Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 825

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Chapter 825: Coming, Black Dragon Zaka!

"Thank you."

Feeling the huge power in his body, Yun Xi sincerely thanked the Queen of Assyria and White Moon who disappeared at the end of the abyss.

They obviously have a way to escape from the dragon war world and don't need to join the war that determines the fate of the world.

However, they finally held this "Mermaid Game" and gave him the essential power of 81 Mermaid girls.

This is definitely not without cost. All the fallen spider blades around the queen are proof.

"Let's go. The last battlefield is there." After sorting out his emotions, Yun Xi took a deep breath.

"I have a bad feeling that my mother is there." Desert dragon Zaka scratched her head. Even if she was bold, she would still feel a little uneasy if she really wanted to compete with the ultimate power of the world.

"Yes, sister Black Dragon Zaka also said that my mother is having nightmares." Ice Dragon Zaka made an absolutely correct judgment.

"Even so, we have to fight." Red Dragon Zaka, who respects her mother more than anyone else, said categorically.

From the moment they connected with Yun Xi, they had no way back.

"Then, get ready!"

Desert dragon Zaka took the lead in extending her small hand, followed by Ice Dragon Zaka, Red Dragon Zaka and Yun Xi.

Four hands, press together.

"Three dragons alliance, fight!"

Sand Eyes emerged and appeared at the feet of the four people. With Yun Xi as the arrow, a dragon blade rose into the sky. In an instant, it ran through the end of the transparent ladder and came to the last battlefield of the world.

In the sky, there are endless black clouds. A black dragon covering the world is winding its huge body around the last tower of hope for mankind.

The huge fire tower hundreds of meters high, a large part of the tower body has been swallowed up by black matter, and only the torch on the top of the tower is still burning, which is the last light of hope for mankind and the world.

It was a pair of twin witches in white and red that kept the torch.

Hand in hand, they stood barefoot on the golden altar, with a golden balance suspended in front of them.

On one side of the scale, a glowing red heart still beats, while on the other side is engulfed in a swirling black vortex.

At this moment, the balance of the golden balance has completely fallen to the side of the black vortex.

Every time the black vortex rotates, the gold balance will tremble. If the White Witch hadn't shaken the ring in her hand from time to time, giving the hot red heart the mysterious power of starlight, I'm afraid the balance would have fallen to the side of the black vortex.

The whole world doesn't exist other gold.

The shadow of the black dragon has covered the whole heaven and earth. In the endless darkness, only the top of the tower is still emitting light.

"There you are, Prince." Looking at the three dragons alliance and Yun Xi who rose to the sky and fell to the top of the tower, the witch wearing white witch clothes smiled sweetly.

"Are you here to marry us?"

"First of all, it's wishful thinking. Even if you are the only man left in the world, I wouldn’t marry you!" The witch holding the Red Lotus Holy Sword spat.

"Hum, you are really good at it, you playful bastard." Desert dragon Zaka stared at Yun Xi's neck with a "Sure" expression.

"In the morning, at noon, and at night, you will have estrus. This is human beings." Ice Dragon Zaka sneered.

"Mother and daughter. You have a big appetite." Red Dragon Zaka and her two sisters glared at Yun Xi, and the three dragons alliance reached an agreement again.

"Now is not time to say this, that is… Original dragon?" Yun Xi was sweating and watching the body spread endlessly, just like a black dragon devouring the world.

"No, that's Black Dragon Zaka." Desert dragon Zaka shook her head.

"Her God weapon has the attribute of making her body infinitely larger and devouring the world."

"The Heart of Nightmare is the original God weapon that can be used to kill gods."

Yun Xi looked at the black dragon that had already pushed the world to the end. It was difficult to connect the dragon with the small Black Dragon Zaka.

Why, as the youngest of the four sisters of Zaka, did she has this terrible body shape!?

"Swallow the world, Black Dragon Zaka. She is disaster, she is the end."

"She was the youngest Zaka, part of our mother's deepest nightmare."

The three dragons alliance is also the first time to see the real body of Black Dragon Zaka that has evolved to engulf the world.

With the power of the heart of nightmares, Black Dragon Zaka continues to devour and grow, and finally reaches the level of covering the planet. This is the attribute of Black Dragon Zaka.

It is inconceivable that there is still a pure land in the world that has blocked the devouring of Black Dragon Zaka.

The power of the twin witches is really strong. They can even survive in the face of this crisis.

But they made another choice.

"The principle of equal exchange is the truth of all things."

"What you give, what you get."

"What you get, what you lose."

"The last stage has opened, Prince. Are you ready?" White Lotus held the golden balance in front of her.

All preparations are for the final decisive battle at this moment.

Which side of the golden balance will eventually fall?

The duty of the twin witches is to witness the end of this war and determine the ultimate battle of the world's destiny.

Black Dragon Zaka's power is infinite, and she has the qualification to dominate the world. The whole world has been entangled by her body and can't break away.

The only ones who can fight against the power of Black Dragon Zaka are those who also belong to the original dragon and the prince who married them.

The Dragon War, the final task of the main line, starts!

The final battle to bet on the fate of the world begins now!

"I'll come first!" Even in the face of Black Dragon Zaka, who has evolved into a dragon devouring the world, the Red Dragon Princess of fire will never give in.

The sky began to burn, and the girl's index finger and middle finger diverged, turning her infinite energy into a magic like the ocean, and condenchant into a forbidden spell that could destroy the sky and the earth.

Meteorite Fire Rain, seven layers of energy!

Numerous fire red pulp bubbles float in the cloud layer of the fire cloud, and constantly drop on the body of Black Dragon Zaka. The high temperature of tens of thousands of degrees makes the surrounding black substances evaporate together, revealing the black dragon scale unique to Black Dragon Zaka, which is like black crystal.

However, these golden red bubbles, which are enough to turn a battlefield into a fire hell, fell on Black Dragon Zaka, which, like light rain, only stirred up subtle ripples, and even left no trace on the beautiful scales of Black Dragon Zaka.

"I'll come too!" Despite the loss of her own God weapon, the Star of the Sand, after connecting with Yun Xi, Desert Dragon Zaka also shared the boundless energy of her sister Red Dragon Zaka.

Desert Dragon Zaka created the largest desert area in history.

Four huge sand eyes are suspended around the four people and turned into solid shields. This is the natural power of Desert Dragon Zaka, which even Black Dragon Zaka can't take away.

Ice Dragon Zaka summoned mirrors, and disappeared her own shadow in the mirror. After losing her Frozen Dragon Teeth, she also exhibited the strongest magic array with the help of Red Dragon Zaka, creating an ice mirror array specially used to reflect each other's magic attacks.

"First shot!" Red Dragon Zaka shouted excitedly. Facing the strongest Black Dragon Zaka, she had no fear at all.

Zaka of the flame should go forward and never look back!

Huge flaming meteors hit Black Dragon Zaka's body, and dark red mushroom clouds rose into the sky. Finally, Black Dragon Zaka, covered by endless darkness, responded.

A little green light gradually appeared in those dark eyes.

"Betrayer… Unforgivable…" that was the voice of Black Dragon Zaka that Yun Xi had heard on the first and second floor. He thought it was the Black Dragon Zaka's curse.

But now Yun Xi knows that this is not the original sound of Black Dragon Zaka.

The real Black Dragon Zaka is the child who is silent while biting bread, and even shy when being touched by her sisters.

Her mind was sensitive and soft. She was a little quiet, but she would never be a bad child.

The angry voice came from the sleeping original dragon, which was the enemy that Yun Xi had to defeat in the main task.

"Control is about to fail, Prince. You have to be prepared." White Lotus frowned. If they hadn't used the red dragon heart in the golden balance as the medium to suppress the crazy consciousness from the original dragon, the world would have been torn to pieces by the original dragon.

"Whether you live or die depends on yourself." Red Lotus looked at Yun Xi maliciously. She always thought the prince looked familiar and wanted to kill him.

Well, illusion, must be an illusion?

"Coming out, her real body."

The three treasure beads that once disappeared in the King City of Assyria were suspended in front of the huge body of Black Dragon Zaka, and the endless dark breath began to gather madly towards the three original God weapon.

At the same time, a lot of black matter began to fall from the sky, as if something was being stripped away.

"Second, third, fourth!" Red Dragon Zaka dominates the larger and larger flame meteors, and severely hits Black Dragon Zaka.

Thousands of dark substances were extinguished in the flames. It seemed that half of the sky had been ignited, showing a bright dark red.

The rest of the fallen dark matter was intercepted by Desert Dragon Zaka's Sand Eyes, and none of it fell to the top of the tower.

However, this will not prevent the reorganization of the three original God weapons.

The black mask appeared, followed by the familiar little figure, but this time there was no fish tail.

That's the real Black Dragon Zaka.

Or, the spokesman of the original dragon's will.

Compared with her in the Mermaid Game, her real appearance gives off a more terrible and ominous smell.

The eyes that occasionally emit green light in the dark make people shudder just to be seen.

Looking directly at her, Yun Xi even felt a palpitation.

"Well, my mother looks very angry." Desert dragon Zaka looked at the Black Dragon Zaka wearing a black mask, and all four Sand Eyes were nervous and rotated.

"Agree." Ice Dragon Zaka, who has always been calm, also fell into unease in the face of the real Black Dragon Zaka.

The Black Dragon Zaka in this shape represents the real "Invincible".

She swallowed the world, and her strength has expanded to an unimaginable level, which is why only she can "Kill God".

That is the unique attribute given to Black Dragon Zaka by the original dragon.

"I… I will prove it to you, mother!" Red Dragon Zaka bit her teeth and released the strongest flame meteor so far.

There are three consecutive ones, one larger than the other, falling to the masked Black Dragon Zaka.

Black Dragon Zaka held out a finger, and then gently clicked it to make a hook.

All the darkness between heaven and earth seems to have stopped for a while, and then several huge black crevices appeared out of thin air, which forcibly swallow the flame meteors of Red Dragon Zaka.




Several small and almost inaudible sounds sounded inside Black Dragon Zaka's body and then disappeared.

"She ate them?" Red Dragon Zaka stared at the Black Dragon Zaka who licked her lips. They were flaming meteors!

"She is too big!" Ice Dragon Zaka shook her head. This is the gap. The original dragon mother preferred her!

"Good appetite." Desert dragon Zaka looked at her sister admiringly.

What is the taste of eating a world? I'm afraid this is the ultimate attribute of an eater.

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