

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Chapter 836: Epic

Listening to people's voices, Yun Xi smiled.

On the land beside the village, there was the sound of hardworking farmers digging and planting seeds.

"May the great Sun God bless you. This year is also a good year. My little grandson's tuition relies on the harvest this year."

By the sea, there was the sound of sailors running on the deck when they began to set sail at dawn.

"Quick, quick, adjust the position of the mainsail."

"Grape pellet, is grape pellet ready?"

"Damn it, someone is lazily drinking. Go down and catch all those bastards!"

"The twin goddesses! If they don't get up again, I'll let feed them to the fish in the sea!"

In the king's city, there are girls in the choir chanting the voice of gods, or epics that extol the deeds of gods.

"A long time ago… No, maybe a long time later…"

"Probably, a thousand years after the demise of the ancient kingdom of Assyria… No, the first year of the establishment of the new kingdom."

"There was a prince who met the person he loved."

"As the prince grew older, it is time for him to get married. He was distressed because he loved more than one girl."

"So, he began to worry and confide his heart to the girls who might become his bride."

"The first bride, who was the first bride to make an agreement with him, was the queen of the ancient royal family."

"The queen was proud and beautiful."

"The queen was clever and kind."

"The Queen's country, from the distant world, was called - Assyria!"

"My queen, answer me, will you be my princess?"

"I… would like to…"

"Be your princess… With you." The queen told the prince her answer.

"The first princess was the princess of Assyria."

"Then the prince found the second object of the engagement… She… was the child of the queen. As a doll, but she had her self-awareness."

"Princess, do you want to be the prince's wife?"

"Put on the most beautiful clothes and gorgeous jewelry for you. You are the best princess in the world, and you are the little princess loved by the prince."

"You are the princess consort of the prince."

"Well, I love dad."

"Marry Dad!"

The girls enviously sang the answer of the second princess, which was the hymn of the gods, the story of the mythical age.

No one thought there was any problem with the answer of the first princess and the second princess, because they were loved by God. That was the era when God was still a "Prince", and gods were allowed to do whatever they wanted.

"In this way, the prince married the second princess, Princess White Moon."

And from here, the myth began to enter the climax stage.

"The princess from the desert was angry because the prince didn't wait for her to come back, but returned to his hometown because he was going to get married."

"She rushed to the wedding scene and asked loudly why he didn't come back."

"The prince tried to comfort the princess from the desert and fought with her."

"The brilliance of the Starwings shone, and the golden red sword light once again hit the Star of the Sand, and also hit the girl's heart."

"Finally, the two people in the center of the desert hugged and kissed together."

"The princess from the desert said that if the prince was willing to build the most gorgeous and dazzling palace for her, she would recognize the prince's love and marry him."

"So the third bride also came to the prince."

"She was the third princess of the prince… Princess Zaka from the desert."

Girls chanting ancient fairy tales, their eyes shining, applauding the brave third princess, blushing and beating for her brave heart.

Even gods could't stop girls from falling in love.

The story continued.

"Then the prince met the mysterious and dangerous snow princess."

"She had long hair and magical eyes. She hated the prince very much."

"Because the prince took away her most important sister and separated her from her sister."

"The prince was moved by the girl and bravely proposed to the girl who could not agree to him."

"What happened!"

"She, she actually agreed!"

Of course, she would agree. Because God has a mind that can tolerate everything, and even his enemies can be moved by him.

"Never let worm like you insult my sister's body!"

"I married you to protect my sister!"

"As long as I'm here one day, you don't want to touch my sister's finger!"

Well, we all know the ending.

This is really a happy and sweet love story.

On that day, the prince married four brides with different personalities and wonderful relationships.

However, the story was not over yet.

"The fifth princess was the Red Dragon Princess roaring in the sky. She danced in the sky, and her roar could destroy the world."

"She said to the prince, don't come near me. Even if I die, I won't allow you to desecrate my body."

"I want to avenge my sisters!"

"Human beings are unbelievable."

Ah, how cute, as we all know, you won't believe in human beings, but you will like the prince.

Because it was a doomed love, the eulogized Red Dragon Princess.

"When darkness came, the apocalyptic incarnation of the old world and the world-devouring drgon appeared."

"Betrayers deserve to die." she said

"The prince and the Red Dragon Princess began to advance in the last tower of hope of mankind."

"At each level, the prince would gain different abilities."

"On the first floor, the prince found the third princess."

"On the second floor, the prince found the fourth princess."

"On the third floor, the prince received the blessing of the first and second princesses."

"On the fourth floor, the prince once again faces the world-devouring dragon."

"The prince smiled at the dragon and waited for her answer."

"Are you happy with this man? Askd the dragon to her three sisters."

"This person is my most important person."

"My mother is angry."

"He is a big playboy."

"So the sixth princess also came to the prince."

"The twin goddesses witnessed the prince's love, and the prince and his concubines met the original dragon who woke up from her sleep."

"The wings of the Dragon covered the world."

"The dragon's sharp blade tore the sky."

"Even so, the prince defeated the strongest original dragon."

"Finally, the prince married the twin goddesses and created our world."

No matter how many times Yun Xi listened to it, he felt that this story was too shameful and ridiculous.

However, for people in this world, this is their epic, and everyone believes in this story.

Once a lie, now it has become true, and it has become something to be praised.

This is the story of this world, the epic of the gods.

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