Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 827

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Chapter 827: Dragon Roar Wave in Four Colors

"I'm sorry, but I'll take care of this battle."

The Starwings in Yun Xi's hand kept making sweet sword sounds.

It is a call and a temptation, which tempts Yun Xi to open the door of taboo again and release the power from the other side of the galaxy, even from the other side of time and space.

Clearly knowing that this wasn't possible, Yun Xi still can't help but not use it. This is probably the most contradictory place.

The will of the stars sent the Starwings, one of the three strongest swords at the top of the starry sky, to Yun Xi's hand, but he didn't control the power of this divine sword at all, which had to be said to be a very helpless thing.

"Hey, why did Black Dragon Zaka suddenly have that attribute." Desert dragon Zaka is very depressed. This couldn't be called a battle at all.

"Because our mother's will dominated her and made her exceed her own limit, she is not completely Black Dragon Zaka now." Ice Dragon Zaka said the reason for this situation.

"Even so, we can only continue to fight." Red Dragon Zaka bit her lips. As the strongest core of the three dragons alliance, she was most severely suppressed by Black Dragon Zaka's "Anti-Dragon" attribute.

The blow of the black giant sword even broke her crimson Dragon Roar Wave from the front.

If it weren't for the strike of Yun Xi's Starwings and the divine crimson light that broke the 70% structure of the black giant sword, the three Dragon Alliance would have been killed by that sword.

This is not the power of Black Dragon Zaka!

The original God Weapon she held is a nightmare heart with "Devouring the world" as the core. Turning herself into a black dragon and devouring the world is the biggest feature of this God Weapon.

Although Yun Xi doesn't want to admit it, the sword of darkness just now indeed has the power of the great original dragon and the will of their mother.

After discovering this, the morale of the three dragons alliance was reduced, because they were conceived by the original dragon, and they could not defeat their mother. Even the most belligerent Desert Dragon Zaka could not violate this principle.

Only one person could do this.

Therefore, Yun Xi will bear this responsibility.

Here, he is the only one who can really fight against the original dragon will.

From the beginning, this is the destiny that's doomed.

The final stage of this battlefield doesn't belong to the Zakas of the three dragons alliance, nor does it belong to the Black Dragon Zaka, which has evolved a posture of devouring the world.

"Once again, lend me all your strength this time." Yun Xi grasped his Starwings and made a decision.

This time, he is not fighting alone.

If you want to win, you must gather all your strength.

"OK, everything is up to you!" Desert dragon Zaka came to Yun Xi and pressed his left shoulder.

"When our mother wakes up, she will be angry." Ice Dragon Zaka came behind Yun Xi and pressed his right shoulder.

"This is the last and the most brilliant…" Red Dragon Zaka took the initiative to stand in the arms of Yun Xi, and the two raised their hands together.

"Look, the sky is burning!"

"Our sandstorm is blowing!"

"Blizzard, come forth!"

The silvery white light points shine again on Yun Xi's fingertips, and the three colorless and transparent spiral lines are dyed with different colors.

Desert dragon Zaka's wild gravel color.

Ice Dragon Zaka's calm and restrained ice and snow color.

Red Dragon Zaka's ebullient flame color.

This is a combination skill with a scale of four people, integrating the strongest brilliance of four Dragon Roar Waves!

Perhaps because of their skin relatives, Yun Xi accepted the Dragon attribute power of Desert Dragon Zaka and Ice Dragon Zaka effortlessly, and was almost unhindered when integrating into the divine light.

It seems that he is naturally good at combining the forces of different attributes.

After the final fusion, the Holy Light showed a constantly changing beautiful posture, with the silver spiral light point as the top and three different colors of spiral lines, instantly locking the Black Dragon Zaka.

It's still the familiar sweet honey, and even a little more "Pafupafu" flavor, which caused special damage to the twin witches in his camp before he took action.

On Black Dragon Zaka's side, she was hit by Holy Light X3. Three treasure beads emerged at the same time, once again forming the demon sword that once appeared on the third floor of Assyria.

The four colored Holy Light shows the four attributes of frost, dust, fire and holiness.

The demon sword in the hands of Black Dragon Zaka also shows frost, dust, nightmare, and special "Anti-Dragon" attributes.

Back in the hands of Black Dragon Zaka, the three treasure beads released enough aura to destroy the sky and the earth. Inlaid with the disc of treasure beads, a large number of runes emerged, which are words interpreting the essence of the Rules World.




"Cannot avoid!"

"Multiple crushing!"


"Armor break!"

With each additional rune, the destructive smell released by demon sword will increase by one point, even in the face of the four-color Dragon Roar Wave jointly displayed by the three dragons alliance and Yun Xi, it is not inferior.

Both sides have shown the power to dominate some of the world's rules.

"Buzz!" The rotating demon sword stirred the surroundings like longing for blood and killing, creating a huge black vortex around Black Dragon Zaka.

That is what appears on the golden scale of the twin witches, representing the essence of Black Dragon Zaka at the moment.

Sweep over everything, destroy everything.

Devour everything, destroy everything.

Unstoppable, like the footsteps of the world collapsing!

Black Dragon Zaka's aura suddenly changed.

It was an absolute Focus, which Yun Xi was very familiar with.

Why does Black Dragon Zaka have such an aura? Yun Xi, with the four-color Dragon Roar Wave, and the three dragons alliance, fiercely hit Black Dragon Zaka.

If we don't succeed, we will die. This is Yun Xi's decision.

There is no possibility of a long-term war. In the face of Black Dragon Zaka, who has devoured a world, any tactic that wants to drag it down is ridiculous.

Without the protection of the golden balance of the twin witches, the world would have collapsed. This is the truth Yun Xi realized when he entered this battlefield.

This war can only be won. There is no other way but to win.

However, in the next second, Black Dragon Zaka's posture made Yun Xi's back suddenly feel chill.

The supremacy of heaven and the world.

Supercilious and transcendent.

In the next second, the sharp sword light cut off all the brilliance flying in the sky, calling for a bloodbath.

Yun Xi has seen and felt such a sword light before!

The four-color light runs through the body of Black Dragon Zaka, and the sword light that cuts everything also cuts the four-color light.

Four beads appeared in the sky at the same time, and the last lost bead also appeared.

This represents the fall of Red Dragon Zaka!

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