Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 824

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Chapter 824: Farewell of the Queen of Assyria

Yun Xi looked up at the Queen of Assyria, her first and second princess, and naturally understood why Black Dragon Zaka appeared in the royal city of Assyria as a mermaid.

Mermaid game is the fantasy of the Queen of Assyria and a memory beyond time.

The ability to pull Black Dragon Zaka into the Mermaid Game, limit most of her strength, and give her a mermaid posture is undoubtedly a feat accomplished by the Queen of Assyria with the help of ancient gods.

And all this is for him.

They gave him the best blessing and the strongest help.

However, they also paid a huge price for this.

"It is not the dead who will sleep forever. In the wonderful eternity, even death will disappear…"

"Do you like my last gift, my love?" Holding her daughter, the Queen of Assyria gracefully stepped down from the throne of a huge stupid spider.

The perfect appearance reminds Yun Xi of the time when they first met in the underground lake. The young queen sleeps on a huge stupid spider and emits beauty beyond ordinary people's understanding under the bloody moonlight.

The bare snow-white feet, the slightly sad eyes, and the curious look when looking at him.

For her sake, Yun Xi created "White Moon", but White Moon awakened her own consciousness and even began to rebel against her mother.

She chose to accept all this and forgive all this. Finally, in Yun Xi's "Story", she married him with her daughter.

On the wedding night, the Queen's skin was as smooth as grease and fragrant as greasy powder. The gentle, fragrant and soft body of White Moon was wonderful.

With that slight movement, you can feel the touching touch of the Queen's warm skin and the ecstasy of kneading in front of her snow peak.

White Moon was sitting on his body, her white feet were shaking, her pearl toenails were as lovely as a scallop, with a greasy and tender pink smell.

The girl's skin is soft, smooth and crisp, with a charming voice.

The smooth and warm face stuck to him, and the pure, sweet and easy to push down taste and sweet and pitiful voice whispered in his ear.

She stepped on his body with bare feet and tried to endure the gentle sobs.

Compared with the Desert Dragon Zaka sisters, the sense of disobedience and the impulse to violate taboos brought about by the Queen of Assyria and White Moon are quite different.

"The last gift… Are you leaving?" Suppressing the frenzied impulse in his heart, Yun Xi looked at the huge stupid spider and the blood moon behind them, feeling a little uneasy.

It seems that he made a fatal mistake in a certain link.

"The Millennium dream is over."

"White Moon should also get her real body. Thank you for the best gift you gave me." The Queen of Assyria hugged White Moon's small body, showing an intoxicated expression:

"I never thought I could get such a precious and unique gift in the world."

"This is a hundred, a thousand times more important than my lost kingdom. It is a treasure that no God weapon can match."

"I can pay anything for her."

"The wedding night is over. I have to take her to get a real body."

"So, my love, let me give you my last blessing. That's our agreement."

Hold her heart, the Queen of Assyria raises her hand, and the glory of the blood moon falls, just like listening to the Queen's solemn oath:

"No matter how time passes, whether it is a thousand years or ten thousand years, under the witness of the ancient god, our wedding will be valid forever."

"Maybe I don't know what love is."

"But I swear here."

"All my life, I only allow you to touch my body, kiss me, and enjoy the intimate time with me."

"Things in the world can be seen at a glance. They are all boring, unpleasant and chaotic."

"I can't treat everyone equally and gently."

"I can't sincerely pray for the people who matter to me.

"I think it's a good thing that important people can feel bad and cry for me."

"But today, I changed my mind."

"I don't think it's bad to have a lover."

"Even if the world is so boring, you are different and worth watching."

"I will remember your name, waiting for you."

"So, say goodbye for a while now. In the name of… I will find you!"

"No matter where you are in the star world, I will find you with White Moon."

"Then, please smile."

The giant stupid spider walked slowly, put the mother and daughter on its body, and then looked at Yun Xi with a strange look.

Earlless spider blades emerged and exploded one after another.

They are offering the last salute to the great queen who has left, and giving the last cheers to the queen who will leave the world.

The great kingdom of Assyria will never fall!

Because the Queen's place is Assyria!

"Dad… I will return with the best body. Thank you, for giving me soul and life!"

White Moon, who was held by the Queen of Assyria, burst into tears and cried loudly. The transparent tears were like broken pearls.

"Be good… Don't be afraid… One day… You will find…" the Queen of Assyria gently comforted her daughter and looked at Yun Xi with softer eyes.

A child who can cry and be willful is something that even the "Gods" will be soft hearted and yearn for.

At the "She" level, it is impossible to obtain such a treasure.

Why, is that so?

This world is really incredible. It seems that all memories are rejected here, and the boundary between illusion and reality has become blurred.

Only in such a magical world can such a "Prince" appear and realize her wish that she can't even realize by herself.

Really, it is like a dreamlike lover.

"Dad… I like you…"

"I will… I will find…"

White Moon stretched out her little hand, and another round of blood moon emerged in the sky. The two rounds of blood moons overlapped, opening a gap, like an entrance connecting an endless abyss.

"Thank you… For your brilliance…"

"Although, for some reason I was chosen…"

"Goodbye, my Assyria."

"Goodbye, my love. For the next meeting of fate."

The Queen of Assyria, holding the crying White Moon, sat on the huge stupid spider and stepped back into the crack leading to the abyss.

"No… isn't it…" looking at the Queen of Assyria and her daughter who disappeared into the abyss, Yun Xi had a premonition of something bad.

"Pafu!” Little Pafu came out from Yun Xi's chest and waved goodbye to the Queen of Assyria.

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