Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 826

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Chapter 826: Staggered Blades

Black Dragon Zaka shook her head and opened her mouth after swallowing the strongest shots of the Fire Meteor of Red Dragon Zaka.

"Ready!" As the four sisters of Zaka, the three dragons alliance saw what Black Dragon Zaka was going to do at the same time.

"Lava shield!"

"The Wall of Sand Eyes!"

"Ice Mirror Array!"

Three ultimate defenses with different attributes appear around the three dragons alliance at the same time.

"Hoo!" Black Dragon Zaka lowered her head, and suddenly countless black substances surged around her like tides.

This is… Yun Xi opened his eyes wide and felt the deadly oppression deep into the bone marrow.

The next second, Black Dragon Zaka's breath was released overwhelmingly.

The black light flow is like trying to shatter the world. It turns from the ridiculous cherry mouth into a column of light. At first, it is only the size of a thumb, but in an instant, it continues to expand and spread, turning into a wave of black breath that is enough to erase the whole giant fire tower from the map.

The golden balance in the hands of the twin witches tilted violently towards the direction of the black vortex in an instant, shaky.

Crazy breath, first of all, the four Sand Eyes in the way were stacked into a wall one by one, then smashed more than hundreds of ice mirror arrays, and then heavily bombarded the last lava shield.

The lava shield supported by the molten core lasted less than three seconds, and was crushed by the breath of Black Dragon Zaka.

The strongest defense combination of the three dragons alliance is like a blank sheet of paper in front of Black Dragon Zaka's breath.

"Something's wrong!"

"This is not the attribute of Black Dragon Zaka!"

"Why is my strength restrained?"

The three dragons looked at the Black Dragon Zaka, which defeated the three people together with a breath, with stunning eyes. Is Black Dragon Zaka so strong after it evolved?

"The Starwings!" Finally, Yun Xi had to summon the ultimate God weapon that he could not control and waved his sword at the overwhelming black breath.

The shining flying sword spirit was not polluted by the black breath, and burst into infinite brilliance on the battlefield, positively resisting the unstoppable dragon breath of Black Dragon Zaka.

"This sword is really powerful." Desert dragon Zaka looked enviously at the Starwings in Yun Xi's hands and remembered the shock of being defeated by the Starwings.

"The anger of our mother infected her and suppressed our power." Ice Dragon Zaka calmly judged the real reason why the shield of the three dragons was vulnerable.

"I don't believe it, keep fighting!" Red Dragon Zaka gritted her teeth and lifted Yun Xi's hand, burning flames all over her body.

This is both a signal and a symptom, which means that Red Dragon Zaka is about to forge ahead and cooperate with Yun Xi wholeheartedly.

"I see." Yun Xi tightly grasped Red Dragon Zaka's small hand, and their consciousness overlapped with each other very skillfully.

"Spiral light breaks through the sky!"

"My attack is invincible!"

"Look, the sky is burning, that is the proof of our love!"

"Break it, the thing that dares to stop me!"

"This is the ruling from the Red Dragon Queen!"

"Even if it is impermanent darkness, I will break it for you!"


"Crimson light!"

The endless red halo spread with their voices.

Desert dragon Zaka felt that she had been hurt 10000 points.

Ice Dragon Zaka felt that she had been critically hit.

White Lotus looked at the pair angrily and almost lost the golden balance in her hand.

Red Lotus raised her eyebrows, for some reason she was also murderous.

Well, the powerful ultimate combination skill has caused more than 50000 points of undifferentiated damage to their own camp before it was launched.

Fortunately, this move will do more harm to Black Dragon Zaka.

Seeing the two holding hands, heart to heart; a sweet, hot look. In Black Dragon Zaka's dark pupils a large green light suddenly appeared.

100000 points of real damage, firmly penetrating the defense of the black mask, let the great will that dominated Black Dragon Zaka's body completely fall into a state of madness.

"Quack!" Holding up her little hand, Black Dragon Zaka's index finger and middle finger stood up into a sword. At the same time, behind her emerged a huge black sword that looked enough to tear the world apart.

Yun Xi had an intuition when he saw the sword.

Don't let this move appear. This move is the God Sword Skill that can really separate the world with one sword.

Clearly has never seen this sword, but the three dragons alliance is only oppressed by the sword momentum of this sword, and it has a cold body, like the fear of the end.

On the sword of Black Dragon Zaka, the attribute of "Pair of dragons" appears, which should not have appeared on Black Dragon Zaka.

Endless dark matter began to condense on this huge dark sword, making the sword body more huge and more real.

The longer this move is charged, the more powerful it will be. It is a forbidden move that goes beyond the common sense of the world.

If this move is completed, the world will end and the three dragon's alliance will disappear. Yun Xi is extremely convinced of this.

So, he attacked!

The silvery white light spots turned into bright tracks, with four white lines moving forward in a spiral circuit, and instantly hit the expanding sword of darkness in Black Dragon Zaka's hands.

At the same time, the dark red dragon roar spread faster and crazier than ever.

Both of them are powerful enough to destroy the world, and they collide together directly.

For the first time, the sacred crimson light didn't completely crush the target. The dark matter gathered in the Black Dragon Zaka dark sword has completed the process from quantitative change to qualitative change, and has become a certain outline with indestructible properties.

The silver white light spot that can penetrate and tear everything just interrupts the body of the dark sword from the middle, reducing the killing power of the sword by about 70%.

But even Darkness Sword, which only had 30% of its power, still released enough destructive power to kill the stars. As Black Dragon Zaka's sword light fell, it relentlessly attacked the three dragons alliance and Yun Xi.

"The Starwings!” This is the first time that Yun Xi has met a target that could not be defeated by the divine crimson light. He had to release the endless flying sword Qi again, constantly tearing the falling black giant sword.

If this dark giant sword is a dragon-slaying blade that can cut a dragon, then the wing sword of Yun Xi is a spirit flying among the stars.

Perhaps a chantle sword Qi can't compete with this dark giant sword, but it is also a quantitative change that produces a qualitative change. When the number of sword Qi flying out of the Starwings exceeded 3000, it finally managed to stop the killing trend of the dark giant sword before it fell motionlessly to the ground.

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