Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 835

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Chapter 835: Legend

A long time ago, or a long time later.

Yun Xi walks in the clouds, surrounded by the twin witches holding hands.

No matter how time went by, White Lotus's smile seemed to never change. It had always been so simple and pure.

Well, relatively speaking, Red Lotus's eyes were as ferocious as ever, and it seemed that it was the kind of people who wanted to eat Yun Xi.

With each step, Yun Xi could see different scenery.

Under the towering trees, the quiet village was filled with a faint smell of grass, and the lush forest was blown by the light wind, sending out a rustling whisper.

In the air, there were magical creatures that could be seen by the naked eye, dancing in the golden sun. They were the relatives of the twin goddesses and the elves loved by the world.

The green branches sprinkled with dew drops. In the shadow under the shade of the tree, the fern leaves with ancient lines emitted a soft light, like a silver brocade.

On the leaves of the grass unfolding under the sun, and on the new buds of the vibrant wheat, drops of dew trembled like small glass beads strung on the line.

What blows from the west only blows it down, and the water drops scatter, flashing with the color of the rainbow, reflecting the golden brilliance.

Beside the village, there was a farm horse standing in the river, knee high, lazily shaking its wet tail.

From time to time, big fish float from the bottom of the river, spit out strings of foam, and then turn over and continue to travel back to the bottom of the river.

The sun rising from the horizon radiated charming golden red light, dyed large clouds in the sky, and covered the plains and villages bathed in the sunrise with a dreamlike veil.

The scenery on the horizon changed constantly, and finally came to the seaside. The scenery of the sky also changed. Yun Xi crossed the dividing line between day and night and came to night.

The moonlight shone on the seashore, and the number of stars in the sky was amazing

The dim starlight stretches into a starry river in the night sky, and the waves on the sea flicker. He can't see where the junction of the sea and the sky is, and the mystery of dark blue and white spreads.

An ancient city stood by the sea, and the city wall exuded the breath of vicissitudes. Looking carefully, there was not only one city wall here, but after being expanded several times, it formed a ring area of up to six floors.

The center of the city is the beginning of legends and the origin of human intellectual civilization.

The beautiful twin goddess, and the statue of the highest god who created the world.

"This is really a… wonderful feeling…" looking at the image of himself being carved into a statue, and the twin witches around him have become the gods of the world, Yun Xi always felt that all this was too incredible.

He didn't expect the end of the world to be like this.

Dawn is coming.

At the end of the sea level, a round of sun jumped out of the sea level happily.

A light flashed across the sea and dyed the foaming waves golden.

For thousands of years, but only in a flash, Yun Xi witnessed the chaos of the world and the scene of twin witches giving the flame of wisdom to mankind.

He, together with the twin witches, became the myth of the world and was praised by countless people.

In this process, countless light spots filled his body and endless brilliant colors appeared in his soul.

Like him, the twin witches obtained part of these light spots.

Yun Xi soon understood that this was the "Reward" of the dragon war trial.

The ultimate reward of this trial is not "God weapon" or "Soul", but the "Faith" born in the world.

The great will of the stars, rewarded to Yun Xi and the twin witches, is the perception of creating the world and the scenery that only creatures who become gods can see.

After repeated countless times, people will believe the lie.

The creation myth of him and the twin witches will be sublimated into "Faith" after being preached countless times.

In his ears, people chant praises to him, which is the praise of the highest god in the world.

Everything rises to welcome you.

Praise you, the only light, you will rise to the top of the sky in this world.

You rise, shine, and take away all the earth and darkness.

You are the king of gods and the Lord of all things.

Everything comes because of you and becomes sacred because of you.

From your wings, the colors of the sky and the sea are flashing.

The holy temple is honored by your name, and you will become a legend in the legend.

We come from you and become holy because of you. You will wear your holy crown upon you and be crowned king.

You are the source of all life. Time rolls up dust under your feet, and you will never change. You have crossed the river of time. You have surpassed time.

Praise you, my Lord, your life will wake up from sleep. Thousands of years later, you are still immortal and come back to this world.

Yun Xi has heard similar hymns, which were sent by the three highest priests of the water god, and the hymn of this world was born for him.

This is an epic praising the sun, and this is the belief in Yun Xi.

It is clear that Yun Xi has not even reached hero rank, but he has obtained a trace of the divine power of the sun god, and as part of the sun god's personality.

People in this world regard Yun Xi as the sun, the supreme will to dominate all creatures, and the twin goddesses as the stars and the moon, symbolizing the principle of world circulation.

Under normal conditions, this would be absolutely impossible.

How can the soul of mortals be the personality of the sun god? Even a trace of divine power can burn millions of mortals to ashes.

Let alone mortals, even great heros cannot hold such things.

Divinity and personality are the privileges of gods. Only creatures who step into the legend rank are qualified to bear that power.

Similarly, the position of the moon and stars is not something that normal witches can bear. It is an unbearable weight of life.

But in this world, everything is possible.

This is the "Reward" given to Yun XI by the will of the stars, which opens a door for him.

The twin witches, also become glory because of Yun Xi.

The passage of thousands of years may only be a short time for Yun Xi and the twin witches, but it is a long time for the majority of this world.

Yun Xi didn'thing but watched the changes in the world. The twin witches occasionally interfered with the history of the world.

He and they became myths, stories and legends.

This is one of the mysteries of the legend rank.

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