Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 838

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Chapter 838: Resurrected Zakas

Desert Dragon Zaka, is wild and impulsive.

Ice Dragon Zaka, is calm and venomous.

Red Dragon Zaka is passionate.

Black Dragon Zaka is speechless and mysterious.

Hua Huo likes these children. They are all part of her, but they are different in their loveliness.

From their perspective, enjoy the different love scenes with little Xi. This dream is so wonderful for Hua Huo that she wants to bring these lovely Zakas out in the real world.

No normal person would think about such a thing.

For human beings, dreams are an unpredictable mysterious world, a world full of strange scenery.

Most people will forget everything that happened in their dreams in a few minutes after waking up, let alone trace the authenticity of the dream world.

However, Hua Huo is not a normal person.

She has a way to realize any absurd thing.

Waiting for Yun Xi to grow up and want to marry him.

Create different selves in dreams and endow them with the concept of existence.

The girl who has the power of flying in the sky is so willful.

"They are part of the God Weapon." Trying to recall the settings of the Zaka four sisters in the dream, Hua Huo turned her eyes to the Tyrannosaurus sword in her hand.

This demon sword seemed to feel that something bad was going on, and quickly sent out a powerful sword sound to remind his master that this was a super god weapon that could destroy the sky and the earth.

"It doesn't matter. You won't lose a piece of meat. I'll just disassemble you." Hua Huo, with a natural expression on her face, stretched out her hand.

If the sword can speak, it must give a grief cry, "No".

Unfortunately, it has no right to say "No" to Hua Huo.

Hua Huo disassembled all parts of the dragon sword and began to transform it.

The fantasy God Weapon, which originally existed only in the dream world, began to take shape little by little. The sword, which once represented the curse of the Dragon Emperor, was completely changed before it could kill any enemy.

Dominating the four suspended light spots, Hua Huo's fingertips constantly hit the body of the Tyrannosaurus sword, adjusting and weaving the shape of the Dragon God Weapon.

Each time it was struck, the Tyrannosaurus sword would emit the sound of the aggrieved sword, but it couldn't stop the will of its owner.

Hua Huo found back the Tyrannosaurus sword that once disappeared in the long river of history, naturally, she had a way to refit the sword again.

Sand dust.




These attributes that could not have appeared on a god weapon were forged into four different treasure beads by Hua Huo.

Perhaps it is not as powerful as the sword in the dragon war world, but Hua Huo did create four treasure beads with different original power.

The original dragon, in fact, doesn't represent the current Hua Huo, but the future.

Four treasure beads were inlaid on the hilt of the tyrannosaurus sword one by one, each one releasing different smells respectively.

Originally, the four kinds of treatment beads that appeared in dreams gradually took shape in the real world.

"Yes, that's it." Hua Huo looked at the four treasure beads with satisfaction. Although they were slightly smaller, they all had what they should have.

As long as there is enough time, the four treasure beads will truly incarnate into their appearances in the dream, and even can freely summon four Zakas.

Now, Hua Huo held the completely changed Tyrannosaurus sword and released the breath of one of the treasure bears.

"Come out, Desert Dragon Zaka!"

A vague figure appeared in front of Hua Huo, about half her height. More or less, you could see the outline of Desert Dragon Zaka in the dream.

It was just that it looked a little too small. It was probably only eight or nine years old.

"Well, that is it now." Hua Huo had a little regret. In the dream, Desert Dragon Zaka had a very nice body.

When doing all kinds of things with little Xi, Desert Dragon Zaka was always full of curiosity. She was willing to try any posture, and he also enjoyed the time of falling in love with little Xi.

"Ah… Ah… Mother…" Desert Dragon Zaka just appeared, and began to be coquettish to Hua Huo.

Born from the dream world, she also holds some memories in her dreams, but for her, it is not a dream, but a reality.

Well, that is to say, Hua Huo gave birth to the third princess in the dragon war world, Desert Dragon Zaka.

The power of the original dragon was an extraordinary power that Hua Huo really held.

It is one of the power of Hua Huo's Sky Flying Bloodline to cast her own God Weapon.

The power of Sky Flying blood is so unreasonable, beyond common sense.

"Good… Now only you come out, and I need some time to cast your sisters."

At this time, Hua Huo missed the time when she was the original dragon in her dream, which was probably her future mature body, that is, one of the postures after spreading her wings.

Now she could only let Desert Dragon Zaka appear in her initial posture, that is, the young dragon stage.

"Well, I'll take good care of them." Desert dragon Zaka shook her young body and looked at the new world with curious eyes.

Compared with the world of dragon war, this new world looks bigger and the atmosphere of the starry sky is more stable. The original dragon mother seems to have brought them to a new world.

Then, Desert Dragon Zaka will continue to fulfill her mother's command of conquering the world!

Zaka is fearless!

Of course, there is another very important thing besides this.

Is prince, her lover, also in this new world?

"Mother, is the prince here too?" For Desert Dragon Zaka, that world was not a dream, but a real reality.

The boundary between illusion and reality was completely broken in front of Hua Huo's ability.

The love between Desert Dragon Zaka and the prince may be a dream for Hua Huo, but it is a reality for Zaka.

They fell in love with him, then fought side by side, and finally returned to their mother's arms together.

Hua Huo, crossing the boundary between dream and reality, made the impossible become possible.

At this moment, Desert Dragon Zaka is back to the original dragon mother. It is not the angry mother, but the great and gentle supreme dragon that gave birth to the four sisters.

"Ah, of course, this is the future world."

"I also like him, and the world with him."

"You are all good children."

Hua Huo smiled and held Desert Dragon Zaka, who represented her wild and impulsive side, in her arms.

"This time, I will give you a happy ending."

"Fight for me again, Zaka sisters."

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