Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 834

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Chapter 834: New Story

"No, no, I won't allow it!" The aggrieved Red Lotus waved her Red Lotus Demon Sword in anger.

"Prince, we are the only ones left in this world." White Lotus gently looked at Yun Xi with an embarrassed face.

She was right. The whole world had degenerated into the initial chaotic state and was exposed to some extremely dangerous existence.

At the beginning of the world, there were only the witches and the prince left in the unknown world.

Yun Xi suddenly found that he seemed to have heard such a story.

That's a story about the origin of the world.

"No, no, White Lotus!"

"This is a nightmare, it must be a nightmare!" Red Lotus looked at White Lotus, who had begun to stretch out her little hand and held it tightly with Yun Xi, and refused to believe it.

"This may be a dream."

"But it must be the highest and best dream." White Lotus, far bolder than her sister in love, kissed Yun Xi's lips.

"No!" The scream of Red Lotus echoed in the world, but it could not stop her sister's willfulness.

Yes, compared to Red Lotus, who seems to be hot-tempered, White Lotus was actually the most willful one.

Her heart, very pure, doesn't contain any implications, like a blank paper.

Her love is also very pure. Once it starts, it cannot end.

Kissing Yun Xi's lips, White Lotus and Red Lotus released divine brilliance, and the golden balance began to make the final correction to the balance of the world.

Is it death or rebirth? Just like the battle between Yun Xi and the original dragon, the twin witches turned themselves into chips and stood at the same end of the scale as Yun Xi.

"Eh… This is…" The owner of the black wings, who was about to eat the world, made a surprised sound.

"Woo woo, I hate you, you bastard!" Although she hated Yun Xi, Red Lotus finally chose to write her name on the damn contract.

It's definitely not her own will, but there's no way. If she doesn't write her name on this damn engagement book, she won't be able to be with her sister in the judgment of the golden balance.

It is unacceptable to marry such a playboy.

However, she couldn't accept the loss of her sister.

White Lotus, for Red Lotus, is more important than anything.

On the golden scale, the divine brilliance suddenly shined, and the outline of the whole world began to become clear.

Once completely overwhelmed by black feathers, the balance began to tilt towards Yun Xi because of the participation of the twin witches.

This represents the original God weapon from the era of gods, and it is determined that the twin witches and Yun Xi can defeat the black feathers that invade the world.

Their world with Yun Xi shows the potential to offset these black feathers.

The black feathers disappeared one by one, and the green flower, which has been resisting the erosion of the black feathers on Yun Xi, finally completed its mission, turned into light spots with a smile, and released its last blessing.

"Pafu!" Little Pafu absorbed the last strength of the flower that had always protected Yun Xi, and its body became more crystal clear.

"Prince, what kind of world do you want?"

"Is it a world where only women and you can live happily?" White Lotus stoked Yun Xi's cheek and looked at him with a smile.

"It's really abnormal, bastard, who wants such a world!" Red Lotus's eyebrows raised in anger. What a distorted world it is.

"No, just the ordinary world." Yun Xi quickly began to make a wish. If this wish can come true:

"With magic and knights, people can live an ordinary life, and there is no need to fight against the evil dragon."

"As you wish, an ordinary, hopeful world." White Lotus's fingertips began to weave words, which was the right given to her by the world.

Well, as the founding God of this world, it's natural to add a little bit of "Other things" into it.

The old world is coming to an end, and then there is a new world,

It is also the beginning of a new world after the end of the old world.

Also, a new chapter of the story.

The girl's voice began to echo in every corner of the world.

That is also a story, a story told by a girl in love.

"A long time ago… The world was destroyed…"

"Probably, a thousand years after the demise of the ancient kingdom of Assyria, the terrible dragon woke up from sleep, her wings covered the world, and her anger ignited the world."

"Her name is the original dragon, which ends the old world and causes the disaster of extinction."

"In a world that lost hope and went to ruin, there was a prince who gambled everything on himself to save the world."

"He lost his father."

"He lost his kingdom."

"He went through ups and downs, stepped into the tower representing the last hope of the world, and obtained the precious secret treasure of the dragon."

"Finally, he defeated the invincible dragon."

"Looking back around, the world is full of barbarians, and as black wings fall, announcing the demise of the old world."

"However, it doesn't matter. The world will always find a way out and life will always strive to continue."

"According to the old agreement, the beautiful and pure twin witches married the lonely prince and will accompany him and become his lover from today on."

"This is the story of the Twin Princesses and the prince who saved the world."

A long time ago, there was an ancient myth that was passed around about the creation of this world.

People would be curious about the disappearing ancient civilization, and full of respect for the prince in the story.

In front of all churches, statues of twin witches and the prince would inevitably be erected.

The beautiful witch dressed in red witch clothes would be praised as the goddess of victory, holding the sword.

Her sword symbolizes victory and strength. It is the God of War that all Knights believe in.

The beautiful witch dressed in white witch clothes would be praised as the goddess of wisdom in charge of books and knowledge.

The books in her hand symbolize wisdom and mystery, and she is the God of Wisdom believed by all spellcasters.

The prince loved by the twin goddesses would represent all the supreme will and symbolize eternity.

This would also be the story of the first year of the New Kingdom after the destruction of the Kingdom of Assyria a thousand years ago.

A beautiful and romantic ending.

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