Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 833

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Chapter 833: The Engagement of the Twin Witches

"It's over…" Yun Xi put down the black Starwings in his hand. His empty pupils were full of relaxed expressions.

When he finally determined that his opponent was Hua Huoo, he could hardly think of any way to defeat his invincible childhood sweetheart.

Yes, he just couldn't think of a way.

His invincible childhood sweetheart left a deep impression on Yun Xi.

If it weren't for the last strike that broke the balance, it would be him who lost.

Even so, Yun Xi didn't think he really won Hua Huoo. What he won was the "Original dragon" who just woke up from sleep in the world.

The original dragon is the original dragon, and Hua Huoo is Hua Huoo. Although the two were finally proved to be one person, the original dragon should be just a dream of Hua Huoo.

Is this a pleasant dream or a horrendous nightmare for Hua Huoo?

"No, it's not over yet." White Lotus looked at the gold balance that had been completely tilted in her hand and put on the ring of stars and moon.

"Yes, the world has not been redeemed." Red Lotus looked murderously at Yun Xi, who didn't know what was going on.

"Eh?" Yun Xi looked at the little green flowers on his chest, the last blessing left by Lvji.

At the moment, this little flower was trying its best to release its last glory and block the invasion of some force.

"Of course… It's not over…"

"Call me…"

Deadly whispers echoed in Yun Xi's ears, and more black feathers floated between heaven and earth.

More trouble than the original dragon. This is only the beginning.

Where these black feathers fell, all the forces of the world began to collapse, which enabled Yun Xi to overcome the power of the original dragon, and also the power that led to the collapse of the stars.

It is not satisfied with just the fruit of defeating the original dragon. It needs more sacrifices.

It is devouring the stars!

"Wait… Stop!" Yun Xi looked at the black feather that was constantly eroding the world with astonishment. It was different from Black Dragon Zaka, who just ate the power of the world. It was really the ultimate power that made the world fall into.

"No… I want to eat…" opposite the door, a thin hand stretched out, but the snow-white hand gave Yun Xi a taboo breath that was more dangerous than the ancient god.

What the ancient god needs is crazy desire, impulse, and degeneration while the owner of this snow-white hand likes eating the stars.

Yun Xi, who summoned the black wings, was stunned to find that although he had solved the original dragon's threat to the world, he'd caused a greater crisis.

Moreover, this time it was his own mistake, and he didn't even have a chance to save it.

"Prince, my lovely prince." White Lotus hummed a love song representing beautiful love and looked at Yun Xi with soft and moist eyes:

"Take it out, the treasure that can save the world."

"No, forget it. Just let us alone to save the world." Red Lotus's face looked very bad.

"There's no such thing!" Yun Xi looked at the more and more black feathers around him, and the little hand that seemed to grasp him and pull him into another world, showing an expression of tears.

Now, he even ran out of the Battle God's Seed in his body.

If there was that treasure, he would use it in the final battle with the original dragon.

Now, what can he do to deal with the owner of the black wings? With bread?

"No, there is." White Lotus smiled gently.

"There is no such thing, go to hell!" Red Lotus's expression was getting worse and worse.

"That's a very, very important contract, remember?" White Lotus picked up the golden balance in front of her:

"Hope that can be used to save everything at the end of the world."

"You are the culprit that caused the end of the world!" Red Lotus shouted out the truth to the world.

"Contract… Is it…" Yun Xi took out a document that he carried on his arms with difficulty.

It was an agreement made by the past king and the sacred witches who commanded the people of the southern tribes.

The only person recognized by the world - the person that can marry the holy witch.

"Yes, that's it." White Lotus smiled with incomparable sweetness. This was the end she was waiting for.

"No, don't come!" Red Lotus looked at the contract and was going crazy.

"The world, return to chaos." White Lotus lifted up the golden balance in her hand and put the owner of the black wings to the side of the balance.

On the other side, there were the twin witches hand in hand and the stunned Prince Yun Xi.

The country has disappeared, and even the concept of the world has become ambiguous because of the battle between the owner of the black wings and the original dragon.

For the owner of black wings, this world in chaos is probably a delicious dessert, which is no different from newly peeled eggs.

And Yun Xi's body, or the Starwings, is the coordinate of the owner of the black wings. It's an invitation to invite her to enjoy this delicious food.

She is not the one who will restrain her desire to devour the stars.

"Now, as the holy twin witch, the world will usher in a new life." Pulling her resisting sister, White Lotus came to Yun Xi with pride and took away the witch marriage contract in his hand.

"I, White Lotus, am willing to swear with this person here to become the origin, the supreme, and the hope of the world."

Writing her name neatly on the only valid engagement book for witches, and White Lotus's smile was incomparably bright.

"No, I won't marry this kind of playboy!"

Red Lotus, who had been observing the chaotic relationship between Yun Xi and the four Zaka sisters, filed a complaint against Yun Xi.

"Well… In fact, they…" Yun Xi looked at Red Lotus embarrassingly. He really didn't have any bad ideas about the holy twin witches.

"It doesn't matter, sister, I'll create the world with the prince alone." White Lotus covered her mouth and giggled.

"What shall I do if you marry him?" Red Lotus went furious.

She and White Lotus are inseparable twins, together even in death.

White Lotus dates Yun Xi, and she also has to date Yun Xi passively.

When White Lotus and Yun Xi get married, she also has to watch.

Even the wedding night of White Lotus and Yun Xi…

This is the existence posture of the twin witches. She never thought that White Lotus would marry someone one day.

"Of course, forgive us." White Lotus smiled like a child.

Drops of cold sweat fell down from Yun Xi's forehead.

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